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A woman, Donna,  comes in to sell the antiques in her house to Melinda.  Melinda tells Ned to go pick up the antiques.

When he gets there, things start moving around. He goes upstairs and a raven flies out. 

One of the items that Ned brought back included a mirror. Inside the mirror is a little girl that warns Melinda to not go back to the house or she will be dead.

Melinda talks to Donna telling her that her daughter, Cassidy, was killed. Two weeks after she died, someone pushed her husband down the stairs.

Delia brings up to Melinda that she has put her son in jeopardy one too many times.  That Melinda should just let this one go.  Melinda and Delia can’t see eye to eye on this situation.

Melinda goes to the house and Cassidy tells her to hurry - she has something to show her. She takes Melinda to a secret room to get a mysterious box and hat box.  Before she leaves, the ghost tries to scare Melinda by throwing a wheelchair down the stairs.

Melinda, Ned, and Eli are meeting about that ghosts when Delia comes in and asks Ned to bail out on Melinda.

Melinda meets with Donna and tells her that she was seeing ghosts at the house, not real life people. Melinda also tells her that she can see ghosts and her daughter Cassidy is stuck there.

Melinda has a dream about the old woman - Greta Hanson. She was a fake medium back in the day and wasn’t ever able to see or speak to the ghosts.

Eli and Ned decide to go find out more information. Meanwhile, Melinda wants to bring Cassidy’s mother to their house to help her go into the light. Cassidy shows up at Melinda’s house and she realizes that maybe all the ghost are murderers.

Ned is talking to Delia when he realizes that the Book of Changes has a raven on it. He goes to Melinda’s house and the book of changes erased the picture. The raven is the symbol for the caretakers to the underworld and the same mysterious box also had a picture of the raven on it.

Greta is using Cassidy to get dead children to come to her house after they die. She also has something to do with the Shadows, but it remains unclear.

Melinda and Donna go to the house to help Cassidy and her friends step into the light. Just before they are about to, Greta comes and pulls them back in. Eli and Ned show up and they all turn on all their lights.

Melinda goes upstairs to confront Greta. Just as we think it is too late for everyone, Delia shows up and turns back on all the lights. Cassidy and her friends are able to escape and go into the light.

Greta gets haunted by the shadows and vanishes. The final scene is of a little dead boy entering the house alone while the raven sits at the top and crows.

The Ghost Whisperer
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The Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

I am sorry Melinda, but this is getting too dangerous.


Don't come back - you'll be dead too.