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Shaun gets a text from Carly. LEa thinks he should answer it even though it's not a question.

Lim tries to reassure Melendez that his patient's death was not his fault.

Claire and Morgan talk to a 12-year-old patient who is going blind. The kid cracks jokes.

Park meets a girl who is wrapped in plastic because of an autoimmune disease.

Andrews wants Claire to talk to Charlie and try to get him to open up about how he feels about his impending blindness.

Tara doesn't want Melendez to reassure her. She wants to know how she will be protected from diseases since she has no immune system. Shaun goes into details. Tara says she will not have visitors.

Charlie has disappeared. His parents come in. Morgan says he's in imaging, then whispers to Claire that he got a ride to somewhere nearby.

Shaun gets an eye rolling emoji from Carly and doesn't know what it means. He video calls Lea not knowing what to do. Lea thinks he should text Carly back. Shaun ends the call.

Charlie is at a ball game. Morgan realizes he has a crush on a girl who works there. He wanted to see her one last timebefore he went blind. Morgan tells him to talk to the girl.

Meanwhile Shaun works with Melendez on Tara's surgery. There's no way to do the surgery in an airtight chamber.

At the game, Charlie looks nervously at Claire. Claire worries they've been gone too long. Charlie comes back and thinks he's a wuss. Morgan lets him have another minute at the game.

Melendez instructs Shaun to change gloves every 20 minutes.

Glassman tries to deal with a woman who was bit by her "pet" squirrel. He is interrupted by Debbie.

Lim thinks Melendez needs to talk to someone. He would rather focus on his current patient.

Andrews calls Claire wanting to know where Charlie is. For some reason, Charlie is driving.

Tara is annoyed by Shaun's phone ringing. She says it must be his girlfriend. Shaun and Tara have an honest talk. Tara says that she will tell Shaun how to text phone sex messages. Shaun is not interested.  Tara tells Shaun her parents are in Denver. They like the outdoors. Shaun tells her he's not close to his parents either. He continues the exam but Tara gets dizzy. He realizes she has an infection.

Park has an idea. Use stem cells to treat the condition. Melendez thinks that's too risky. Park says she'll keep getting infections then.

Charlie's parents argue about whether Charlie is just blowing off steam or what. The mother cries. The father wants to stay strong. Andrews says Charlie is looking for control over his life.

Charlie tells Morgan and Charlie about the spontaneous family adventure days his parents used to take him on. Now all they only go to doctor's appointments. He asks for one more quick stop. Claire says Andrews is expecting them. Morgan agrees to make the stop.

Lim confronts Melendez. He says it's not fear, it's reasonable caution. 

Tara says she's been a freak her whole life and curing her disease won't change that. Shaun tells her he is a freak too.

Tara wants the procedure. Melendez tells Park and Shaun not to go over his head again.

Lim and Glassman try to talk about Melendez, but Debbie interrupts. Lim says Melendez says he's fine. Lim says Melendez has to talk to Glassman. Debbie comes in and kicks Lim out.

After Charlie asks to see a naked woman, Claire tells Charlie he has to stop running away and they have to go back now. Charlie is upset and says he is not going back. He's not having the surgery. He sits down on a barrier.

Tara asks Shaun to sit with her after the surgery. He is in a hazmat suit. He sits with her and asks what she  wants to know. She says she just wants someone to be there in case she dies. That's probably all his girlfriend wants too.

Glassman gets frustrated when he can't get into his computer. He has an argument with Debbie and tells her he runs his clinic his way. She's hurt and says she quits.

Claire apologizes to Charlie for what she said. She says she lost someone recently and it hurts. She took it out on him. However, she thinks if he doesn't have the surgery he won't ever get to experience any more of life. She promises it will get better. 

Charlie comes back and his mother is so thankul to see him. He says he wanted one last day of fun. His mom says they can be fun again. Father says they can reinstate the SFADs. Andrew says they have to prep Charlie for surgery.

Glassman says to Melendez that apparently he needs to talk? Melendez says he's fine. Glassman says he has to talk to someone and that no one would be fine

Charlie's parents hug and kiss him before the surgery. Charlie is crying but says he is ready. Morgan says she forgot to take his vitals and she will bring him to the OR. Andrews leaves and Morgan closes the curtain and shows him her breasts.

Charlie's surgery begins.

Melendez goes to talk to Lim. He says he's not fine. He thinks he's to blame for losing his patient but the responsibility is both of theirs. He thinks she's not objective about him because of their relationship. He thinks her personal feelings cause her to overestimate him. He insists the woman might still be alive if they weren't dating.

Charlie awakens and is blind. Morgan asks how he is feeling. He's not in pain but not feeling awesome. He is looking for Claire.

Melendez says Tara's immune system seems to be working but they have to keep her under isolation for a while. She doesn't want to call her parents.

Everyone leaves and Tara opens her bubble and goes out for the first time. She looks out on the city.

Glassman gives Debbie a gift. She says she owes him an apology. Glassman says he's freaked out several times and taken on two jobs at the hospital, but he lvoes her more. He wants her to come back to the clinic.

Morgan tells Claire she connected with Charlie and is her old self. Claire says her old self was there for everyone. But Charlie is still blind. Morgan finds Claire depressing. She tells her to deal with her crap before she becomes this person.

Melendez ours himself a drink, then makes a call. He gets Lim's oicemail and hangs up. 

Shaun gets a text from Carly. He texts her that he's here.


The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Kid: Do you know why blind people don't skydive? Because it scares the hell out of the dog.
Father: Let the doctors finish, bud.
Kid: Yeah. Real eye out. Fake eye in. Just like the last time, I got this.

Lea: Good morning. [Phone rings] That was your first ding.
Shaun: That is Carly. She arrived at her pathology conference..
Carly: You need to text her back.
Shaun: She did not ask a question. It does not require a response.