An Unexpected Call - The Gifted
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In a flashback from three years ago, Eclipse meets up with Thunderbird and Polaris at a coffee shop for the first time. They want him to join the mutant underground network, but Eclipse is a bit hesitant.

In the present day, Eclipse is still talking with Carmen who wants him to pay back the favor. She hangs up on him after making plans to meet him tomorrow.

The next day Thunderbird summons everyone to inform them that Sentinel Services is stepping up on their hunt for the mutants. Thunderbird wants to go and look for Clarice to make sure she is protected.

Lauren and West continue to bond elsewhere before Andy interrupts them. Caitlin lectures them that they have to keep up with their studies if they want to continue training.

Reed and Sage are continuing to try to hack the hard drive from the Sentinel Services. He manages to find a file on West that gets him suspicious.

At the Sentinel Services, Jace meets up with Roderick as they are continuing to look for the underground network. Roderick insists on taking a more direct approach by using mutant assets out on the field.

Eclipse meets up with Carmen who insists that they can help each other. Back at the underground, Caitlin is busy teaching mutants about plants. Reed interrupts the class to tell Caitlin about the file he found on Wes.

Polaris is having a training session with And when Reed pulls him to the side. He asks Andy where Lauren and Wes are.

Thunderbird finds Clarice and apologizes to her for what Dreamer put Clarice through. He warns her that they need Clarice's help. Clarice declines, but Thunderbird insists and she agrees to return with him.

At the Sentinel Services, Jace has to deal with some of his superiors who aren't happy about the team-up with Roderick. He refuses to end the collaboration and the woman promise there will be consequences.

Polaris begins to worry where Eclipse is as he has been gone for a while now. She gives a call to Eclipse's supplier who says that he was never there.

She tells Dreamer that something is up with Eclipse, fearing that he is working with some bad people again. Elsewhere, Carmen explains what she needs out from Eclipse to stop a shipment.

Reed and Caitlin talk to Lauren about Wes as they show her his wanted file. Lauren refuses to believe that Wes is a bad guy as she begins to argue with her parents.

Thunderbird and Clarice 

At the Sentinel Services, the female DOJ superior is having a meeting with the agents to remind everyone about going by the protocols. She begins to feel ill out of the sudden as a mutant is causing her to have a stroke.

Later on, Roderick gets a call from Jace who confronts him about what happened to the DOJ member. Back at the underground, Reed and Sage are still hacking the hard drives as they are getting closer to cracking it.

Reed takes the opportunity to ask her about how Wes got into the underground. Lauren goes to talk to Wes and hear his side of the story.

Wes admits that he is guilty but explains he had to do it for survival after he was kicked out of his home. Lauren gets upset and walks out on him.

At Carmen's house, Eclipse is gearing up for the shipment operation. In the woods, Clarice tells Thunderbird about her past as they find the farmhouse. 

But Thunderbird senses that something is off with this place because of the Sentinel Services. They get in only to find that bodies have been dragged out of there. 

Polaris and Dreamer go to find Eclipse at Carmen's place. Back at the underground, Caitlin and Reed have a chat about Lauren as they may need to change their tactic a bit.

Reed goes to talk with Wes while keeping an open mind. Elsewhere, Eclipse, Carmen, and her men begin to stop the shipment.

Polaris and Dreamer witness the attack as they take off. Back at the underground, Eclipse returns as Polaris confronts him about his lies.

Wes goes to talk with the Struckers about coming clean with his crimes and thanks Reed for the talk. Thunderbird returns with Clarice. Later that night, Eclipse gets a text from Carmen which he isn't thrilled about.

The next day Wes is getting ready to leave before Lauren comes to kiss him goodbye. Sage and Reed inform Thunderbird about the hard drive containing mostly files on mutants that have been sent by the Sentinel Services.

Sage reveals that it's not run by the Sentinel Services...but Trask Industries. Reed is shocked that they are still around as Trask Industries supposedly shut down in 2006.

But he reveals the bigger shock that Reed's father used to work there for 35 years. At the Sentinel Services, Roderick shows Jace a pair of mutants that he is planning on using as weapons to go after the underground.

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The Gifted Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Don't think of them as spies. Think them more as weapons. All we have to do is get them inside. The Hounds will take it from there.


Sage: It's not run by the government, It's a private military contractor. Trask Industries.
Reed: Trask Industries? They shut down in '06.
Thunderbird: How do you know that?
Reed: My father worked there for 35 years.