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Melinda is not able to tell that a young ghost boy, Pete, is a ghost. Her realty and visions are blending into one and the Shadows are taking her over.

Eli gets a visit from Carl and tells him that the shadows where controlling him and he never meant that Aiden should ignore his gift.

The shadows possess Eli and make him send Melinda a text warning her not to believe anything Carl says to her.

Melinda meets up with Carl and goes off on him when he tries to warn her that he was possessed and never said anything about getting Aiden to ignore his gift.

Melinda goes to see Pete again who asks her to get his parents to visit. Melinda goes to meet with a man at a gas station who tells her that he was a menace and a foster child.

Melinda does research on the children's ward at the hospital. Back in the day there was an outbreak of Polio killing a ton of children. These are the other ghost children that Pete leads. At the hospital,  Melinda goes to the basement where Pete is with the other children. She tells him that the best thing for him and the other children is to go into the light. Pete tells her that no one wanted him – not even his own mother.

Jim does research and finds out that not only did Pete's mom die giving birth, but sacrificed her life for him. Jim tries to tell Melinda but she is possessed by the Shadows.

Carl goes to visit Aiden and tells him that he must gather the Shinings together to fight the Shadows. At first, Aiden is scared, but realizes that he must do this to save his mother.

Aiden gathers the Shinings together and are able to turn night into day and make the Shadows disappear forever.

That night, Melinda goes with Aiden to visit Pete to tell him the news that his mother not only wanted him, but sacrificed her life. He sees the light and goes into it with the other children.

Melinda tells Aiden to agree to never again pretend or ignore their gift. He happily agrees. The season ends with Jim, Melinda, and Aiden happily in there house about to go to bed.

The Ghost Whisperer
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