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A flashback is showing Roderick trying to help someone sick. It's his brother who tells him to just go and that he will be fine as he continues to couch.

Roderick is then shown holding a lecture about the evolution of the human race, with the existence of mutants. In the present, the underground mutants are discussing with the Cockoos sisters about their plan in stopping Roderick.

Thunderbird goes to see Caitlin and Reed to see if his father left anything behind that could help them. Reed wishes them the best of luck. Clarice tells Thunderbird about having met mutants from the Brotherhood, which makes him upset.

Polaris pulls Eclipse to the side to make sure they are OK given what they are about to do. Lauren goes to see Andy who for some reason is keeping up with his studies. Lauren can tell that the sisters have gotten to his head and try to set him straight.

In Charlotte, Roderick arrives. Back at the underground station, the Struckers find out that someone is looking for Reed's mother. They tell the kids they have to go as their grandmother is in trouble.

Reed and Caitlin find his mom at the hospital and begins to get her out of there. She says that she doesn't have any of Otto's research as she hasn't seen him in years. Reed's mom isn't ready to run and leave everything behind, but Reed stresses how important it is.

The mutants are waiting in the woods for a certain car to come by. A moment later, the car arrives as they stop the driver. 

Back with the Struckers, Reed's mom can't believe Otto was a mutant as Reed explains that Trask is looking for that serum he worked on. But they are beginning to run out of time as Sentinel Services have arrived.

Reed and Caitlin begin to escort his mom out of the building. Andy decides to take matters into his own hands and goes after the agents and attacks them. Lauren uses her powers to stop him from hurting them further.

The fight is quickly interrupted as the rest of the Struckers arrive and drive away. Elsewhere, Roderick is speaking with the senator about not having enough foundation to get a new law passed.

The sisters use Franklin to make an important call for them. Meanwhile, the other mutants are changing clothes as they are going undercover while Polaris tells Clarice about what the sisters said regarding Polaris' father.

Ellen tells Reed about a woman named Madeline that Otto was seeing behind their backs. She apologizes for not saying anything sooner as Reed comforts her. While Reed tells everyone that someone from the underground network is coming to get them, Ellen says she can't go with them.

Back in Charlotte, the senator is holding a speech to the people while the mutants begin to infiltrate the building. Clarice opens up a portal and gets them inside.

Meanwhile, the Struckers are back at the underground station as Reed asks Sage for help in finding this Madeline woman. Caitlin confronts the kids about what happened earlier after she saw Andy attacking the agents.

The mutants keep looking for Roderick inside the summit as he is in an elevator that is coming their way. As he comes out, the mutants begin fighting his men but Roderick manages to escape. 

The Gifted
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