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Shaun and Carly are on a date. Shaun asks why Carly is smiling. She isn't sure but reassures him things are okay. Shaun attempts to make small talk but has a meltdown when the food arrives and there is a pickle on his plate.

Later, Shaun tells everyone his date was a disaster. Lim interrupts and wants them to get to work -- except Melendez, who she needs to come to HR with her.

Outside the hospital, a man screams for someone to help his wife. She comes out of the car -- in a bloody bridal gown.

Morgan and Parks see an elderly couple. The man has pain in his stomach and also appears to have memory problems, as he tells the doctors twice that he has two kids and makes the same joke about how he might have more. Morgan doesn't want this case as she feels it is boring. Parks says that he has to get home on time because his son is coming. He insists Morgan takes the case.

Shaun and Claire tell the bride she has a uterine tumor. Shaun is proud of himself that the reason he interrupts the bride's question is because he knew what she would say.

Lim has a meeting with the entire staff. She authorizes overtime for nurses and tells the residents that she is going to change the requirements so that third year residents will be leading surgery instead having to wait until their fourth year.

Morgan now wants the kidney case because it means leading surgery. She and Park do an MRI and discover that Harvey, the old man, has cancer.

During the surgery on the bride, Claire tries to get out of Shaun what happened. He won't answer. Also he discovers the patient has metastatic cancer that has spread everywhere. An upset Melendez tells him and Claire to close the woman up.

A board member tries to convince Glassman to return to being the hospital president. She doesn't think things need to change just because he had cancer.

Melendez doesn't think there's a surgical solution or much chance for the patient to recover. He wants Shaun to give the news to the woman.

Morgan and Park interrogate the nurse about who got the chart from her. They are interrupted by Harvey's wife who wants some news.

Harvey and his wife are upset by the news. Harvey doesn't want to die. Morgan tells him his prognosis is excellent.

Claire finds Shaun studying a medical book instead of talking to his patient. He says talking to her can wait and he's researching her condition. Claire says he is avoiding thinking about his date and wants to know what happened. Shaun has a flashback of a bottle of wine flashing into the air and him catching it. He tells Claire her phone is ringing.

It's Claire's mom and Claire doesn't want to answer. Shaun says if stalling is bad, why is she doing it? Claire explains her mom's bipolar disorder hurt her and she doesn't think she should be in her life. Shaun asks if she's looking for advice. Claire thinks he is a role model on some issues.. Shaun thinks thinking about the past doesn't help. Claire says the date was the past but it's important. Shaun tells her he told a joke.

Flashback of Lea helping Shaun get ready. She tries to tell him that he needs to make small talk and he needs to know how and when to tell jokes.

Flashback of Shaun interrupting Carly telling him something personal to tell a joke.

Claire asks if Carly thought it was funny? Shaun says she made a sound like heh. Claire thinks a chuckle is good. Shaun thinks it's a disaster because he read six joke books and only had a chuckle. Claire thinks that's not what went wrong, but Shaun won't talk anymore.

Park and Morgan check the security tape and argue over who got the chart first. Morgan wants to check other camera angles.

The head nurse tells Lim they are understaffed. Lim says they don't have the budget. The nurse is upset and calls her unfair.

Shaun is trying to visualize a solution to the bride's cancer. Melendez interrupts and makes him come with him to give the news to the patient. Shaun tells her in his usual manner that she has advanced cancer, but then adds that there is hope with surgery.

Shaun's idea is to remove all of the patient's organs, clean up the cancer, then put her organs back. It has been done before but not successfully. However, Shaun feels since the woman will die otherwise they have nothing to lose.

Lim goes to see Andrews, who slams the door in her face but tells her not to give up so easily when she turns to go.

Harvey has no memory of being told he has cancer and gets upset all over again. Park asks to see his wife outside.

Andrews' advice is to not be so quick to say yes and to make employees feel like whatever Lim gives them makes them owe her. Lim doesn't like that idea. Andrews thinks becoming Chief of Surgery makes her a different person.

Park thinks they should not do the surgery and Harvey will be comfortable almost until the end. He thinks his dementia will be too much a burden for Ruby. Ruby refuses to give up on her husband just because she has to repeat a conversation and walks off angry.

Shaun and Melendez lay out the options for Suzanne and her husband. She could develop serious illnesses or die if they do the surgery. If she doesn't do it, her chances of living more than a year are slim. She asks for time to think about it.

Shaun goes to see Glassman and is irked that Glassman is not ready for lunch. Glassman is seeing a patient who Shaun says has boring symptoms. Glassman tells him the patient is in between jobs and has estranged children and that Shaun needs to get to know his patients. Glassman and the patient want to hear about Shaun's date. Shaun says again it was a disaster.

There is another flashback. Shaun was in a rush to hold the door for Carly and knocked over some woman, then insisted she wasn't okay.

In the present, Shaun tells Glassman to take Marco's boots off and asks if he is diabetic. Glassman confirms. Shaun thinks based on a crease in Marco's neck that Marco has an infection being masked by diabetic neuropathy. He is right.

Park apologizes to Morgan for undermining her authority. He should have talked to her privately -- however, he thinks the surgery is a bad idea. Morgan thinks it's wrong to not treat a treatable cancer. Park thinks that will cause torment and confusion for a man with dementia. Morgan says his memory loss doesn't define him and she likes the patient. He's happy. He makes his kids and wife happy. Park says so let him be happy for whatever time he has left.

Lim talks to the nurse again. She won't give her more staff but has authorized the purchase of new equipment. The nurse thanks her. Lim says she owes her.

Morgan talks to Ruby. Morgan now thinks that it is unfair to Harvey for him to go through chemo and not understand or remember why he is sick. Ruby says she has never lied to Harvey in 45 years of marriage and that he is losing his memories of their life together but what he needs from her has not changed.

Shaun and Claire talk to Suzanne again. She and her husband haven't made a decision. Shaun wants to know what additional info they need. Claire doesn't think this is the time for him to be asking intrusive questions. Shaun asks if the husband is considering whether he wants to be with someone healthier. Suzanne thinks he should. She doesn't want to be an invalid that burdens him. Her husband tells her he made a vow in sickness and in health and meant it. Claire says so then it's not a hard decision, then? Suzanne takes her husband's hand as she nods. In the next scene, she goes under the knife.

In a flashback, Carly and Shaun examine the woman. Her shoulder is dislocated. Shaun fixes it. Everyone claps. 

During surgery Claire asks what was the disaster? Meanwhile they have to work with the patient's small intestines, so she doesn't get an answer.

Lim goes to see Andrews. She suggests he come back to work for her. He doesn't want to. She advises him not to be stubborn.

Harvey's back hurts. He doesn't remember having a biopsy or that he has cancer. He asks Ruby what's going on and asks if he is dying. Ruby tells him everything is okay and that they will go home.

A flashback shows that Carly said she had a nice time at the end of the date and kissed Shaun but he didn't respond.

Morgan wants to know what the disaster was. Shaun says it was too exhausting for him to try to remember what to do and not do and it didn't make sense. 

Lim introduces Andrews as a new attending.

McDougal bothers Glassman again about how he hates the clinic. He gives her a list of things he would like to do. McDougal says that if he comes back as President she will reopen a clinic in the hospital for him.

Claire tells Suzanne that the surgery went well but they had to remove most of her bowels. She will have a bag forever. Her husband says they will teach both of them how to change and dispose of the bag.

Claire tells Shaun that every relationship is out of control and a disaster but it's worth it. Shaun thinks it isn't. 

Claire talks to her mom on the phone.

Park goes to get his son.

Morgan visits her grandpa somewhere.

Shaun watches Carly through a window while she is working. She looks back at him.











The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Shaun: It was a disaster.
Parks: Why, what happened?
[Lim comes in]
Lim: Why aren't you working?
Parks: Shaun had a date.
Morgan: Congratulations on your promotion. I believe you are our first female Chief of Surgery.
Lim: That's true. I still want you to get to work. [to Melendez] Not you. We have to go to HR and break up.

Shaun: Why are you smiling?
Carly: I don't know. I wanted you to know things are okay.
Shaun: Good.
[After consulting a card with a topic list]
Shaun: I saw a movie last night.
Carly: Was it good? What kind of movies do you like?
[Waiter brings dishes]
Shaun: I said no pickles.
Carly: It's okay.
Shaun: I said no pickles!
Waiter: We can bring you another one.