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Shaun sits on the bed staring into space. When Lea asks if he's okay, he says he has to be at the airport at 7 AM. Lea thinks they should talk about last night. Shaun doesn't want to. Lea says they should keep it to themselves.

Shaun agrees but then immediately tells Glassman that he and Lea slept together. He says there was no sex, just sleeping together. He says it felt different than it does with Carly. Glassman suggests that's why Shaun wanted Lea there. Shaun says he and Lea are just friends.  Glassman says Lea made that clear -- but what does Shaun want? Shaun doesn't know. Glassman warns him that he needs to hurry up and figure it out.

At the hopsital,Mrogan is doing paperwork when Shaun returns.She is surprised to see him. He says he likes being here. When she asks how he is doing he complains about the plane ride. They are interrupted by a patient coming in. The woman's boyfriend says they were mountain biking and she fell. She won't take a painkiller because she got sick when she took Vicodin once. She says she made it through childbirth without drugs so she doesn't need painkillers now.

Meawhile, Calire's patient is bloated. He has an intensinal blockage but has no insurance so he doesn't want anything but laxatives. Claire agrees to this as long as he stays for observation until he has a bowel movement.

Shaun has to ask Carly for some tests for his patient. She asks why he didn't return her calls or texts. He says he was busy and didn't know what to say. She's sure he knew it was hurtful not to talk to her. Shaun doesn't know what to say now and asks her for the tests.

Melendez sees Claire is studying PTSD. She says it is for a case report, then blurts out she is seeing a therapist. Therapist thinks she has PTSD. Melendez thinks she should keep an open min.

The patient tried to leave and fainted, but still wants to go home. Park suspects the patient is a drug mule and that one of the balloons burst. Claire promises they won't tell the cops.

Morgan asks Shaun about Carly and asks if he is breaking up with Carly to get with Lea. She thinks that would be a mistake. Carly puts up with Shaun's BS but Lea is a flake in her opinion. Shaun doesn't agree but changes the subject to the patient needing surgery.

Shaun explains the procedure. Morgan says the woman will be asleep and not feel anything. The patient says her husband doesn't know, but she's an opioid addict who has been clean for 10 years. She doesn't want any narcotics, incuding anesthesia.

Shaun wonders what about ketamine? Morgan thinks that is addictive and suggests hypnosis. Shaun says only with anesthesia. Andrews says find a different way to put her leg back together. Morgan suggests a procedure using small pins. Shaun thinks that will be more painful in the long run but Andrews agrees with Morgan.

Luca tells Claire and Park during the MRI that he made a mistake because he needed money. Park tells him not to talk.

The husband doesn't understand why they aren't using anesthesia. Morgan says this is the best strategy. 

Meanwhile, Luca needs surgery. Park wants to call the cops. Park says he's a dealer, not an addict, so he has to. Melendez agrees.

Shaun's patient has a heart rate spike during the procedure. She is given beta blockers despite her objections.

Luca says he's going to leave if they call the cops. Park starts telling him what will happen if a balloon bursts. Claire sends Park away to get the release paperwork. She tries to talk to Luca. He almost collapses again. Claire tells him about her childhood living in trailers. She wants to help him but he has to give her more time. She says if she can't figure out how to treat him without him going to jail in an hour he can leave. He agrees.

The other patient's kids come and they and the husband think it's awesome that she had this procedure.

Claire wants to just throw away the drugs like a tumor. Park thinks Luca is lying to Claire. Park says she should be judging this guy. Clare tells him how she shoplifted to survive but the security guard let her go. So that second chance gave her the chance to be a doctor. Melendez thinks maybe there's a way to save Luca without breaking policy.

Carly sees Shaun walking and invites him into the elevator. It's awkward. She asks what she's doing wrong.  She asks him if anything is going on with Lea. Shaun blurts out that it's different. He likes her and wants to be impressive to her, but he doesn't have to impress Lea. He leaves.

Claire says they will discharge him before they call the cops. Luca isn't sure he trusts her. Park tells him he'd be a moron not to trust Claire at this point and makes him thank Claire.

Shaun is mentall going through the pros and cons of Carly and those of Lea. Andrews interrupts to tell him to go home. Shaun says he can observe the patient here and can avoid Carly here too. Andrews ignores the second part. SHaun wants advice about how to know who is the right girl for him and can't ask Glassman because Glassman is divorced. Andrews says he wanted to be with his wife the first time he saw her. He had a feeling the first time he met her and it has never qite changed. 

Shaun comes home and tells Lea his day was confusing. He doesn't want to talk about Carly. Shaun checks his pulse to see if his heart is beating faster. His phone rings. It's Morgan, who says the patient's leg is swelling up and he needs to get back here.

Andrews says they will have to do the original surgery they were planning on doing or else the patient will lose her leg. However the patient refuses sedation. Andrews says without anesthesia she will have a heart attack or stroke. She says NO. She won't risk a relapse. Shaun asks her how long she can keep secrets. Morgan tells her not to be ashamed. The patient doesn't agree. She doesn't want to lose her husband and daughter.

Morgan wants to break confidentiality and tell the husband. Shaun and Andrews both say no. Andrews says they can't reveal secrets but they can tell him this.

The last balloon is adhered to the intestinal wall. Claire has an idea of how to cut it. Melendez has her do it. The balloon is intact. Melendez says to take it to the lab.

Andrews talks to the husband they need to do surgery but he can't go into details without the wife's permission. The husband comes in and wants to know what's going on. Is she dying?

Kerri says no, nothing like that. Her husband says then what? He wants to help. She tells him she is an opioid addict and that's why she doesn't want anesthesia. He wants to know why she didn't tell him. She says she was ashamed of the person she was and how she couldn't quit til she met him. She's scared she'll lose him if she relapses. He says he will never stop loving her. She says if she relapses she'll steal from him and won't be trustworthy anymore. He says take the meds. I will be there for you. Kerri doesn't think she's strong enough to resist opiods Andrews is watching. He says they will prep her for surgery now.

Shaun goes to see Carly in the cafeteria. He has a list of things he likes about her.. He asks if she is breaking up with him. Carly says no. They had a fight, that's all. She says she's worried that he feels he can't talk to her. He says she's right. He has to tell her everything. He freezes. Then he tells her how he got upset and hugged her til he fell asleep. Carly is upset that it was so much easier for him to lie with Lea. Carly says she needs space and walks away.

Shaun is pacing around Glassman's dark office and is freaking out. He has surgery and he can't focus and he feels sick and he wonders if everyone will leave him like his dad and mom did and now Carly hates him. He's sure Lea and Glassman will also get sick of him. Glassman says to him that he will get through this and that he is proud of him. Shaun hugs him.

In Kerri's surgery, they put on music to help her relax. The pain is excruciating for her.

Claire tells Luca he will be out of here in 24 hours. The lab is slow so it will take another 48 hours to get the contents tested. Luca tells her he's used to being screwed over and Claire has made him feel seen for the first time ever.

Kerri keeps screaming with pain during the procedure. Her BP spikes and she needs beta blockers. She suddenly grabs Shaun's hand. He is uncomfortable but says it is okay because it distracts her

Claire has a session with her therapist and says she thinks she changed someone's life. Her therapist makes her talk about her mom. Claire says can't she feel good for once? Therapist says this is why she acts self-destructive. She has to confront her feelings about her childhood. She gets a page just then.

Claire sees cops there. Melendez says someone faked a seizure and then broke into a storage locker. Luca is gone. Park says that the cops will not do anything about it as they have no name and no idea who the thief was.

Morgan is impressed with Kerri. Andrews says Morgan was right that Kerri was totally irrational but he understands why.

Claire tells Melendez that her mom used to say she was too trusting and no one would ever love her except her mom. Melendez tells her she's a good person and was just wrong today. But he's grateful he works with her.

Shaun asks Carly if she's had enough space. He sits with her. She asks if he remembers the first time they met. He says he was checking on a biopsy. She says yeah and he said if she didn't do it right he'd throw a rock through her window. SHe thought that was cute and when they worked together she thought he was the most genuine person she'd ever known. She appreciates that he told her the truth. She doesn't want to lose him to Lea. She's worried something like that could happen again. She doesn't like the idea of him living with Lea but understands if it's too much for him to agree to. She starts to go and he grabs her hand and says okay. He loves her!

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Shaun: Being with Lea felt very different than being with Carly
Glassman: Maybe that's why you wanted her here instead of Carly in the first place.
Shaun: Lea and I are just friends.
Glassman: Yeah, she's made that very clear. Sometimes you learn more about people from what they do than what they say. Of course, who the hell knows what she wants? But what do you want?

Lea: You want to talk about last night? I think we should.
Shaun: Why?
Lea: Cause you were in a really bad place last night and -
Shaun: I feel better now. Thank you.