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A flashback from three years ago, Polaris and Eclipse are talking about their lives as mutants. Polaris shows off her powers and insists that Eclipse do too.

In the present, Polaris gets visited by Jace at the Fulton County Jail. Jace warns her that he is going after the other mutants, starting with Eclipse.

He is willing to her a chance to cooperate but Polaris won't budge. Jace gives her some thinking time and takes off.

Back at the lair, Eclipse and Thunderbird are arguing about whether to pursue saving Polaris. Thunderbird doesn't think Clarice is in full control of her abilities yet.

Thunderbird tries to get Clarice to help them, but she doesn't think she can. He suggests that they should try to help Clarice understand her abilities. 

Dreamer asks Thunderbird if she can help Clarice out. But he doesn't think it's right for her to plant memories in Clarice's head.

Later that night, Caitlin wakes her kids up and informs them that she will be gone till tomorrow. She wants to go their Uncle Danny's house as Caitlin believes that he can help them save Reed.

Andy and Lauren refuse to let her go alone and join her. Elsewhere, Jace is getting details from Reed as they are now collaborating.

Reed asks Jace what he is going to do with the underground network of mutants. Jace makes it clear that they are nothing but criminals to him.

The next morning Thunderbird helps Clarice get in control of her powers. He suggests that she think of something she loves.

As Clarice begins to think about it, she starts opening a portal. But Thunderbird senses that the Struckers have taken off.

Thunderbird insists that they go and look for them before they get captured. In the city, Andy has a disagreement with the Strucker women as he uses his powers to get some cash.

Clarice keeps practicing in opening up a bigger portal, but struggles. Dreamer joins her and decides to take a shot in helping Clarice out.

The Struckers arrive at Danny's house as he is shocked to see them here. Danny warns them the police has been there.

Danny warns that Caitlin is taking a risk being here. Caitlin begs him for help, but Danny only agrees to let them stay for the night.

Elsewhere, Jace is sending Reed out to chat with the bartender. Jace warns Reed to not do anything stupid or else he will jeopardize his family.

Reed tries to talk with the mutant bartender but he isn't interested in helping Reed. He knows that everyone is looking for Reed.

Reed begs him to show where the mutants are hiding. He lowers his gun and agrees to help Reed.

The bartender agrees to get Reed to get him to a drop point. Someone from HQ will guide him from there. 

Reed gets to know the other mutants that he will be going with. The mother uses her powers to take his pain away. 

Back at Danny's house, Scotty is asking Andy what he can do with his powers. Scotty encourages Andy to show him what he can do, but Lauren forbids it.

Lauren is horrified when she sees a photo of their house on Instagram. It has been vandalized by students at their school.

Back in the Sentinel Services van, Jace is texting with someone named Paula who is telling him to be safe. Reed and the mutants are leaving the bar as Jace begins to follow them.

Reed begins to feel awful that he is jeopardizing those mutant's lives. He tells the bartender that they are in danger and tries to leave the van. 

The bartender refuses to so Reed jumps out of it. Jace is furious with Reed who calls of their deal.

Back at the county, Polaris tries to use her powers despite the collar around her throat. She fights against it and manages to open the cell while in pain.

But a prison guard manages to get her. Thunderbird and Eclipse find Caitlin and stress that they have to leave.

Danny is startled when he sees the mutants in his house. A bunch of mutant haters arrives outside Danny's house as they know the Struckers are in there.

It was Scotty who unintentionally let the word go out that Andy was there. Andy wants to fight back as he is tired of running.

Danny walks out to calm the haters down. They don't believe him as they break in but Andy uses his powers to push them back.

One of them tries to shoot him but Eclipse uses his powers to disarm him. They run into a car and gets away. But the haters begin to chase their car.

Thunderbird calls Dreamer and asks for help. Dreamer runs to Clarice and explains what is going on. She begs Clarice to open up a portal to let a car in. 

Dreamer decides to use her power on Clarice to plant the memory of a person that she loves. she plants false memories of Clarice and Thunderbird being in love. 

The haters continue to shoot at the car. Clarice and Dreamer run outside as she starts to open up a portal big enough to let the mutants in.

Thunderbird spots the portal and drives into it as they get away. Caitlin apologizes to Eclipse and admits that he was right.

Clarice runs to Thunderbird and hugs him as he realizes that something is off about her. He tells Clarice to go back inside before confronting Dreamer about what she did.

Back at the Sentinel Services, Jace is completing a transfer request. He suddenly gets a call from Roderick Campbell who asks the agent about the Strucker case.

Jace is not interested in a partnership, but Roderick insists before Jace hangs up. Elsewhere, Caitlin goes to check up on Danny and apologizes that he got brought into this.

Danny tells her to take the kids to a cabinet that they own. He reveals to her that Reed is alive and that he is being transferred to a private facility for mutants.

He tries to convince her that she may never be able to see Reed again. Caitlin tells Danny that he is wrong before taking off.

The Gifted
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The Gifted Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Scotty: So what do I call you? Destructo? Get it?
Andy: I get it. Please, don't!

Jace: Turner?
Roderick: Hello, this is Dr. Roderick Campbell, head of research over at-
Jace: Yeah, I'm familiar with your work.
Roderick: Of course. I understand you had a bit of a setback last night
Jace: It happens. We're moving our prisoners to a detainable facility. We'll get what we need.
Roderick: Look, Agent Turner, I'm calling because I'm quite interested in this case. In particular the Strucker children. I know your team already uses some of our resources. I'd like to propose a partnership of sorts.
You provide me with access to your suspects and I'll provide yo-
Jace: Yeah we don't hand our suspects over to contractors.
Roderick: I know this is unorthodox, but I think I'd be very helpful in this investigation.
Jace: Listen, I appreciate the offer, but I'm afraid it's out of the question. Thank you.