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Tucson Arizona three years prior. Thunderbird is in an underground fight club. Whipping his hair around. Unaffected by any blows. A lady approaches him in the bar. She is an Evangeline, and she used to work with the X-Men. She's a lawyer. She's a mutant. DA fired her. She's recruiting John for the underground. She's offering him a purpose.

Present day, John goes in to talk to Marcos. He's making something for the baby. He ordered champagne for the birth. Lorna laughed at him for it. He's worried they might be dead or in the middle of something really bad. John's going to reach out to the lawyer.

Reeva and the sisters are talking. Reeva insists that all the humans have to die who saw Lorna and the baby. Politics is going to spin the power outage. Esmay is having doubts about their tactics.

Lauren and Blink have found information on the girl's sister who was missing. Her name is Christina. Her sister is Jasmine. It's been six months since Andy left.

She keeps dreaming about Andy and telling him he needs to come back. He forces her to use their combined powers in her dream. She flies off the roof. They have a combined dream. Andy woke up from it.

Sentinal services guy comes home from work to his wife. He's working in private security. He's getting a feeling about the blackouts. Jase wants to investigate. Paula doesn't want him to go back. He's been seeing a therapist, but he hides his old files in their house.

John is laying in bed with Blink, and he's thinking about Evangeline. He says they have a complicated relationship. He used to be addicted to pills, and Evangeline helped him to detox. He's afraid she won't talk to him after what happened in Atlanta.

The Frost sisters are directing the other mutants to kill the human witnesses.

Caitlin and Reed are fighting about Andy. Caitlin: Look, I get it. Suppress and repress, it's the Strucker way, but I have raised a fighter.

She's going to Philadephia to find Andy. 

The Frost sisters kill Mr. Hein. 

Andy didn't sleep much. Lorna is making sure he's up for training. He says he is. H ise is running through an obstacle course. He thinks of Lauren and gets distracted. He's unable to break through the last wall.

Marcos: Lady, we are out there fighting every day, losing people, while you hide in here like a frickin' lizard of Oz.

They show Evangeline something they got from the Inner Circle.

Reeva pulls Andy in to find out why he couldn't break through the barrier. She tells him a story about being distracted, but he doesn't open up to her.

Reed is looking at his father's research, trying to figure out his powers? Or how to suppress them?

Lauren comes in to talk to Reed. He says not to worry about him. She's going to pick up the sister.

Lorna is rocking the baby with her powers. Andy arrives at her room. He opens up to Lorna about his dreams. She makes it clear that he can't let Reeva know he's not in this 100 percent.

He goes and buys a burner phone to call home. He tries to call Lauren. Reed picks up. Andy doesn't talk. He asks how he knows Lauren and hangs up. Fade has been following him and sees what he's done. He calls Reeva and says they have a problem.

Turner meets with an old friend to ask about the grid power outage. He tells Turner to forget about it and not screw up what she and Paula have gotten through.

Turner goes home and starts to throw away all his old files. Turner: The truth is there's not enough justice in the world for Grace, and if I don't let go of the past I'm gonna lose my future too. You didn't just lose your daughter on 7/15; you lost your husband too. I see that now.

Evangeline researched the Inner Circle and found out they are preparing for war. She blames John for the destruction of the mutants and Atlanta. She refuses to help. John goes back in.

Andy is distressed. Lorna takes him to the training. He's doing well but gets distracted again. The Frost sisters tell her it's his sister distracting him.

John goes back in to talk to Evangeline and ask for her help. She won't bring the mutant underground in, but there's a mutant she knows. He lives in the tunnels. She says Reeva is lethal and will kill them first before she lets them go. Reeva is going to kill Andy if he's not on their side.

She accuses him of lying about his distractions. She prepares to kill him. He stands up and tells Reeva the truth. He doesn't realize how lethal she is.

Reed tries to talk to Lauren. When he gets upset, his mutant powers start to come out. He can melt things.

John: God, you are so beautiful.

Caitlin is outside crying, and Marcos comes out. He brings the champagne and toasts the baby. They drink. She doesn't want him to give in to dispair. He's in pain.

John's remembering Atlanta and punching a wall. 

Meanwhile, Andy breaks through the wall.

Marcos finishes off the champagne. He breaks the bottle and makes s the northern lights in the sky and laughs. Lorna sees them and smiles. Looks Dawn, Daddy's saying Hi." The baby is burning is burning up with fever.



The Gifted
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The Gifted Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Look, I get it. Suppress and repress, it's the Strucker way, but I was raised a fighter.


Lady, we are out there fighting every day, losing people, while you hide in here like a frickin' Lizard of Oz.