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Andrews where all the nurses are.

All the nurses are practicing with Shaun. Andrews says they do not need to be there. Shaun says Lim says otherwise. Morgan is filling in for Claire, who supposedly had a dental emergency. 

Claire runs towards the staff entrance.

A pregnant woman who has a mass doesn't want to be out for three weeks because she is opening a toy store in a week's time. Melendez advises against that. Her husband tells her to focus on the surgery.

Andrews talks to Lim. He complains that Claire didn't get a full team rehearsal and thinks Shaun is not ready.

Morgan decides to pretend to be Claire. She gets Shaun freaked out about why Carly didn't invite him over when she had friends over (apparently thinking this is empathetic). Shaun says they have practiced enough and runs away.

Morgan then confronts Claire about why she was late and tells her she can take two hours off her hands.

Shaun is staring into space, looking at Carly work. He wants to know why Carly didn't invite him. Park suggests Shaun be physically close to her to find out. Shaun runs away.

Glassman takes care of some kid who ate chocolate laxatives. Debbie wants to see him. She comes into his office and says she got fired for giving away free coffee to sad people. She wants him to come home and listen to her vent.

Morgan and Melendez discover they cannot remove the mass without killing the baby. Morgan and Park suggest biopsy and cauterization to buy time. Melendez does not want Morgan to inform Lim about this change.

Melendez is washing up when LIm asks to see him. Lim is upset that Melendez didn't run this by him.

Morgan tells Claire one of her duties is to straighten out Shaun's fears about Carly. She wants Claire to talk to Carly. Shaun's blood work has not been processed.

Glassman doesn't like Debra's idea of working as his office manager. He thinks couples working together is a bad idea.

Claire talks to Carly. Carly is not interested n her thoughts about Carly and Shaun's relationship.

Glassman sees a patient who has a wing in his eye. Shaun bursts in and starts talking about the Carly situation. Glassman tells him that when they are wearing lab coats, they are in doctor mode and can forget about romance. Shaun says he is a doctor and romance doesn't matter and runs away. THe patient would like Glassman to finish with him.

Morgan bothers Claire about how Claire made a mistake. They are interrupted by Shaun standing in a plaid search trying to figure out how to talk to Carly. Claire tells Shaun that it was all a misunderstanding and that she was listening to a podcast.

Park tells the patient the news, but her blood pressure tanks and vision gets blurry. Park tells a nurse to page Melendez.

Shaun goes into the surgery room and begins surgery.

The mass is causing a bleed. Park thinks they should deliver the baby and put it in the NICU. Melendez doesn't think the baby's chances of viability are good. Morgan thinks they can work around the baby.

Melendez goes to Lim but she thinks a premature delivery is best, even if the baby dies. Melendez disagrees. Lim says mother's life takes precedence. Melendez thinks it should be up to the mother.

Shaun's surgery proceeds. THere is a complication -- a b leed. Shaun handles it well. 

The patient wants to do the surgery but her husband thinks it's too risky and suddenly blurts out he didn't want the baby. He says he doesn't want his wife to die. But Patty doesn't want to termnate her pregnancy.

Shaun's surgery continues. He removes the appendix. Andrews is impressed. But then Shaun freaks out about the way the nurse is handing him the clamp and gets in an argument with him. He tells her to leave the OR. 

Meanwhile, Morgan accidentally knicks an artery and causes a hemmorage.

Lim tells Shaun he can't solve problems by getting rid of people. She wants him to apologize to the nurse. Shaun says she didn't do it right. Lim says he didn't do it right either. He is lead surgeon and has to make this right. Shaun says okay and leaves. Lim asks Andrews why he didn't step in. Andrews says he doesn't deal with Shaun the same way..

Morgan says they have to take the baby out.

Debbie goes to see Glassman. She had a job offer but she is not going to take it because she wants to work in Glassman's office. She says they're married to help each other when the other doesn't think they need help. Glassman asks her for her resume, then takes off his lab coat and goes into flirty mode. They kiss.

Shaun goes to apologize to the nurse. He starts telling her the history of the straight clamp. She tells him he needs to stop and go away. He says if she sees he's right she'll see there's no reason to apologize.

Melendez's patient goes into V-Fib. and flatlines. MElendez says he will do open heart massage. They get the patient on bypass and are ready to get the baby out.

Lim says that was not an apology. Shaun says he was not wrong. Lim says that the nurse filed a complaint and if this happens again that will be the end of his residency. Shaun apologizes. Lim says go apologize to the nurse.

Morgan says that Claire made it worse by stopping Shaun from talking to Carly and that Claire buried the problem.

Melendez goes to talk to Andre, who cries before going to visit the NICU.

Claire goes to talk to Shaun.

Shaun goes to see Carly. She's mad because he uses everyone else to talk to her when he's upset. Shaun says he's sorry and starts to leave. Carly says this is what the problem is. He doesn't communicate about what's bothering him. He asks her why she didn't invite him last year. Carly says her friends are snarky and play practical jokes and she knew Shaun wouldn't like that. Shaun says his father always sent him to his room when he played poker. His father's friends said he talked funny, was that what her friends were going to say? Carly says she doesn't know. It can be a disaster to bring a date to meet your friends? How can she know that it would be a disaster this time? Carly apologizes. Shaun is happy because Carly says he is her boyfriend. He doesn't want to meet her friends.

Lim and Melendez sit together. Melendez is upset. Lim takes his hand.



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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Dr. Brown had a dental emergency this morning. I am doing my best to be caring and empathetic in her stead.


Nurse: Sorry, Dr. Andrews. I had a patient with post-surgery arm pain. What can I do for you?
Andrews: Where are all the nurses?