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-Starts with Shaun walking up to TV in the window of an electronics store and staring at it

-Claire is on the computer...Aaron comes up to her to see how she is doing after her mistake that caused a patient to die...She says she is fine and putting it behind her...Aaron says he is going to make an appointment for grief counseling for her...Aaron won't allow her back in surgery until the doctor clears her 

-Patient in ER...Melendez comes down with his residents to see patient...having heart issues and may need a triple bypass...Shaun says he is dying and with his age, he can't have a transplant...he has only a few months left according to Jared

-Claire goes to work on his trachea but is shaking with the scalpel...Melendez makes her do it

-Shaun watches as a boy named Liam is brought into the ER with a cut on his head...he is scared and needs to be restrained...he is pushing over doctors...Shaun says he is autistic and doesn't like people touching him 

-Boy tells Shaun that he is the same as him...his parents walk in to tell the nurse and doctors...Shaun tells them what happened to their son

-Man with heart issues, Glenn, wakes up and asks Jared how old he is

-Shaun goes to Melendez to tell him about Liam and tells him to check for gall stones  

-Claire looks at a questionnaire for her mental health...Shaun asks her for her help because she's good with people who have Autism 

-Glenn is missing from his room

-Claire goes to help Shaun with his procedure on Liam and is shaking...Shaun holds him down so Claire can put the medicine in his IV

-Liam is the first person Shaun has met with autism 

-Liam doesn't have stones but Claire and Shaun find significant scarring that make it difficult to get the camera through to find the problem

-Claire suggests an MRI to check for cancer...Shaun says they can't do an MRI because of his movements caused by autism...Melendez says they need to come up with a way to calm him for the MRI...Shaun says they will do it 

-Aaron sees Shaun pacing in a room...Shaun is counting distance...he wants $1643 to buy a television...Aaron tries to tell him that he can't afford that with his surgical resident salary

-Glenn is no where to be seen on the security cameras...security guard says he must have gone on a freight elevator where there are no security cameras 

-Liam is going in MRI...Shaun talks to him to try to calm him down...tells him the number of steps from the ambulance to the ER, Liam contradicts him...Shaun calms him down with the counting discussion

-Liam's parents say it's amazing how accomplished Shaun is for someone with ASD...Liam begins to panic in MRI and bangs his head on the machine, causing his wound to open

-Jared goes to the basement to search for Glenn...finds him lying on the floor...tells him he needs to put a new pacer in...Glenn says he broke his pacer on purpose because he wants to die 

-Jared checks on Glenn but Glenn says he doesn't want to live because he knows he'll just get worse and he doesn't have any family around 

-Glenn tells Jared to leave and let him walk out of the hospital...Jared says he's not leaving 

-Melendez tells Liam's parents that they can't treat him until they find the cause...they need to go in surgically to find the issue because he can't stay still for an MRI...parents agree to procedure because he can't go back in the MRI 

-Jessica and Aaron discussing Shaun wanting a TV...Aaron says he's concerned about Shaun and doesn't want him to get a TV...Jessica says he can worry about Shaun but wants to know if he's willing to let Shaun actually learn 

-Shaun staring at TV...can see pixelation on TV and is annoyed by this...Claire comes in and asks why he disappeared...Shaun says he failed...Claire notes that he was hesitant about the patient from the beginning and she wants to know what's going on with Shaun

-Shaun says he doesn't know the patient so he can't like him...Claire says that he likes him and looks up to him

-Glenn and Jared sit in the basement...Jared says he is waiting for Glenn to pass out so that Jared can get him upstairs, hopefully before he dies...Jared asks him why he wants to die...Glenn says his wife died and he's alone and in pain...feels like the end of his story

-Jared explains that he understands Glenn because he's had a difficult life too being raised by nannies and housekeepers and with difficult parents that he doesn't speak to anymore

-Liam freaks out as Claire tries to prep him for his surgery...his mother tries to calm him...Shaun begins talking to him and he calms down...Shaun said he makes a lot of mistakes like Liam did when he tried to walk and fell...tells Liam he is like him and that mistakes are good and he should make more 

-Shaun notices his red eyes...says he knows what's wrong with Liam and they don't need to do the exploratory surgery anymore...it's caused by an immune flare up and they'll need to remove damaged parts of the bowel to repair it

-Parents say Melendez can do the surgery but that Shaun cannot be in the surgery 

-Neil talks to Aaron about the parents not wanting Shaun to do it...Aaron says that he's agreed with them in the past...tells Melendez that if he agrees to just go save the kid or tell the parents that Shaun belongs in the surgery and they can go somewhere else with their son if they don't want him to do it

-Jared is still talking to Glenn...Glenn appears passed out but tells Jared that he's still alive

-Jared tells Glenn he's not alone...Glenn agrees to have his pacemaker repaired 

-Claire meets with psychologist...seems to be evading the questions but 

-Melendez goes to parents to explain that Shaun has savant syndrome and that Shaun is capable...parents are concerned that Shaun would break down in the surgical room...Melendez says he has his complete confidence...parents refuse 

-Melendez says they will transfer Liam to another hospital...Liam speaks up and says he wants Dr. Shaun 

-Jared preps Glenn for surgery and Glenn tells him that his wife didn't actually die, she left him...he gave her a good reason to leave and he got what he deserved...tells Jared he didn't get what he deserved...says his parents were lucky to have him as a son 

-Psychologist tells Claire she is concerned that she appears so well-adjusted...Claire isn't responding to her trauma and grief over the patient...tells Claire she needs to find someone to share her feelings with because they will eat her up

-Jared goes to bring Glenn to surgery and Glenn is gone again

-Shaun walks into Liam's room to thank his parents for allowing him to go into the surgery...Liam goes into septic shock 

-In OR, Melendez asks Claire and Shaun what they need to do...then he hands the scalpel to Shaun to allow him to make the cut...Shaun takes it with a quick flashback to the toy scalpel his brother gave him...Shaun is overjoyed that he gets to do the cut

-While in the body, Shaun finds a perforation...says he can't move and clamp it off because it could rupture if he moves...Claire has to open it up gently to keep it from rupturing and killing Liam...Liam's pressure is going down but Claire is hesitating on the procedure

-Jared finds Glenn on the roof...he tries to get him to go back downstairs...Glenn says he doesn't want to do it anymore and that he will jump off the roof when he gets his strength back

-Jared sits with him on the roof and explains how much pain he will be in...Glenn says he can't help him but Jared says he can

-Melendez goes to parents and has Shaun tell the parents that he will be okay...mother gives Shaun a hug but Shaun is uncomfortable...mother apologizes for their behavior...Shaun tells them not to feel bad for doing what was best for Liam...says he didn't have the love from his parents like Liam has 

-Jared convinces Glenn to go back to his room...Glenn signed a DNR and Jared sits with him as he turns his pacemaker off...Jared asks if he's in pain, Glenn says some and Jared gives him some morphine to help him with that...Glenn and Jared sit together and Glenn thanks Jared and then dies as Jared cries 

-Claire asks Jared about his patient...Jared is heartbroken over Glenn's decision...Claire talks to Jared about the patient she lost and cries on his shoulder 

-Liam wakes up and Shaun tells him the surgery went well...he can get up and move around in 2 weeks once they know the antibiotics have cleared the infection...Liam looks at the ceiling and his father thinks that the lights are bothering him...he asks Liam if the lights are okay and Liam says they are 

-Aaron and Shaun watch football on TV as Aaron tries to tell him about a budget system...Shaun says he wants to go to the Super Bowl...the two enjoy the game together...we find out they're in the store watching it 

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The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Shaun: It’s not possible.
Neil: That’s the first time I’ve heard you say that.

Glenn: I told you my wife died. The truth is, she left me. But I gave her good reason for that so I got what I deserved. But you didn’t get what you deserved: good parents who loved you. They were lucky to have you, Jared.