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Shaun and Lea prepare to separate. Shaun is focused on how things will go back to normal with Carly. Lea thinks Carly needs time. Shaun disagrees.

A teenager with kidney cancer is only worried about prom. His girlfriend shows up. She has cancer too.

Shaun and Morgan have a patient with a hugely swollen leg. He says he has depression and needs to be able to run to keep it under control.

Morgan bothers Glassman about how he should go back to being a neurosurgeon.

Melendez and Claire talk about how the kids are in love. They discover that Ryan has no tumor anymore but when he is celebrating with Angie, she collapses.

Shaun needs Morgan's help but she is in the bathroom, puking.

Angie has a recurrence of a Stage 3 brain tumor. Melendez suggests surgery plus radiation/chemo. It will take 8 months to recover. Angie wants to go to prom with Ryan. Melendez says it's dangerous.

The doctors talk about how their proms sucked. They need a neurosurgeon so Melendez goes to talk to Glassman.

Meanwhile, during explaoratory surgery, Lim suspects the runner has cancer.

Glassman consults. Melendez wants him to scrub in. Glassman doesn't want to operate but will consider consulting in the OR.

Shaun goes to ask Carly to run tests on his patient. He also tells her that Lea moved out. He wants to see Carly tonight. She has plans but reassures him that they are okay.

Morgan asks Andrews for help. They meet for breakfast. Andrews insists Morgan hae bacon and eggs.

Angie's mother stops Ryan from visitng Angie.

Carly says the patient has a rare genetic condition and could die if a solution isn't found.

Lim thinks the stress fracture sent the patient's immune system into overdrive. Anyway, there are 41 possible protocols.

Angie is depressed that Ryan hasn't come to see her. Park won't let Claire tell her the truth.

Claire goes to talk to Angie's mom, who says she will think about letting them video chat. Claire tells her that Angie is depressed. Angie's mom says Angie was upset a few weeks ago because of Ryan.

Shaun is excited to be working with Carly. She is not used to working with patients. Shaun tells her she will be fine and leaves.

Carly watches James' girlfriend at the side of his bed. Morgan gets sick again and asks Carly to give James the medicine before running away.

Claire is convinced that seeing Ryan will help Angie. Melendez says she has to find a way to do it without antagonizing the mother.

Shaun and Carly get intimate, getting further than usual, but Shaun stops short of sex. Carly seems upset. Shaun gets paged about James before they can finish this conversation.

The team works on the upper GI bleed. Carly wants to use zebrafish to test the drugs. Lim tells Shaun to go with Carly to do this.

Shaun asks Carly how to fix this. She doesn't know.

Glassman confronts Morgan about the nausea. She says if she doesn't eat solid food she'll be fine and refuses to change medication.

Shaun has 40 fish tanks. Claire has party supplies. She comes in and asks how Shaun is doing since his dad passed Shaun says he doesn't think about his dad. Claire tell shim about he rmom. Shaun says it's okay not to love them.

Claire goes to see Angie. A nurse comes in with prom dresses.

Carly tells Shaun she can't turn her bodily responses off.  Shaun asks if it is because he went to Wyoming with Lea? Carly nods. Saun asks if they can find their right medication? Carly says nothing.

Angie comes out in the hall and sees Ryan in a tux. Melendez gives Ryan a mask. Ryan gives Angie a corset. They go into a room that has been set up as a prom room and dance. Claire is happy watching them.  Melendez offers to dance wth her. 

Meanwhile, James is tardycardic. Lim says they are running out of time and must operate right here, right now.

Angie and Ryan take pictures. Claire sees the mother is there. The mother has brought her a teddy bear. She is not happy to see her and Ryan together but says don't let her stya up too late and leaves.

Shaun tells Carly that ames isn't doing well. They cross another treatment option off the list.

The next day Angie has her surgery. Her mom hugs her. She leaves. Angie worries that when she wakes up she won't remember Ryan. 

Shaun and Carly are down to two possible treatment options. They disagree about which one to use. Carly overrides Shaun.

Glassman assists on Angie's operation.

Lim and Shaun gives James the medication. Carly watches nervously.

Angie's operation continues.  Melendez says the tumor is in a bad place, it will make her comatose. He looks to Glassman for advice. Gasmman has no ideas. Melendez says let's just close her up.

The mother asks what's next? Claire says she doesn't think radiation/chemo will work. Angie starts having a seizure. The nurse takes the mother away.

Shaun approaches Carly. He can tell she is crying She says she saw James' Facebook page. She likes to stay in the lab so she doesn't have to feel this. 

Claire tells Angie's mother that Angie is dead. Ryan and his father come up. Ryan hugs the mother. Claire leaves.

Morgan goes to see Glassman. She says he's right -- she should try another medication so she can eat solid food. Glassman writes a prescription.

Claire tells Melendez she is okay. She is angry but says Angie was sick. Melendez says she has the right to be angry at her mother. Claire doesn't know how to stop.

Carly and Shaun start kissing. After sex, Shaun is smiling.

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

How long are you planning on doing rectal exams and clipping diabetics' toenails?


Ryan: How many kidneys do I need to go to prom?
Mr. Cooper: Ryan!
Ryan: Even if I have to have it removed, it's laproscopic. So I can still take my girlfriend to prom, right?
Park: That's not a purely medical question.