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Lea interrupts Shaun, who is meticulously cutting an apple into perfect circular slices. She thinks he is moping and should try again with Carly. She wants to help. Shaun, however, is done with dating. Lea thinks everyone needs a special someone, but Shaun insists he's not like everyone else. Lea says no one is like everyone else but everyone has things in common.

Over at Claire's, Claire's mom goes off on a monologue about how she got kicked out of her apartment for a BS reason that sounds like mania to Claire. Her mom admits she went off her meds but says it was temporary and now she has things under control. Claire disagrees and doesn't want to let her stay more than a week. Her mom wants to stay til the end of the month.

EMTs bring in a bloody mess of a guy. He has a fractured mandible, is all bloody, and has skateboard wheels impaled in his face. EMTs say the guy confronted someone who was groping a girl on the subway and the assailant attacked him with the stakeboard. The assailant is in jail and the girl is fine. Only the hero got seriously injured.

Morgan and Park have their usual banter over who is going to be lead surgeon, this time with Morgan accusing Park of trying to bribe Lim with a throw pillow. They walk into the exam room, where Melendez is examining a baby who has had surgery recently. The baby is throwing up after he eats. The father accuses Melendez of not knowing what's wrong with the baby but quickly backs down when Melendez reassures him.

Afterwards, Melendez orders an ultrasound of the baby's abdomen. Morgan tells him he is impressive. He walks off and Parks informs her that sucking up to Melendez will get her nowhere.

Claire and Shaun see the patient with the fractured jaw. His name is Josh and he cannot speak and needs multiple surgeries. As Claire hands him a consent form, Shaun asks him if the woman on the subway was a friend of his. Josh shakes his head.

In surgery, Andrews thinks Josh was an idiot for getting in the middle of this and getting himself nearly killed. Claire takes offense -- should we stand idlyby when someone is sexually assaulting a woman? Andrews says Claire is being self-righteous and doubts she helps every homeless person she sees on the subway. Anyway, he can't reach what he needs to reach with his surgical instrument. He will have to wire the jaw shut and Josh will never again be able to talk or eat solid food.

Josh takes the news in stride, typing on his computer that he needed to lose weight anyway.

Lim comes to see Melendez. The Cantrells want a different doctor. She has to question him about his performance during the first surgery. Melendez states he did not cut too deep then asks her if this is weird for her. She admits it is. He says he is trying not to let it be weird for him.

Shaun has to pick up something from the lab for Josh. Carly tells him she had a good time on their date, but Shaun says he had a horrible time and doesn't want to do it ever again.

Morgan and Park do the ultrasound on the baby. The swelling is in the normal range post op but Morgan suspects Melendez cut too deep. However, she does not say so when Lim turns up. Lim thanks her for the muffins she gave her and warns her and Park both to stop trying to buy her off. She says they will each lead hundreds of surgeries and who goes first is unimportant. She goes and Morgan asks Park what was really in the box. Park says marketing samples.

Debra shows up at Glassman's clinic ready to have sex. They are interrupted by Shaun, who shows up with lunch.

Lim tells the Cantrells that Melendez is their best surgeon. The Cantrells are sure he is a great surgeon but are not comfortable with him. Lim agrees to do the baby's next surgery.

Shaun has a quick lunch in which Glassman and Debra try to tell him that dating can be fun even though it's awkward at first. Shaun goes and Debra thinks Glassman should push Shaun to get back to dating. Glassman disagrees but Debra says nothing will change if Shaun isn't pushed.

In the OR doing Josh's next surgery, Claire thinks good deeds never go unpunished. Shaun disagrees and says good deeds get rewarded. It's a matter of neuroscience. Andrews thinks that Shaun's explanation confirms that brains are wired to be selfish. Shaun agrees but wonders why Andrews was so unselfish as to give up the Presidency of the hospital to get Shaun's job back. Andrews hesitates, then says they need to do better than what they are doing for Josh. Claire says there is no other procedure to do. Andrews thinks they should invent one.

On the way out, Morgan tells Park she left her keys at her locker.

Meanwhile, Shaun, Andrews and Claire discuss what to do about Josh. Shaun comes up with an idea to reconstruct his face using bones from his hand, but then he would lose the use of his hand. Shaun thinks that's a fair trade-off but Andrews disagrees. Claire thinks they are doing more damage by trying to figure this out instead of just going with the established procedure.

Morgan shows up ready to help and with a story about how Park had to leave to tend to his son but she has no kids.  Her plan is scotched when Park shows up with coffee.

It's date night but Melendez wants to talk about the Cantrells. He's upset that Lim said he made a mistake. She thinks she was being supportive. They argue and she wonders if they should change their reservation.

The group somehow ends up talking about dating. Park says his first date with his ex was a disaster, but marrying her was worth it even though they got divorced. Morgan feels dating is a zero-sum game required by evolution and she's glad Shaun doesn't feel a need to play it. 

Andrews wants to go home. The others want to stay. Andrews suggests even Shaun can't pull off a miracle.

Later, Shaun is pacing around trying to visualize the problem. Lea thinks he should get some sleep. He says there are 206 bones and 20,000+ permutations to consider. Lea is bewildered how he can give up after one date with Carly when he won't give up on this problem til he finds a solution. Shaun won't talk about it.

Lea goes away but Carly shows up and won't leave. She says Shaun owes her a conversation. He opens the door and says why? She says she thought he was a nice guy and an honest guy. If he has feelings for her at all he will talk to her. He says okay.

They go for a walk. Carly wonders if she dated Shaun because she has a brother with Autism that she wanted to fix. She doesn't thnk so but maybe? She says questions about what they want and why are good questions but Shaun says he has to go and runs off.

Shaun wakes Andrews up at home and says he's got a solution.

Andrews and Shaun go to see Lim and Shaun explains that he would take flaps and graft them onto Josh's face. Lim vetoes this idea. Josh could get an infection or die. Andrews says but if they don't do this, Josh will not be able to eat or talk ever again. Lim sends Shaun out of the room and suggests that Andrews is backing Shaun because he sacrificed his job for Shaun to keep his. She thinks sometimes the hero has to stand down. Andrews asks if that is an order. She says no.

Glassman talks to Shaun. At first he goes through the motions of doing what Debbie suggested, then talks from the heart, telling Shaun that love makes no sense but is wonderful.

While scrubbing up, Morgan babbles to Lim about how many hours she's working. Lim says that Park offered to co-write a paper and she is telling both of them to cut out the butt kissing or they are going to the bottom of the list. Morgan tells her that if she is trying this hard to get her attention, it means she really cares and will do great work if she is chosen to lead a surgery.

Claire, Shaun, and Andrews talk to Josh. He keeps typing Yes to the surgery., but when Claire tells him he could die he types No. Then he says he's joking, of course he wants to surgery.

Lim is doing the surgery on the baby and sees something wrong. She asks for Melendez to be paged.

The baby has a bowel blockage which would not have been apparent without the first surgery. It is an unrelated condition to the original problem. Lim wants Melendez to do the surgery. She pulls rank to make him the lead surgeon.

During Josh's surgery, Andrews has trouble with the graft. Claire suggests mobilizing the recipient vessel. She then asks Shaun how seeing Carly again was. Shaun says inconvenient. Claire thinks it was a date. Shaun thinks it was not. They are interrupted by Josh's blood pressure shooting through the roof.

While repairing the baby's intestine, the baby's vitals start to drop.

Shaun finds a clot and Andrews removes it. Josh's vitals return to normal. Andrews praises the team for their work.

Lim and Melendez silently talk to the parents, who hug them.

Josh's skin/bone graft is in place and he is awake. Andrews asks him to speak but too much. Josh croaks thank you.

The woman Josh saved is here to see him. She sees his injuries and asks why he helped her. He doesn't know. She introduces herself. Her name is Olivia. Andrews says they will leave the two of them to get acquainted.

Lim chooses Claire as the first to lead a surgery. Park and Morgan congratulate her. Morgan asks Park privately why he wanted her to lose. Park says he doesn't want to work for Morgan. She'd be a nightmare of a boss.

In the locker room, Andrews tells Shaun that he chose to back this experimental treatment because he was angry that he had lost his job to save Shaun's. But today Shaun made him proud and he saw that he was right to make that sacrifice.

Claire's mom says she found a possible place but it won't be ready until 3 days after Claire's deadline. Claire tells her she can stay here until she gets back on her feet but she has to stay on her meds, stay away from drugs and alcohol, and keep going to her doctor.

Shaun brings Carly a bag of potato chips. She has no couch so he puts his backpack on the floor of her office and offers her a chip.




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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Lea: Friends are great, but we all need that special someone.

[Lea slams a magazine down onto the table]
Shaun: I don't like when you do that.
Lea: I know. But I did it anyway cause you need to snap out of it. The moping. It accomplishes nothing.
Shaun: I am not moping. I am eating.
Lea: Which is the only thing you are doing outside of your room now. You didn't even come out to tell me to turn down The Pumpkinheads.
Shaun: It didn't bother me.
Lea: The walls were shaking. I'm surprised the cops didn't show up. You like Carly. You need to get back in the saddle.