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The episode opens with Jared giving Claire coffee. He doesn't give any to Shaun, but Shaun says he doesn't drink coffee. 

The surgical residents are working the ER graveyard shift, and the ER is empty of patients.

Then, the doctors receive a phone call that a mass casualty bus accident from a wedding will be arriving soon at the hospital. 

The doctors wait for the trauma to show up. 

When it does, Jared and Claire are visibly shaken, and Melendez comes to help with the nearly two dozen patients. 

Shaun looks lost, like he doesn't know where to go or where to start when there are this many patients.  

A nurse tries to grab Shaun to get him to help with an amputated leg, but Shaun backs away from her touch. He does follow her to the trauma room but looks upset and takes his time to decide what to do. 

Shaun works on the leg of the groom as Dr. Glassman shows up in hospital. Shaun stops the bleeding and stabilizes the groom, and Glassman looks proud.  

Jared works on a woman with severe burns on her body. He struggles with how to treat patient so Andrews helps him and tells him what to do. 

Melendez comes up to Glassman to discuss the patient Glassman is working on. Glassman looks irritated that Melendez is trying to tell him what to do. Glassman laughs once the patient is better and brings up Shaun's victory. He asks Melendez how long Shaun will have to prove himself before Melendez gives him a shot. 

Melendez asks Claire why she was hesitating. He says a first trauma can be overwhelming but that she needs to think a little more like Shaun. 

Jared continues to work on the burns of the woman. She is screaming in pain but wants a mirror to see how bad her injuries are. Jared shows her, and she is distraught. She sobs at how she looks and wants to know who will ever love her. Jared leaves her to find a nurse to adjust her morphine. 

Shaun brings his patient's chart to Melendez. Melendez goes with Shaun to talk to the family. They will need to amputate the groom's leg. His new bride is heartbroken. 

Shaun runs around the ER to find an open computer but each one is taken when he reaches it.

Then, Jessica shows up at the ER. The ER doctor and nurse ask when her and Melendez's big day is going to be. They say they haven't decided yet. The two can't agree on a beach or a church for the wedding. 

The nurse asks Shaun if he's available to be her groom. Shaun says he doesn't want love. 

Shaun pushes Claire away from an open computer. She makes him apologize but tells him he can have the computer. He asks Claire why the family cried when they found out the leg had to be amputated if the other option was death. Claire explains that it's a big and difficult change. Shaun says there's no other option because the bone is too crushed. Claire says she has an idea. 

Shaun and Claire tell Melendez the idea to build a femur for the patient using a 3D printer. Melendez doesn't believe it was Claire's idea. He thinks it had to be Shaun's. She says she had a brilliant idea and he's the only surgeon who can do this surgery. 

Jared and Claire sit on a bench and talk outside. Jared is upset because he can't comfort his patient with the horrible burns. Claire tells him he doesn't have to talk, he just has to listen to her. 

Shaun and Melendez present the 3D femur idea to the groom's family. There's a chance he won't make it through the surgery, but this will be the first time this surgery has ever been done. The bride wants to do it, but they aren't officially married yet so the groom's parents are the next of kin and get to make the decision. His parents decide to amputate the leg. The bride is devastated. 

Shaun asks Melendez why he's marrying Jessica. Neil says he loves her. Shaun doesn't understand why having someone to love is so important to everyone. Jessica comes in and tells Melendez he can't do the surgery because she filed an emergency injunction because the bride wants the 3D printed femur. 

Claire's patient from the ER wakes up and asks her if her wife, Jenna, is okay. Claire says she will find Jenna and bring her up to see her. 

Jessica and Neil argue over the surgery with Shaun standing there and cutting in when questions are asked about the patient. 

Jared brings in a tablet so the burned woman can pick a movie to watch to make her treatment easier. She is upset and refuses a movie. Jared apologizes because he can't do anything else for her. 

The bride argues with the groom's parents over whether to save the leg. They work with a counselor from the hospital to figure out what the patient would want. 

The father says all he wanted was to marry his bride and he can do that with a fake leg. The bride tries to tell the story of how they met. The mother says she doesn't care. The bride finally tells the truth about how they met. They met in rehab, and he replaced drinking with healthy things like rock climbing and other physical activity. Because of this, she says he cannot lose his leg. 

Claire's patient's wife was not brought to the hospital. Claire goes back to the crash site with first responders to look for Jenna.

The mother tells the bride that the groom cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend. The bride doesn't believe her but his father says the mother is not lying. The bride is devastated. The mother says they are his parents, and she is not his wife yet so they will decide what to do. 

Claire finds Jenna. She was thrown from the bus. 

Jared goes to Dr. Andrews to tell him that his patient might be a candidate for an experimental burn repair where they use tilapia skins to repair burn victims. Andrews tells him that process would take months, but he likes that Jared is thinking outside the box and taking initiative. 

Jenna is alive, but Claire needs to drill a hole in her head to help with hematoma. 

Jared goes into the burn patient's room and says that the tilapia skins are being sent by the San Diego hospital. The patient is excited and asks Jared if he'll do it. Andrews is impressed.  

Shaun has to testify for the groom. He can't focus on the questions, and the parents are frustrated with Shaun. 

Shaun tells them to be quiet. He then goes to the patient to examine him. Shaun notices that he's clotting, which is bad and calls for Melendez. 

Shaun and Melendez rush the groom to surgery. The counselor from the hospital tells him to follow the bride's wishes and replace the femur. 

Glassman and Claire take Jenna into surgery. He allows Claire to do some of the work, which excites her. 

Shaun and Melendez scrub into surgery on the groom. Shaun looks impressed with the 3D printed titanium femur. 

Jared and Andrews work on the burn patient. Jared puts the tilapia skins on her. 

Melendez puts the new femur in, and the blood flow resumes normally in the groom, meaning the surgery worked.  

Claire closes up Jenna, and they test for brain function. There is no brain activity. Jenna has died, and Claire is heartbroken. 

Glassman is studying the scans of Jenna's brain when the ER doctor walks in to tell him something. 

The groom wakes up from surgery, and Melendez asks him to move his toes. He says he cannot. Shaun runs his pen on his foot and he moves his toes as a reflex. The groom is so happy about the leg. Melendez tells him he has a long road to recovery ahead. The groom asks if his bride is she ready to get married. She tells him to get better first and they will have time for a wedding later.

Jared's patient is covered in tilapia. He tells her she looks tough like Aquaman and that she will have her skin growing in soon. She thanks Jared. 

Claire stands in her initial patient's room. The patient is asleep, but Glassman walks in to talk to Claire. Glassman asks her how quickly she intubated Jenna when she found her. He tells Claire that she intubated incorrectly, which means she wasn't breathing properly. This is what caused the brain damage. Claire cries.

Glassman sits with Claire and tells a story about a mistake he made that killed a patient. He tells Claire she won't forget this patient but needs to find a way to keep going and learn from it. He tells Claire to go home and says she can't talk to the family about the incident. He says she is too close to the patient. 

Andrews gets into the elevator with Jared. He tells Jared that San Diego Hospital thanked Jared for the generous donation he made to the burn unit. Andrews says he can't do that for every patient because the lines between doctor and patient can get blurry really quickly. As Jared leaves, he looks impressed with Jared's work. 

Claire cries as she watches her patient as Glassman tells her about Jenna. 

Jessica gives Melendez her healthcare proxy so that he is in charge of her medical choices. She was inspired by the bride and groom's story to do this. 

Glassman finds Shaun outside the hospital on a bench. Shaun asks him why the nurse asked if he wanted love. He says he doesn't want love. He doesn't love his brother and his rabbit anymore because they are dead. Glassman tells him he can still love people if they are dead.

Glassman asks him to go to breakfast with him. Shaun agrees but only if he can get four pancakes instead of three. 

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The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

You need to think a little more like Shaun. A little more, not identical.

Neil Melendez

No, I don't. I don't want love.

Shaun Murphy