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Shaun has made Carly breakfast. He thinks that will help her get over her insecurity over Lea.

Shaun is late to work because Carly wanted to have sex -- something the rest of the team tells him to keep to himself. Melendez comes in and apologizes for appearing to play favorites.

Claire and Park work on a woman who was bitten by a dog.

Lim introduces SHaun to a boy with no trachea/larynx. The boy communicates in sign language. Lim says the boy is a candidate for experimental surgery. She thinks it's a good idea to prevent further infections.

Melendez talks to Fran. He says they had to repair a severed artery in her arm. Park says they still need to do additional surgeries. The woman is a firefighter and needs full strength.

Shaun thinks non-verbal communication is confusing. Morgan confuses him more by saying that Carly doesn't say what she really means.

Claire is upset to find out Park is the one who reported Melendez. He did it to protect her. Claire doesn't appreciate that.

Lea thinks that Carly would be direct if she was unhappy. Morgan shows up.

In surgery, Melendez makes a point of asking Park to do some sutures instead of Claire, annoying her.

Claire confronts Park who claims that he was doing a better job than her.

Morgan is surprised when LIm tells her to do the surgery. Morgan's RA acts up. She says she hit her finger with a hammer. Lim makes Shaun take over. Morgan feels a need to tell Shaun that Carly should be jealous of Lea.

Claire is aggravated when MElendez won't go running with her anymore because of rumors that he is being inappropriate. (Thanks, Park.)

The patient is able to breathe on his own. He signs happily. 

At dinner, Shaun is upset.  Shaun says he is upset that his patient can't talk. Carly starts making suggestions. Shaun is upset that the child won't be able to speak if something isn't done soon. He wants to do some research right now.

Morgan is practicing and trying to deal with her RA. She takes a pill. 

The next morning Lea talks and talks while Shaun is reading. She takes bacon off his plate. Shaun asks her about what Morgan said. Lea denies it. Shaun gets an idea and runs off to talk to Lim.

The firefighter's arm is paralyzed.

Shaun has an idea to create a fake larynx. Morgan doesn't agree. Lim thinks she can do the surgery.

The mother says no to this idea. Shaun says that's a mistake. Lim makes him stop.

Melendez, Park, and Claire talk about how to repair the nerve. Park and Claire argue about what to do. Melendez lets them fight but eventually agrees with Park. Park leaves and Claire asks if he's just pretending to go along with Park.

Lea and Carly share an elevator. Carly reassures  Lea that she is not jealous.

Lim confronts Melendez and says he has a problem.

The kid seems to be unhappy. He has a long conversation in sign language which amounts to that he has a hard time making friends because he can't talk.  He wants the surgery. The parents say okay.

The surgery begins.

Shaun gives Morgan credit for realizing the child was unhappy. All of a sudden he begins coding. They injured a vein. Shaun has to tie it off. Luckily, Morgan's RA doesn't act up.

Carly and Shaun have drinks together Lea is across the room kissing some guy.  Carly wonders if Shaun will ever be comfortable making out in public. They try it and are interrupted by Lea.

Melendez doesn't let either Park or Claire help with the surgery.

Carly, Shaun, Lea, and her guy all staree at each other. 

They all do karaoke together. Carly ends up on the outsie while Shaun and Lea sing. She looks like she wants to cry.

Shaun tells Carly last night was fun. Carly quickly leaves.

The nerve surgery appears to be a success. Claire and Park tell her that Melendez did it all. 

The child is able to make a sound. He thanks Shaun in sign language.

Melendez is drinking a beer. Claire shows up at the bar. She tells him this is not right. They can be friends. He insists that this is being professional.Claire says this isn't who he is. 

Melendez goes outside and sits in his car.

Lim asks Morgan why she is being nice to the residents after complaining about Melendez. Lim thinks Morgan is trying to protect herself against being fired. 

Melendez comes back and sits with Claire.

Carly is waitig for Shaun outside the hospital. She says they shouldn't be together anymore. Shaun is confused. Carly says she could see something between him and Lea and she can tell he loves Lea, not her. Shaun says that isn't true. She insists he loves Lea. HE should tell Lea how he feels (even though Shaun has said 3x he has no such feelings for Lea.)


The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Shaun: It must be hard to communicate.
Morgan: My friend's daughter took a signing course at camp. She picked it up quickly.
Shaun: Non-verbal communication is confusing. That's why Carly and I say everything explicitly.
Morgan: It doesn't matter how explicit the words are coming out of her mouth, what she doesn't say is always going to be more than what she does say.

: Oh, Shawn. I'm fine with your friendship with Lea. But you can make eggs for me any time.