On The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 2 after Adam doesn't get the lead in Jesus Christ Superstar, Beverly writes her own play and casts him as the lead. Things do not go well, when Adam lets it all go to his head.

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When you watch The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 2 online, you will immediately have memories of your old high school days. Adam tries out for his school musical, Jesus Christ Superstar, but is relegated to the chorus. Of course Beverly is not having any of that and she goes to the principal and blackmails him to let her put on a musical as well. Unfortunately for her, Adam is musically challenged and lets the fact that he is the lead, go to his head. Thankfully sister Erica is there to knock some sense in, not only her mother, but Adam as well. She lets him know that this play sucks and he needs to give the school play a chance. He relents and goes back to being in the chorus as school.
Meanwhile, Murray is all about avoiding traffic. So much so, that he leaves sporting events and concerts before they are even over. This causes both him and Barry to miss an amazing moment in hockey. Barry tells him that he will no longer be going to hockey games with him because he is tired of missing out on things. Murray scrambles to try to find someone to go with him to the games but realizes that he misses Barry. He promises Barry that they will stay until the end of the game. What are you waiting for? Go watch The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 2 online now!

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Beverly offers Adam a role in a competing show when he fails to get a starring role in the school play on The Goldbergs.

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I'm at the kids table, at the last supper!


It's fate, you're going to be a musical theater superstar!