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Carly and Shaun go on a aroller coaster. Shaun finds it terrible. Carly is smiling.

They walk through the fairgrounds fter and kiss lightly They also get a pink unicorn.

In the bedroom Carly is ready for sex. She has all the specifications for sheets etc that Shaun wants.  Carly gets on the bed. Shaun freezes up and says he's sorry and goes.

Lim tells Melendez she had a moment of clarity and realized he was lashing out when he said she wasn't objective. Melendez wants to run his decisions by Glassman, which Lim vetoes.

Shaun and Park get a new case. Morgan gets a difficult surgery which she brags about.

Shaun realizes his patient is the author of a revolutionalry leukemia treatment paper. Andrews realizes she's having a heart attack while Shaun and Park are fanboying.

Claire's patient is an astronaut. Claire tells Melendez she does not have any interest in going to the moon. Anyway, the woman has a tumor in her lung and has to have lung surgery, which she doesn't want because it will stop her rom being an astronaut.

Morgan is in pain in the practice room and takes some pills.

The entire eft side of the patient's heart is compromised. Park says her husband won't come. They're divorced.

Lim tells Melendez that the patient could use a robotic arm surgery. Melendez usually does that, but he says she could bleed out. Lim tells him he is overestimating the risk. He disagrees.

The heart patient is high on the transplant list and has no one to discuss medical issues with.

Shaun tells Carly he wants to have sex with her. Carly has been thinking about him too. She has been researching phobia therapy that works for people with Autism.

The patient wants Melendez to do her surgery even though she's scared. He thinks it's too risky.

Carly wants to use exposure therapy to help Shaun have sex. Three minutes on the bed then a break. Shaun agrees. He lies down on the bed next to her and she sets a timer. Shaun gets nervous when he looks at her. He runs away. He tells Carly he doesn't know why it didn't work. He says he can't do this. Carly says then go. She got him everything he needed and he gave up after 8 seconds. This isn't going to work. 

Park asks Shaun how things are with Carly. He encourages Shaun to try something else. Shaun starts reporitng his symptoms. 

The heart patient is in total heart failure and is going to die.

Lim and Melendez have an argument about who was disrespectful after the patient rejects the surgery.

The heart patient doesn't want life support if there's no hope. Shaun goes through options. Park says they will keep her comfortable. She says she went through this with her mom when she was dying of leukemia when she was 10. Park encourages her to reach out to her ex-husband.

Glassman trust Lim's judgment and tells her and Melendez to cut it out or he's going to have to fire one of them.

Shaun has concluded that he is better at surgery than at relationships so he can live without Carly. Park disagrees. He thinks Dr. Elion (their patient) is afraid of loss and so is Shaun. He thinks Shaun's reactions are because he is afraid of intimacy after his brother's death. He says everyone feels fear. Shaun doesn't see why anyone would want to feel afraid. Park says ending up alone is scarier. He thinks Dr. Elion is afraid Leo won't come if she calls him.

Morgan has gone to see Glassman. She has wrist/joint pain two hours before her surgery and wants a cortizone shot. Glassman wonders what she would do if a patient did what she did. Morgan wanted Glassman to know and no one else: she has rhumetoid arthritis.

Lim is thinking about going to a different hospital. Melendez says they don't have to agree on everything and that he loves her. They kiss. Lim wants their relationship to work and be chief of surgery. So if they can't work together, something has to change.

Glassman says Morgan caught it early. He says she has to postpone doing surgery for a while. She doesn't want other people to see her differently. She says she is confiding in him because he advocated for Shaun. She wants to prove herself.  Glassman says with this surgery if Morgan is off even by a tenth of a millimeter, the patient will suffer permanent brain damage. Morgan says she is only suffering pain, not loss of function. She wants him to believe in her. Glassman says okay.

Park goes to see Leo and tells him about Dr. Elion. Leo says she was never there for the important parts of his life. He's glad at least she isn't a hyocrite and walks away.

Melendez decides to assist on Lim's surgery after all.

Morgan begins her surgery..

Dr. Elion can't catch her breath. Park gives her medication but she is not improving. Shaun thinks they should insert a drain. Park says this is about her being afraid. He tells her he is not going anywhere. All of  a sudden Leo shows up, and her vitals improve.

Lim says the tumor is worse than they thought. She can't do this surgery and needs to remove the lung. Melendez says he can do it without removing the lung. LIm agrees with his plan.

Glassman observes Morgan's surgery. Suddenly Morgan freezes up. Andrews asks if there is a proble. Morgan begins te surgery. Andrews compliments her. 

Lim tells the patient they got it all and she will still be able to go to the moon. Melendez shows her the instrument he used. The patient wants them to sign it. She wants to leave it on the moon.

Leo and Rosalin look at eac other. She dies. Leo is devastated. Park wants to be the one to pronounce her. Park goes into the room and nods. Leo tearfully thanks him.

Lim comes to see Melendez. He tells her she was right and the surgery wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for her. Lim said he was right too. She blew off his concerns and he was right about them. Lim wonders what will happen next time. She thinks this is just their nature and she doesn't think she can be objective ad give him unconditional support. She says loving him isn't enough and leaves.

Glassman runs after Morgan, who says the shots helped. He feels her hand and she insists she's fine.

Shaun knocks on Carly's door. He did extensive research and found nothing. Exposure therapy is the best option. He wants to try again.

Morgan puts her hands in a bowl of ice.

This tme Shaun doesn't want to go when it's time to take a break.  They hold hands on the bed.

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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

It is good you didn't find anyone. Family members are the least qualified to make medical decisions.


Melendez: I think I should run my surgeries by Glassman from now on. Audrey, we need checks and balances.
Lim: I am balanced. And I am the head of this department. You will continue to run your medical decisions by me.