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-Marcus has a VIP named Bobby who needs surgery and needs a resident to help with an elbow operation...2 of the residents will assist Andrews, the other will assist Melendez on his surgery 

-pick by random draw...Jared and Shaun are assisting on the VIP patient who is a wealthy video game player...Shaun gets called away before he can meet the patient by Glassman to meet with a therapist named Dr. Bourne...Shaun reluctantly agrees to allow the therapist to come in for a home visit but stresses out...tries messing with his hair to calm him but it does not work

-VIP is being checked out by Melendez, Andrews, and Jared when Shaun runs in...Melendez asks if he is okay and Shaun insists that he is fine...Shaun has him squeeze his hand and realizes that he has a loss of grips...Shaun begins theorizing why that may happen but Melendez says it's because he has tears in his ligments in his elbow...VIP asks Shaun what's wrong...Shaun says he has a condition...VIP says that he needs to assert himself with Melendez 

-new doctor will work with Claire on her surgery...he lets her take the lead...Claire examines her patient and notices that the attending is staring at her 

-in vip surgery, Shaun tells Melendez that he has very beautiful hands...says they should do a nerve test to rule out nerve damage...Melendez says no...Andrews lets Kalu step in to work on the patient 

-in Claire's surgery...the attending asks the ladies in the room what they are doing and suggests they go out after work...Claire is quiet and the doctor calls her out on it and says he has fun in his OR...he doesn't want anyone to be tense in his OR because he thinks it causes mistakes

-Shaun waits for bus outside the hospital but does not get on it when it shows up...instead he goes back inside and takes a mattress and sheets from storage...sets it up in the janitor's closet and reads a textbook...gets a text from Dr. Glassman telling him that Melissa is waiting for him at his apartment and Shaun deletes the text 

-next morning...Shaun and Glassman wait for an elevator...Glassman asks how Melissa was...Shaun said she was helpful but Glassman says he is wearing the same clothes as yesterday and smells...he knows Shaun slept at the hospital and did not meet Melissa...Glassman tells him to just say no next time he doesn't want to meet someone...Shaun says no and gets excited that he doesn't have to see Melissa...Glassman tells him to see Melissa 3 times and he will buy Shaun the surround system he wants for his TV...Shaun agrees to meet with her that night

-swelling on Claire's patient isn't going down but the wound is healing

-the attending begins rubbing Claire's back and making her uncomfortable...Claire goes to ask Jared and Shaun to trade patients with her...Jared shrugs off her uncomfortable feelings and says that 

-Bobby is excited about his surgery and wants to know what each doctor did...he's disappointed to learn that Shaun did not get to really do much in the surgery...Shaun says they should order an MRI because Bobby has early signs of multiple sclerosis...Melendez is mad that Shaun mentioned this in front of the patient...Jared steps up and tells Melendez to do it...Bobby tells Shaun that he needs to be fierce and stand up for himself

-Shaun tells Bobby about the bribe to see the therapist...Bobby said he went to therapy but never did anything the therapist did...tells Shaun he can do whatever he wants to do

-Jessica talks to Melendez about their plans to go to dinner with her dad and how the VIP case went...he tells her that Shaun was off...she tells him to talk to Shaun...Melendez doesn't want to go to dinner with Jessica's dad and says he will push for them to set a date...Jessica tells him April 25th as a fake date saying her dad doesn't need to know that they haven't booked anything 

-Shaun and Jared come with the MRI results...he has a malignant mass in his arm...Melendez takes it to an oncologist...the consulting doctor recognizes the name and says he had cancer three years ago too

-Melendez asks Bobby why he didn't tell them about his cancer...Bobby says it was in his leg and he didn't think it would matter...Melendez says it would have helped him look at the same symptoms that Shaun saw...Bobby says he didn't listen to Shaun because he didn't respect him...Bobby explains that he thought the cancer was interfering with his gaming...Shaun says they need to do a full body scan to make sure the cancer hasn't mestasized

-Claire's patient notices that she is feeling better now that her boss is gone...patient says she understands Claire because she got hurt trying to impress guys who made nasty comments about her...the patient crashes...Claire tries to intubate her but says there's no room...the attending comes in and helps her...they get her breathing and her heart rate stable...the attending praises Claire's work

-Jared and Bobby watch Bobby's full body scan and notice that he has a mass near his brain stem

-Glassman and Melendez talk about Bobby's tumor...Glassman doesn't think there's anything they can do for him...Melendez asks if Shaun is okay...Glassman says if his work is okay, then he's fine

-Melendez, Jared, and Shaun go to tell Bobby about the mass in his brain...tells him they can't operate on it...Bobby says he had a good run and he wishes it was longer but he's going to go out on top...

-Claire thanks the attending for his help...he asks if she wants to get a drink and take the edge off...she declines...he asks if she's sure because he gives great massages and will make a killer omlette in the morning for her...Claire says she said no but he continues to advance on her...he tells her she is approaching insubordination 

-Melendez and Jessica go to dinner with her dad...he tells them he has decided to take care of their entire wedding...Jessica says they don't need it and are capable of paying for their own wedding because they make good money...he says they won't once they start having kids

-Janitor finds Shaun in the closet...Shaun tells him he is hiding from his therapist...Shaun asks the janitor if he is satisfied with his life and would be happy if he died tomorrow...the janitor said his job isn't great but his family makes him happy and he was good to people...Shaun tells him his answer was good 

-Jessica's dad wants her to quit her job at the hospital lawyer when they have kids...he wants her to live off their trust fund...Melendez argues with him and Jessica's dad is angry with him and leaves...Jessica walks out after her dad, leaving Melendez at the table 

-Glassman finds Shaun in the basement putting away his mattress and asks Shaun what he is doing wrong...Shaun says he does not know...Glassman is clearly getting frustrated...Shaun says he doesn't need a therapist...Glassman thinks the sacrifices he is trying to 

-Jared tells Claire to report it to HR but Claire explains that she can't report it because they will blame her...he says they will not but she points out that earlier he thought she was exaggerating and that the doctor was just trying to be friendly 

-Glassman tells Bobby they can remove the mass if Bobby is willing to make a sacrifice...he would be paralyzed on his left side and could have difficulty with speech and eating...Bobby agrees to do it and Andrews tries to get him to understand the risks...Bobby says he was listening and he is still in...he understands the risks but is willing to try for a chance at life...Bobby agrees to the surgery 

-Jared finds the doctors in the locker room and pushes him against the lockers and threatens to hurt him if he ever hurts Claire or makes her uncomfortable again 

-Claire removes the tube from her patient and tells her she will be okay...the patient says she was awake and heard how Claire handled the doctor...she says Claire was brave but Claire says she wasn't

-Glassman does the surgery while listing people who were successful with one hand...Bobby's heart rate and temperature are rising...Melendez says they might have to abort the surgery but Glassman says he is too far in...he heart rate continues to climb to dangerous levels

-Glassman says he will pull out of his brain but Melendez says he will kill him...Melendez realizes the anesthesia is making him hypothermic...they stabilize him and Glassman goes back to the surgery

-Claire goes to Andrews to tell him about the doctor's treatment of her...Andrews says he wanted to talk to her about the same thing 

-Bobby wakes up from surgery...outcome might be better than expected and that the damage might not be as bad to his left side...Bobby is grateful but tries to get his hand to move...Shaun tells him to be patient...Bobby says acceptance would be a bad thing...he used to be bad at everything as a kid until he grew up and found his thing 

-Melendez goes to Jessica's office...he apologizes for what happened at the dinner...Jessica tells him he doesn't have to apologize...Jessica tells him that she doesn't want to have kids...Melendez looks confused and heartbroken

-Glassman waits for Shaun in the lobby of the hospital and tells Shaun he will drive him home...Shaun calls him stubborn but Shaun begins to panic and says this won't make him happy, it might only make Glassman happy...Glassman says he's not happy and grabs Shaun...Shaun begins yelling and says Glassman can't order him around because he's not his father...Shaun begins to hit his own head while repeating what Bobby told him about not letting others tell him what he can and cannot do...Shaun hits Glassman and then runs out of the hospital while Glassman stands there in shock

-Claire goes to Jared to yell at him for attacking the doctor...she says what he did was not respectful to her...Jared says he was fired for assaulting an employee

-Glassman storms into Shaun's apartment with Melissa...Shaun is not there and his belongings are missing...Glassman says he is not coming back 

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Don't ever let anyone tell you what you can and can't do.


I do that, and I get labeled hostile and difficult, neither of which work with my complexion or gender.

Claire (about telling HR about the sexual harassment)