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Dr. Lim was shocked when a teenager showed up at the hospital with fake ID, complaining of pains in her vaginal region. 

Dr. Lim learned that it was all down to her being tied up and circumcised at a young age, and set out to try and fix the damage that was done. 

She opted to lie and have the teenager in as an outpatient, but things took a turn when it emerged that she would have to stay in for longer. 

When the kid's parents showed up at the hospital, they were furious about what went down. Dr. Lim said that she wanted to speak to the patient. 

But the patient said she would be happy to have her clitoris removed. Dr. Lim felt like this was because her parents were around. 

The surgery was completed and the parents were not in the know about it. 

Shaun realized Paul had pancreatic cancer and set out to find a way to prove it in testing. This was made difficult because he was trying to adapt to lying when the opportunity presented itself. 

Paul was given a year to live or to get surgery to remove the tumor. He chose the surgery and died in the operating room. 

His family started bickering over who was in the wrong, but Shaun lied and said that Paul wanted the surgery. 

Glassman started his surgery as Shaun confronted Lea. 

The Good Doctor
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