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A guy name Damon Weaver walks into Melinda’s shop to ask about the apartment. Damon, Melinda, and Eli step outside the store when an icicle almost hits Damon. He runs off and Melinda sees a ghost that tells her  Damon will get what he deserves.

Eli shows Damon’s blog to Melinda. The pictures that were posted happened the day before, but it happened to Weaver.

Eli and Melinda go to the professor Avery’s classroom. She informs them that Damon has been out of the game since the last book he wrote which was over two years ago.

At Damon’s house the ice maker goes haywire when Eli stops by to talk to him. Eli notices the picture come load up on Damon’s computer.

Damon  is working when the spirit takes over his body and draws what will happen to him next - getting hit by a car while a man in a backpack watches.

Melinda goes to visit Damon and warns him to cooperate with her.  Damon leaves his place frantic by what Melinda is telling him. He hasn’t for the slightest idea know who or why someone is after him.

Damon is trying to cross the street when ice comes and makes Damon slip. Melinda touches the ice and turns into a graphic cartoon. As the cartoon she goes to the place where the ghost died.

Melinda and Eli are at the library when Avery comes in.  They get to talking about fishing ice holes and where the closest lake is. They put together where the dead body probably is and Avery offers to put in the tip.

The tip pans out well and Melinda gets to visit the dead body at the hospital. The ghost, Shane, claims it is Damon’s fault that he is dead and then vanishes.

Shane’s dad and step mom are grieving when they talk to Melinda. They tell her that he tried to open a credit card and his father flipped out. She asked him about Shane’s love of comic books. They tell her that her son Collin was a fan of comic books.

Collin comes in and explains to Melinda that he had written a comic book and Shan stole the computer. The next thing he knew was Damon’s new novel’s spoilers were exactly like his novel.

That night Collin gets a visit from Shane telling him to take back what was his. Collin agrees with Shane and leaves to go pay Damon a visit.

Eli and the  professor go to Damon’s place and snoop around his place. Shane helps them find the Collin’s original book.

Melissa realizes that she must get to the book signing before Collin does anything stupid. They get there just as Collin is about to attack Damon. Damon tells the security guards to back off and explains to everyone why Collin has the right there that angry.

Outside Melinda talk to Collin and Shane shows up and tells them that he took the book because he realized how talented Collin was and really wanted his book to be published so Collin would never feel alone. Shane goes into the light.

Back at home, Melinda and Jim walk into Aiden’s room and he is just finishing drawing a picture of himself with a little brother. This makes Melinda question the idea of having another child.

The Ghost Whisperer
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The Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

No one can foretell the future.


Yeah I sell vintage water repellent and used shoe polish.