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Glassman tries to convince Shaun to go see his dying father while Shaun is silent. Shaun says he has nothing to say but he will listen if his father wants to say something to him. He wants Glassman and Lea to come with him.

Melendez finds CLaire in the gym. She is trying the equipment out for the first time. She thanks him for comforting her in the stairwell but says she's fine. She watches some guy with super heavy weights. The guy collapses all of a sudden and says he can't move andd can't feel his legs.

Glassman tries to talk Lea out of going and they argue.

Morgan and Park argue about whether the athlete is talented. Claire thinks it's stupid that athletes get paid more than people who do jobs that benefit society.

Glassman and Lea convince Shaun he should call Carly before he leaves.

Morgan says there is an experimental procedure but the NFL surgeon rejects it. However, Melendez says that is not his call.

The NFL surgeon tries to talk to the NFL guy. He claims to have done this type of surgery before. Melendez says no, this is more like a motorcycle accident, which is his specialty.

Morgan is excited. She leaves and Park tries to tell Claire that she needs help but she is not interested in his opinion. 

At his parents' house, Shaun does not want to go in. His mom comes out of the house and Shaun demands to go. Shaun's om watches sadly as Glassman pulls off.

Shaun wants to go hoe. Lea tells him they need to make the best of it. 

Shaun goes to see Steve's grave. He has a flashback of his dad telling him he will wait for him in the car after Steve's funeral. Shaun refused to come home with his parents and instead went to Glassman.

Glassman tells Shaun that it was an accident but he is sure Shaun's father is hurting too. Lea says Shaun sh ould do what's right for him.

Shaun comes to see his mom, who asks if she can hug him. He won't let her. 

Morgan assists Melendez on the surgery and informs Claire that the NFL star grew up poor. Melendez tells er to stay focused. The patient become bradycardic and loses pulse. Compressions are a bad idea.  Claire thinks they should increase the charge. Park says better paralyzed than dead and sure enough it works.

Shaun goes to see his father. Father says he's sorry. Shaun says nothing. Shaun's father always wanted a son he could bond wtih over hunting, etc. He was angry that he couldn't help his son. He thinks Shaun is a good kid who became a great man. Shaun says that his father is not a good person, that he gets drunk and hurts people. He says his father killed his rabbit and his brother and he doesn't care that he is dying.

Someone texts Claire and she tells them to leave her alone and blocks the number. Park comes in and bothers her. She throws her phone in her coffee and Park says hat was stupid then goes.

Glassman thinks Shaun should go see his father again. Shaun elects to go with Lea to a lake that Glassman thinks is probably frozen.

Claire tells the patient he will probably play again. He says he chose them cause he thought they didn't care if he played. He hates football and was forced into it because of his size. He was trying to hurt himself so he wouldn't be able to play anymore.

Lea tells Shaun that his father wants closure but it can't happen and he should focus on the positive relationships in his life. Shaun is worried about Lea drinking and swimming. Lea wants them to run into the water then out again. Shaun doesn't like this idea. LEa insists on swimming anyway. Shaun doesn't see her come up and she jumps up just as he's about to go in. He is upset and runs away.

Glassman comes to see Lea. Shaun is not there. Glassman rantsabout this being a mistake. Lea doesn't think Glassman should be trying to get Shaun to forgive. Glassman says someday she will be a parent an will understand the hope that mistakes won't scar your kids for life.

Shaun takes off his socks an stares at the mud between his toes He has a flashback of not wanting to cross a river with his dad because of the mud and Saun freaking out when his dad picked him up. Shaun saw he had scratched his father.

Glassman, Shaun, and Lea have breakfast. Glassman says they can fly out at 11 if Shaun wants. Shaun's mom shows up and asks to talk to him in private.

The inflammation has been reduced. Melendez compliments Morgan.

Shaun's mom wanted to move past everything and be a family. Shaun asks why she stayed with his dad. She doesn't know, but she loves him.Shaun asks more than him and Steve? She says no. She doesn't blame Shaun for hating his parents. They weren't like Dr. Glassman and didn't understand Autism and what Shaun needed. She misses him. Shaun lets her hug him.  She does, then goes.

Shaun comes back to the table. He wants to see his dad.

Shaun's dad is surprised to see him. Shaun says he couldn't let him pick him up or hug him and couldn't make him happy. Shaun's dad says he is his son. Shaun forgives him.  His dad says Shaun is not like other people. He calls Shaun weak and a spoiled baby. He says it's Shaun's fault Steve died. The mother tries to say the father is delirious from the morphine.

Claire tells the patient that he has to tell everyone he wants to quit if that's what he wants. He says his mom worked minimum wage her whole life so he can't quit just because he doesn't like his job. Claire says she understands what it's like to never be able to please your mother.

Glassman tells Shaun that his dad has died.  He asks if Shaun wants to go to the funeral. Shaun does not. Glassman asks if Shaun wants to talk. Shaun does not. He says he is tired and wants to go to sleep.

Claire calls someone and says she got a new phone with a different number and thinks they should meet.

The patient's mom is there with him. He tells her there's something he nees to tell her.

Claire goes to someone's ofice. It's a therapist.

Shaun sits on his bed and shakes his foot. He starts hitting his foot over and over because he can't stop shaking it. Lea comes in and holds him.  He begins to cry..

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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

This is stupid. Athletes get paid millions of dollars while people with jobs that actually matter... teachers, cops, doctors, can barely pay their student loans.


Glassman: I know he wasn't the greatest father in the world, but he's the only one you've got, and if there's anything you want to say to him, now would be the time.
Shaun: I have nothing to say to him. But if he wants to say anything to me, I will listen.