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The episode starts with Dr. Glassman knocking on Lea's door. He is looking for Shaun. Lea says Shaun isn't here.

Glassman storms into her apartment to look for Shaun. Lea is furious and threatens to call the police. Glassman agrees to leave and gives Lea his card. Lea goes to her bedroom and pulls Shaun out from her trundle bed. She asks Shaun what his plan is and he says he doesn't know.  

Lea tells Shaun that Glassman seems like a jerk. Shaun says San Jose is too big and he doesn't want to see a therapist. He says he should go back to Casper.

Lea tells him that her rule is not to make a decision when she is angry. She tells Shaun that he needs a vacation. Shaun says he hasn't earned a vacation yet, but Lea tells him to call in sick. He says he can't because he's not sick and Lea tells him he can lie. Shaun agrees to call in sick. 

Dr. Andrews greets Dr. Melendez and says that he has a case. His patient needs a kidney transplant, but she is conjoined to her twin sister. Her twin sister is her blood donor. Melendez agrees to take the case. 

Claire wants to talk to Neil about Jared. He says he didn't fire Kalu. He tells her to talk to Andrews if she has a problem but his advice is to not have a problem with it. 

Glassman asks Neil and Claire if they have heard from Shaun. Aaron tells them that Shaun is going to be out for a few days due to a family emergency. Neil says he is supposed to call his attending.

Lea asks Shaun if he is ready to go. He asks where they are going. She says wherever the car takes them. He says he doesn't like the beach. She sends him to pack.

Neil and Claire meet with the conjoined twins. Claire marks which twin is the kidney giver (Jenny) and which is the receiver (Katie). The twins will be attending Harvard and Yale in the fall. Claire and Neil joke with them. 

Shaun and Lea leave in the nice sports car her grandfather left her.  

Andrews goes to Aaron and asks why Shaun is missing from work. Aaron says he isn't covering for Shaun. Andrews reminds Aaron that he made the promise to resign if Shaun wasn't excellent. Andrews says Aaron can't protect Shaun forever. 

In the conjoined twins kidney transplant surgery, Claire goes to close the patient up but Jenny's pressure starts dropping. 

Shaun tells Lea that he likes trees and her while they drive. He asks her why she doesn't like San Jose. She says it's too competitive.

She asks Shaun what he wants to listen to in the car. Shaun says he doesn't like music. Lea doesn't understand this and explains how she remembers important life events by music. Shaun says he remembers using smells, like when his brother died. 

Shaun tells Lea the story of how his brother died and how Glassman has watched out for him ever since. She says maybe Glassman isn't such a jerk after all. She asks what it smells like to him now. He says pine trees, and she says she won't forget that smell when he told her about his family life. She turns on the radio and tells him not to forget the song that was playing. He doesn't like the music at first but eventually smiles at it.

The twins are doing well after Melendez and Claire fixed the problem. Their separation surgery will still be in six months.  

Jared goes to the doctor who harassed Claire to explain why he did that for Claire and how they are together. Jared says he cares about her and didn't want to see her hurt. He wants the doctor to be understanding. The doctor says it's not his problem. 

Jenny has trouble breathing, and her heart starts failing. 

Andrews and Claire wait in his office to hear about the twins. Melendez comes in and says Jenny is stable, but she needs a heart transplant in a few days or she will die. Claire says they could separate the twins to keep them both alive, but Andrews says it's too soon after the kidney transplant. Melendez says it may be their only choice 

Shaun gets a voicemail from Dr. Glassman. Lea tells him to turn off his phone and she'll let him drive. Glassman never wanted Shaun to learn how to drive. Lea lets him drive around the parking lot. She tells him to go out on the street. Shaun is nervous about this because he could run over someone and kill them. Lea says he has autism, he's not blind. Shaun turns onto the road. 

Melendez and Andrews talk to the twins and their mother about the options. The twins ask for their mother's opinion. She says she will support whatever they decide. The twins consent to the separation surgery that day. 

Shaun enjoys driving and wants a car. Shaun says he gets distracted when he's alone which could be bad for driving. Lea tells Shaun to have some fun. She has him put his left foot on the break and his right foot on the pedal to have burn rubber. Shaun doesn't take his foot off the gas. They go off the road but manage to not hit the pole. 

The twins have a vein connection in their brain. Separating the vein will be the problem, not separating the brains.  

Shaun freaks out because he crashed. Lea assures him he didn't. She says it was all her fault and calms him down. They did hit a rock and ruin the car. 

Jenny sleeps while Claire checks on the twins. Katie wants to talk to Andrews while her sister is asleep. She doesn't want to do the surgery anymore. Claire goes to find Dr. Andrews. 

Melendez meets with Claire, Andrews, the other doctor, and Jessica. Jessica is concerned about the lawsuits. Melendez and Andrews say they need to convince Katie to do the surgery or they both could die. Melendez says Claire should talk to her because Katie will trust her and she is the best communicator. 

Lea and Shaun are at a bar. Lea's car is broken. She orders tequila shots for them. Shaun doesn't want to drink. Lea wants him to. Shaun asks her what she does. She is an automotive engineer. Shaun takes the shot and says it's good. Lea orders him another.

Neil asks Claire if she wants kids. Claire is shocked by the question. Melendez says Jessica doesn't want kids. Claire says she's lucky that she realized before she had kids because her mom didn't realize until it was too late. Melendez wants kids but can't imagine life without Jessica. He apologizes to Claire for talking to her about this and sends her home. Claire says it's hard to find someone you can't imagine your life without and then leaves. 

Lea and Shaun sing Islands in the Stream at karaoke. 

Melendez goes to Jessica's office. He says he loves her and says he will volunteer with foster kids and coach youth sports. He can be a father figure to kids without actually being a father.

Lea and Shaun are drunk and go to a motel. Lea stops him at the door and says she has to teach Shaun the proper way to end a date. She has him say I hope you had a good time tonight and coaches him through the goodnight process. She tells him how to know when a girl wants to be kissed.

She tells Shaun to kiss her. They kiss. Shaun is shaking. Lea asks if Shaun has ever done that before. He says no. She says he's pretty good at it and asks if he wants to do it again. He says yes but he can't because he runs into the bathroom to throw up. 

Claire talks to the twins the next morning. Katie says she isn't scared but wonders if they are meant to be conjoined. Claire tells them about how she grew up in her trailer with her mom telling her that she would never do anything with her life. Claire says walking out of that life was the hardest thing she's ever done but worth it. She says the twins are amazing, and they've accomplished so much, but the surgery will give them the freedom to be themselves. Katie agrees to the surgery. 

Lea wakes up the next morning and Shaun's bed is empty. She goes outside, and he is standing by a pickup truck. He says he feels disgusting and that Lea would never want him to kiss her again. Lea asks Shaun why he's so hard on himself. She says she knows he was probably made fun of a lot but that he will never be happy if he lives in fear. 

Claire talks to the doctor and explains that he needs to talk to Andrews about Jared getting his job back or she will make sure his career is destroyed forever. 

The separation surgery begins with Andrews working while Melendez and the other doctor watch from the gallery.

Shaun has another voicemail from Dr. Glassman. He listens to it while Lea showers. Glassman explains that his absence is causing a problem with Andrews. 

Melendez and the other doctor go in for their part of the separation surgery with Claire. The mom sits in the waiting room listening to the waiting room playlist that Katie made for her. They cut the vein and separate the twins. 

Shaun and Lea get pancakes and Shaun says he is feeling much better. He is ready to talk to Dr. Glassman. Lea says she is ready to talk to her boss. Her boss offered her a promotion. Lea says that Shaun and the trip have inspired her to quit her job. Shaun asks what she would do during the day. She says she is going to fix up old cars. 

She says she is not looking forward to moving, but the garage she's going to work for is in Hershey, PA. Shaun is upset by the news that Lea is moving across the country. Shaun leaves the restaurant because he is so upset. 

Jared sits at home and gets a call from Dr. Andrews. Andrews says Jared can use him as a reference, but he won't reinstate him because he won't let anyone cross the physical assault line. 

The twins are asleep and separated. The mom asks when they will wake up. Melendez says they should have woken up already. 

Lea goes back to the motel and Shaun is not there. Shaun sits on a bench at a bus stop and listens to music on his phone.  

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