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The episode begins with Shaun and Aaron waking up. Aaron checks his phone and has a full schedule of meetings. Shaun works out at home as part of his everyday routine. 

Aaron goes to a high school track and sits on the bleachers. 

Shaun's neighbor Lea comes over to talk to Shaun. Their landlord cut the power to her apartment due to loud music. She complains about this and then eats Shaun's apple. Shaun goes to the convenience store to replace the apple that Lea ate. 

A couple walks into the store. Then, a man walks in to rob the store at gunpoint. He asks Shaun to give him his wallet. Shaun does not give it to him. 

Melendez, Jared, and Claire run through the ER to meet the gunshot victims from the store. They know Shaun was there but don't know if he's hurt or not. Shaun is not hurt. Instead, he comes out the ambulance with the robber, who was shot by the owner of the store. The woman from the couple, Avery, was also shot. 

The boyfriend of the woman shot wants to know what Shaun is doing there. He says the shooting was Shaun's fault. 

Melendez says Shaun can go home after he talks to police, but Shaun says he wants to stay for his shift. Melendez and Shaun discuss what they need to do for patients with gunshot wounds. Shaun tells Melendez that he is okay to work.

The robber is in critical condition, and while they are working on him, they discover that he has a swastika tattooed on his body. Claire does not want to work on the man but needs to scrub in on emergency surgery with Dr. Lim to save his life. 

Claire is kicked out of the OR because her personal feelings are affecting her care of patient. 

Shaun is in the OR with Melendez and Jared to operate on Avery. She starts bleeding out. They have to remove her spleen. Melendez has Shaun do a lot of the work, and the woman's heart rate returns to normal. 

Aaron comes in and expresses his gratitude that Shaun is alright. He asks Shaun what happened. Shaun tells him.

The audience sees a flashback to Shaun in the store. The robber is yelling at Shaun for his wallet, and Shaun is pacing back and forth. Shaun is clearly freaking out. The robber threatens to shoot Shaun. Shaun refuses to give the thief his wallet so the robber shoots. He misses and hits the woman instead. The store owner hits the robber with a bat and then shoots him with his own gun. 

Shaun tells Aaron that he doesn't want to go home. He wants to monitor Avery for her injuries. 

Claire talks to Dr. Lim because she wants to be removed from the robber's case. Dr. Lim puts Claire on monitoring duty of the robber in the ICU. 

Aaron talks to Melendez to see why Shaun is on the victim's case. Melendez says his focus is on the patient and that Shaun seemed fine while working. 

Aaron makes Shaun see the same therapist that Claire saw. 

Melendez tells Avery's boyfriend that he needs consent forms from her next of kin.

The man says it was their first date and that he doesn't even know her last name because they met online. She doesn't have her purse or ID because they were going hiking. Melendez tells him he doesn't need to stay, but the man says he wants to be there in case she dies so her family knows she wasn't alone. Melendez says he will have a social worker locate her family. 

The robber wants pain medication, but Claire says no because he's a drug addict. The robber accuses Claire of punishing him for the tattoo. He throws his food tray at Claire and security handcuffs him to the bed. 

Aaron talks to the therapist about Shaun. The therapist says that his autism may be helping him. Aaron is not satisfied with the therapist's analysis of Shaun. 

Claire talks to Melendez about how Dr. Lim is treating her. He says Claire needs to shut up and do what Dr. Lim tells her to do. 

Claire asks Shaun to switch patients with her so she doesn't have to deal with the racist robber. Shaun tells Claire about Lea eating the apple and leaving his apartment without saying goodbye. He thinks she must be angry at him. Claire tells Shaun that sometimes women don't want advice, they just want support. 

An ICU nurse comes to tell Claire that her patient is calling for her. Claire goes to his room, and he says that there must be a competent doctor around the hospital somewhere that can take care of him.

He asks if she doesn't like drug addicts. She says she doesn't like racists and thieves but she'll treat them anyway. He asks if Claire's mom was a drug addict and then assumes she was based on Claire's silence. Claire puts his IV back in his arm with force to make him hurt. 

The man with Avery is still mad at Shaun. Shaun realizes that her urine output is low. He rips her blanket off and notices that her legs are swollen and her kidneys are failing. 

Shaun gives her dialysis, but she's getting worse. The man still doesn't understand why Shaun is allowed to do the procedure on Avery. The doctors able to stabilize her.  

Melendez tells the man that he's not a hero and that he doesn't know Shaun at all. He tells him to go home. 

Claire goes to Dr. Lim to say she doesn't want to have the robber as a patient anymore. She refuses to take Claire off the case. Dr. Lim says that Claire wouldn't do that to Melendez and that she is undermining her authority. Dr. Lim says women shouldn't do that to each other in the workplace and that Claire needs to stay with the patient. 

Shaun looks for an apple on the food cart for patients. Aaron stops him and talks to Shaun about the events of the day. Shaun thinks Aaron is blaming him. Aaron says it is the shooter's fault but that Shaun's behavior might have contributed to it. He says it's partly his fault too because he wasn't there. 

The man talks to Shaun about how it is actually his own fault because when he met her in person that morning, he didn't like her. He said they'd go to the store for water and he would say he forgot his wallet so that they could "reschedule" the date. He actually just wanted to ditch her. Shaun says it's not a causal relationship. Avery's pulse goes down, meaning she is dying and her organs are failing. 

Claire's patient is having respiratory problems. She takes the bandage off his neck and sees that his neck is swollen and bleeding. 

Jared thinks Avery is bleeding out somewhere rather than in organ failure. Melendez says she can't take another surgery, but Jared convinces him to get her into an OR. In the OR, they determine that she is bleeding out, but they can't find the source so they can't repair the bleed. Her heart rate continues to drop. 

Shaun has an image in his head of how the bullet might have hit an artery. He followed the injuries in his head to figure out where the bleed would be. 

Back in the robber's room, Dr. Lim is not coming to the patient, and he is crashing. Claire has to do the procedure on his neck to relieve the pressure. She's never done it before, but Claire is successful in getting his stats back to normal. Dr. Lim comes in and says they will finish repairing him in the OR. 

Melendez is able to find the bleed and help stabilize her. Avery's heart is still strong enough to get her through the night. Shaun says he was wrong and that Jared was right. Shaun praises Jared's work on realizing that she was bleeding out. 

After his operation, Claire tells the robber that he was right. Her mother did have problems but she worked her butt off to become a doctor and save his life. 

Avery's parents arrive in the hospital. Melendez tells them she's not out of the woods yet but he expects her to improve day-by-day. 

Avery wakes up, and the man she was supposed to go on a date with stands there awkwardly. He tries to sneak out. She says she was wrong about him. She thought he was trying to ditch her and was hoping that he was. He says he wants a second chance at a first date when she's better. 

Claire enters the OR where Dr. Lim is operating on another patient. Claire comes in and apologizes to her publicly. Dr. Lim says she's glad she saved a life today but she wishes it wasn't a Nazi. Claire smiles before leaving the OR. 

Back at the high school bleachers, Aaron meets up with Jessica. They talk about a girl named Maddie who was in track with Jessica. Maddie seems to be Aaron's deceased daughter. Jessica says she misses her too. Aaron says he did everything wrong. Jessica tells him he did his best. He says that if he had stayed on her and was there for her, he thinks it might have been different. Jessica tells him to be there for him, meaning Shaun. 

Shaun watches the weather report on TV when Lea knocks on his door. Shaun apologizes for not being supportive of her earlier that day. Lea doesn't accept the apology because she overreacted. Lea tells him to be honest with her and gives him an apple before going back to her place.

Shaun goes to her door and knocks. He tells Lea that he made a mistake today and someone got hurt. Lea hugs him and Shaun reluctantly wraps his arms around her for a brief moment before dropping his arms to his side and just letting Lea hug him.  

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The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Shaun, you need guidance. Much more than I can give you.

Dr. Aaron Glassman

Shaun, sometimes a woman wants advice and sometimes she just wants support.

Dr. Claire Browne