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Lea finds a ticket and a flat tire on her car.

Meanwhile, Morgan is surprisingly sympathetic as she tells a woman who appears to have Downs syndrome that the patient is in end-stage liver disease and needs a transplant. The woman wants to pray but doesn't want someone else to die so that she can live.

Lea's bad day continues with her almost missing the elevator. Dr. Glassman makes fun of her flat tire. She resents that he doesn't expect her to know how to change her tire.

Claire 's patient almost drowned in a triathlon. He is apparently a famous athlete who donates to cancer charities. Claire and Shaun discuss this while Olivia tries and fails to open the cabinet to get a chest tube. Shaun decides to use a ten blade. Eventually, Claire smashes the cabinet with a baseball bat. A nurse tells them the computers are also all down. Something is wrong.

Andrews says they have to close the clinic etc. Glassman has called the police. Someone has demanded a ransom of 2 million to turn computers back on.

Lea has found that the computers are all encrypted etc. Glassman wants to pay the ransom. Lea says not to negotiate with terrorists. Glassman gives in but they 9only have 24 hours before the terrorists destroy the network.

Lim and Morgan talk. Lim has bad news about the liver transplant. The patient may not get it because people with Downs Syndrome have lower life expectancies and the patient lives alone. Morgan feels it's wrong that her patient's hard work to live independently is being used against her. She refuses to give up. Lim suggests looking for a living donor -- it'll be harder with the network down but not impossible. But she will have to hurry.

The patient says cancer made him a better runner. Shaun doesn't see how that can be. The patient says that it's about pain management and he learned that from chemo. Shaun thinks the cancer is back. Claire says it could be something else.

An investigator says that the attackers' website is garbage and they are amateurs so the best bet is to negotiate a lower ransom.

A few doctors help look for liver donors. Asher calls Jordan selfish when she says being devout has nothing to do with it. Asher says this woman likes everything on Instagram so she's a rare altrusitic person.

Glassman talks to someone about records. Lea appears in his office and he says he authorized a negotiation. Lea is insulted that he didn't trust her. Also the attempt to negotiate has backfired and put the hospital in more danger.

The insurance guy insists they are improvising. But now they'll have to pay. Lea gets into it with him. She wants the time to restore the network. The insurance guy insists that's impossible. Glassman wants them both to do what they need to do.

Claire says the cancer patient has an infection. Shaun says it is not good news because he needs surgery that is risky because of his previous chemo. The man says he wants the surgery. Claire says that's not an option.

Shaun brings Lea her favorite sandwich. Lea doesn't have time to eat. Shaun sits down and starts yammering. Lea asks if he would do this to Glassman. Shaun says that's different. Lea is insulted that Shaun "demeaned" what she did just like all men and insists he doesn't respect her. Shaun says you can't bring sandwiches into an OR. Lea realizes something and has to go.

The Downs patient is playing checkers with the donor. But the donor turns out to have fatty liver disease. The donor doesn't want to give up. The patient thanks the donor for trying to help her. However her kidney is fine...but how does that help Jamie? Morgan has an idea.

The anti-fungal drugs aren't working and the patient is having trouble breathing. He wants the surgery and insists he would survive it. He says he never had the chemo drug. He never had cancer.

Lim talks to Shaun and Claire. Shaun says this is good news. Claire says he lied and cheated and should be in prison. They should refuse to treat him. Lim asks her what's going on. Claire says he weaponized empathy to make himself a national hero. Lim tells her to be professional and do the survery.

Morgan wants to do a chain where the woman can give a kidney to someone who can donate a liver. Park agrees. The residents are skeptical.

Lea has found an error. A tech had spilled coffee and secretly broken a server 3 days before the hack. If she can fix it she can restore the network. But the insurance guy has negotiated down. Glassman hasn't authorized it. They have til 9 AM to get back online.

Cancer patient tries to explain. He says he didn't plan it this way. He got an MBA and had an interview with a cancer charity. He didn't correct an interviewer who thought he lost his leg to cancer. And then he helped thousands of cancer survivors and it would end if he told the truth. He has helped more people than he hurt. Claire says he's scheduled for surgery and leaves.

Olivia tells Andrews she's fine. He doesn't believe her. She said she sucks at this. She always freezes and Lim knows it. Andrews says it's a stressful job. Get used to it. He advises her to suck it up and leaves.

Lea runs into Glassman's office where he is taking a nap. She says they can restore the network. She thinks the attackers were bluffing and there is no bot worm (but with 22 minutes left this can't be right.) She's 95% sure but has 3 hours to be 100% sure.

Claire and Shaun argue about whether Graham's lie is important. Lim interrupts. Someone leaked this to the press. Lim says Claire is lucky she can't prove it's her and takes her off the case.

Park wakes Morgan up. He says he got someone. It's an ex-inmate. Jordan wants to know what he did.

Turns out the guy is a murderer. The donor doesn't want to save someone like that. She's done. Jordan gets it but explains how the murderer was abused as a child and killed his abuser. But he got a life sentence for being a "thug."

It turns out Jordan made that story up.

Anyway, Lea needs Shaun's advice. If she's wrong everything will self-destruct. But if she's right she saves the whole hospital. Shaun says he's never 100% sure a surgery will save the patient. He doesn't know what Lea wants him to say. Lea says she'll figure it out on her own. Shaun says the reason he wouldn't give Glassman a sandwich because he knows you can't bring a sandwich to OR. But neither he nor Glassman knows how to fix computers and Lea does.

Claire is angry that Lim assumes she was the whistleblower. Lim says what is she supposed to think? Claire thought they were friends.  Lim is angry that Claire told Glassman about her PTSD but claims that had nothing to do with this. Anyway the patient has coded and Lim decides she's assisting Shaun herself.

The kidney donor is being prepped for surgery. We see the surgery in a montage set to music.

Shaun asks if LIm would really fire Claire. She says if she finds evidence she did it. Professional responsibilities come before friendships. Olivia takes responsibility for calling the reporter. She is confessing because she wants to be like Claire and Lim and doesn't want them to stop trusting each other. Lim tells her to scrub out.

Lea works on reinstalling the server. The computers start to come back on...

Lea runs in just as Glassman is about to authorize the payment. The insurance guy calls her reckless for having gambled on fixing the computers. The insurance guy leaves and Glassman says she had better not usurp his authority again or she will be fired. Then thanks her (?). He's inviting her to poker night.

Morgan gives Jamie her meds and instructions. Jamie thanks her for not giving up on her.

Olivia plans to resign since she's sure about to be fired. Claire says talk to Lim. Shaun doubts Lim will renege on firing her since she likes Claire better and would have fired her. Olivia says it's okay. Claire hugs Olivia. Shaun does not.

The patient asks if it was Claire if she was the whistleblower. She denies it, not very strongly.  The patient is surprised that he feels relieved as well as vulnerable.

Andrews finds Olivia at her car. She can't talk right now. She's sorry she let him down. Andrews says he knows she's not the whistleblower because he was the one who did it. He knows that Lim blaming Claire isn't why she destroyed her career. Olivia says she never wanted to be a doctor but everyone pushed her to do it. If she got herself fired he couldn't pep talk her back into this career. Andrews says he knows who she is. She is resilient and amazing and he can't wait to see what she becomes.

Lim comes to see Claire. She brought food as a bribe. She apologizes for accusing her. Claire is a great doctor because she cares. And she also is a good friend.

In a montage, Lea joins a poker game with Glassman and his guy friends.


The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Olivia: I can't get it open. My code won't work.
Claire: Well, figure it out! This patient needs a chest tube.

Morgan: Not the result we hoped for. Your labs confirmed what we saw in the ultrasound. You're in end-stage liver disease.
Woman: But I always take my medicine.
Morgan: I know. You're the most compliant patient I have. But autoimmune hepatitis can progress even with treatment. You need a liver transplant. We talked about that before, remember? But you're gonna have a fantastic team of surgeons working their tails off to get you fixed up. We're gonna get you admitted. Do you have any questions?
Woman: Someone has to die so I can live?