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The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 2 begins with Shaun lying awake on the floor of his house. It looks like he hasn't slept at all. Eventually, the sun comes up and his alarm goes off. 

His house is sparse. There's hardly any furniture. He sleeps on only a blanket and pillow on the floor. 

Shaun has many alarms go off as he prepares for his day. It appears that he fixates on time and how long it takes for different parts of his routine. 

Today is Dr. Shaun Murphy's first full day at St. Bonaventure Hospital. 

Shaun comes into a patient's room during rounds. He is late, and Dr. Melendez is not happy. Shaun says the bus was late and it wasn't his fault.

Dr. Neil Melendez sarcastically says the board made a great decision in hiring Shaun. However, Shaun doesn't understand sarcasm and thinks he is being sincere. 

We then see a patient named Stephanie in a lot of pain. Her CT scans show a malignant tumor, and the rest of the doctors are trying to be discreet about the results. However, Shaun blurts this out to the patient. 

Shaun doesn't understand why he couldn't be that blunt with the patient because he does not understand lying to a patient. 

Dr. Jared Kalu is excited about the surgery for the malignant tumor, but Dr. Claire Browne reminds him it's a real person and he shouldn't be so excited to cut her open. 

Melendez orders the surgery for Stephanie and asks Claire to be his number 2. He then sends Shaun to do scut work, the small work the residents hate doing. 

Shaun wants to know if he's being punished for something. Melendez says no. Shaun believes him, but Melendez asks Shaun why he believes him. Shaun says he's very arrogant and arrogant people have no reason to lie. 

Shaun goes to the ER to look at patients being discharged. For a patient with an ear infection, Shaun orders MRI before agreeing to discharge him.

Dr. Aaron Glassman sees Shaun in the ER with another patient. Shaun is waiting for the woman to pass gas to ensure she doesn't have post-op complications. Dr. Glassman asks if Melendez assigned him to scut work and Shaun says yes. Glassman is clearly upset about this.

Back in Stephanie's room, she is telling Claire that she wants to wait for her surgery because her son is getting married. Her husband is already dead, and she doesn't want to die before the wedding of her only child. Claire assures her she will be at the wedding. 

Jared reminds Claire that she can't make promises like that to the patient because of the hospital's legal policy. Claire thinks it's a dumb policy 

Kalu tells Claire that he's pathetic. When she asks why, he explains that it's because Claire can care about a patient she just met but does not have any care for him. 

Dr. Marcus Andrews goes to Melendez and shows him the MRI on the patient that Shaun ordered. It's perfectly clear, and Andrews is upset that the MRI was ordered. He blames Melendez since it was one of the residents on his team. 

We then see Shaun with young girl named Martine. He is pressing on her stomach and asking if it hurts. During this, her parents are fighting with each other. Her dad says she just wants to get out of school and they don't need to be at the hospital. 

Shaun orders tests on the young girl, but Melendez doesn't believe it needs to be ordered. The parents are bickering, and Melendez says they're a vector or a carrier of disease. Basically, the little girl has stomachache because her parents are fighting. 

Melendez tells Shaun that he can't run any tests unless they need to be run. Shaun asks how he will know if a test needs to be run until he runs it. Melendez says the ER nurse will tell him because she's his boss today. 

At lunch, Glassman is telling Melendez that Shaun earned his place to be at the hospital. He tells Melendez to teach him. Melendez responds by saying "I'm teaching you both that he doesn't belong here." 

Claire asks Shaun how he is doing, and Shaun asks her what the point of sarcasm is. Shaun says he doesn't understand because he can't lie to people. 

We then see a flashback to young Shaun and his brother Steve. Steve is lying about fundraising for a classmate who has cancer. He is really trying to get money for them to buy food. Shaun is upset about the lies.  

Claire tells Shaun that the job is doing whatever Melendez asks them to do. 

In the OR, Stephanie's surgery begins to remove the tumor. Claire is getting to do some actual cutting during the surgery. 

Back in the ER, Shaun continues to have trouble understanding when to send patients home and when to run tests. The nurse tells him to stop running tests on people. 

During another flashback, Shaun and Steve are knocking on doors. Steve is trying to teach Shaun how to lie to raise money. The man he is talking to slams the door in his face. 

Back in the OR, Stephanie's tumor is bigger than it looked on the scans. They can't see her aorta, which means they need to order a biopsy. 

Shaun is looking at Martine's file, even though she's been sent home. A nurse rushes up to him and tells him that Melendez needs him in the OR. 

Shaun runs to the OR and begins to scrub in. Melendez tells him that won't be necessary. Instead, he needs Shaun to run down to the lab and hurry the test along. 

Throughout this encounter, Claire seems to be getting more upset by the treatment of Shaun by Melendez. 

Shaun goes to lab and tries to get the lab to rush along the biopsy of the woman. The lab tells him he needs to wait his turn.

In another flashback, Steve and Shaun return to the man's house who had previously slammed the door in Shaun's face. The man comes out with gun and scares them away. Steve tells Shaun to never be afraid and then throws a rock through man's window. 

Shaun tells the woman in the lab he will throw a rock through her window if she doesn't get to Melendez's lab soon. The lab tech says she doesn't want that and promises that the results will be ready in 15 minutes. 

While waiting for the biopsy results, Melendez is in his office. His fiancee, Jessica Preston, comes to talk to him about how he doesn't want Shaun working for him. She tries to get him to treat Shaun better and tells him he's on the wrong team.

The biopsy results are not good for Stephanie. Claire says she has only about 3 months to live. She and Jared agree that surgery would be impossible.  

Shaun says the surgery isn't impossible, just difficult. He tells Jared and Claire that the left kidney is in the way. Shaun says they can remove the left kidney since she doesn't need it. 

Jared and Claire shut down idea when speaking to Shaun. Later, though, Jared tells Melendez the idea.

Claire says it's a bad idea to want to do it just because they want to be a hero. Kalu and Melendez agree to surgery, and Melendez makes Kalu the new number 2 on the surgery. Jared doesn't give Shaun the credit he deserves. Claire is upset by this.

One of the ER patients that Shaun sent home earlier is still at the hospital. He went to speak to Dr. Glassman because Shaun did not reassure the patient well enough. The patient believes he is sick based on his interaction with Shaun.

Dr. Glassman tells the man he is fine. Then, he tries to explain to Shaun that he needs to reassure the patient when explaining their medical care to them by using body language. 

Later on, Shaun orders lab tests for Martine because he is concerned about her and cannot stop thinking about her case. 

Back in the OR, Melendez and Jared remove Stephanie's kidney in order to see the tumor. 

The lab results on Martine come back mostly normal but with one lab that makes Shaun nervous. Shaun goes to her home to tell the parents at 1 o'clock in the morning.

Shaun is trying to work up the courage to knock on the door. He has a flashback to knocking on the door of the man with a gun for a third time. This time, though, he gets too much anxiety to knock and ends up running away.

At Martine's house, Shaun manages to knock. The dad opens the door, and Shaun tells him that his daughter may not be alive in the morning unless he listens to Shaun. 

Martine's dad calls him a "freak" and says he'll be calling his boss in the morning. Shaun says he knows he's weird but he will keep knocking on their door until he knows that Martine is okay. 

The parents take Shaun to see Martine, but she won't wake up and has vomited in her sleep. Shaun picks her up and takes her to their car to take her to the hospital. 

In another flashback, we see young Shaun running down the street. Dr. Glassman stops him to ask why Shaun called him. Shaun is distraught and says "my brother." We then see Dr. Glassman driving his car with Shaun and Steve in the backseat. Steve is seriously injured and appears to be dying.

In the car with Martine, Shaun does CPR on her and tells the dad to hurry to the hospital. 

Back in the OR, they remove Stephanie's tumor, and Melendez gives Kalu praise for the idea. Jared still won't tell him that it was Shaun's idea. 

Martine arrives at the hospital, and Shaun does an ultrasound on her. Shaun finds that her small bowel is twisted and is killing her. The nurse says they need to clear it with Melendez, but Shaun says the nurse is no longer his boss because it's after midnight. 

Shaun orders the surgery and then scrubs in. He goes to start the surgery when Melendez comes in and takes over for Shaun. He doesn't want Shaun to assist. 

Dr. Andrews tells Melendez to let Shaun stay. Andrews says that they will treat him like any other surgeon because Shaun works there. Melendez puts him back on suction. 

Jared is excited about the results of Stephanie's surgery, but Claire is mad at him for taking the credit for Shaun's idea.

Kalu says he will apologize to the whole team and tell them about Shaun's idea if Claire proves she is not a hypocrite. He wants her to tell Stephanie the truth about how Claire didn't want to do the surgery and wanted to just let her die in a few months.

In the bathroom, Dr. Glassman thanks Dr. Andrews for letting Shaun stay in surgery. Glassman says he knows he's just waiting for Shaun to fail so that he will be gone and so that Glassman is no longer president. Andrews says either way, he wins because if Shaun succeeds, he supported him, and if he fails, Andrews is the new president. 

Claire tries to tell Stephanie but she doesn't want to hear about the complications. Stephanie is just grateful for Claire and that she is alive. 

After saving Martine's life, Shaun asks Glassman why it matters who gets credit if someone's life is saved. Dr. Glassman tells him that people who get credit don't have to do scut work. 

The episode ends with Shaun in his makeshift bed on the floor, reflecting on his day. 

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The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

If you want to get anything in life, Shaun, there’s one thing you got to do. Never be afraid.

Steve Murphy

He more than earned the right to be here. He has had to get past people like you and their prejudices every step of the way.

Dr. Aaron Glassman