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Claire examines Lea and says everything is normal. Shaun has a list of every possible complication he wants explored.

Asher sees an 87-year-old woman who passed out on the dance floor. She starts crashing but Park says she has a DNR so they can't do anything. Park is about to call time of death when most of her stats come back. She wakes up shocked to be alive.

Glassman comes by with a teddy bear that Shaun says is a suffocation risk. Glassman is concerned about Shaun. He tells him he needs to calm down.  Meanwhile, Claire discovers that Lea's baby has bradycardia.

The lady thinks her DNR was ignored. Asher and Park tells her that her pacemaker makes her heart pump if she crashes. She wants it removed so she can die.

Claire has found an issue. Prenatal cells are across the cervix and could rupture, causing a miscarriage.

Shaun wants to be on the surgical team. Lim tells him he cannot be on Lea's case. He goes to Glassman who tells him that Lim is correct. Shaun insists his fear helped get Lea a diagnosis before she lost the baby.

Asher and Park disagree about whether it's right to remove the patient's pacemaker. Andrews tells Asher to talk to his patient.

Shaun sits with Lea in the hospital and gives her the plastic scalpel Steve gave him.

Asher plays Mah Jong with the old woman. She tells him she doesn't need any new friends. (This is so similar to Scrubs Season 1 Episode 3). She wants to die on the dance floor while having fun.

Shaun complains to Morgan that Lim is underestimating him. Morgan agrees with Lim.

After the surgery, Shaun tells LEa the baby is fine but needs steroids. He talks as if he is a doctor on the case. Lea wants to take her mind off the baby while Shaun thinks she should be researching steroids.  She tells him to go do his job.

Shaun goes and stares at the surgical schedule.

The operation to remove the device begins. Shaun shows up to help and promptly rebuffs Asher's efforts to help with the Lea situation. Shaun makes a lot of noise about taking his mind off of Lea.

Lim wants to check Lea's amniotic fluid. Lea panics because she can't find "Dr. Ted" (the teddy bear). Claire finds it for her.

Andrews tells Shaun that he and his wife are trying to have a baby and having trouble.

Claire talks to Lea about not trying to control everything.

Park says nothing went the way it was supposed to go when Mia went into labor.

Jordan talks about losing her tortoise but it sounds like she lost a baby. Everyone laughs at her story

Shaun wants to make a plan in case Lea's water breaks at the mall. Lea suddenly has trouble breathing and Shaun thinks she is having a pulmonary embolism.

Asher comes to see the old woman and helping her with her makeup. He tells her about how his grandma died when he was in med school. She tells him about her nephew she wants to spend time with.

Shaun stands in the background while the doctors discuss what to do. Claire asks Shaun what he thinks. He trusts Claire's judgment (does he really?)

Asher and Park's conversation is interrupted by Morgan complaining about a taco truck b locking the entrance. Apparently the old woman decided to have a going away party so that her family can say goodbye to her. She doesn't want antibiotics to prolong her life. Asher doesn't understand.

Shaun tells Lea the procedure is safe and Claire is an excellent doctor. Lea says it's okay to be scared. Shaun wants to make things better and doesn't know how. Lea takes his hand and tells him not to fix things, just believe they will get through this. They watch another couple with a newborn.

Glassman debates with the old woman about Ted Williams being the best player of all time. Asher walks away looking upset. Glassman says she can make her own decisions and he has to go. 

Shaun and Asher wait together at the lab. Shaun doesn't see why Asher is upset about Mrs. Stanley refusing treatment.  Asher says she reminds him of his grandmother, the only family member who truly saw him.

Maxine's nephew kisses her while Lea looks at something on her computer.

Claire sees Shaun sitting alone. She tells Shaun there was another clot in the umbilical artery. She wants to be wrong about this. Shaun says she's right and the baby can't survive. He hasn't told Lea. He wants to give her more time to hope. Claire says she's doing that for himself. She offers to be there when he tells Lea. Shaun says no and goes.

Shaun goes to Lea's room. She can tell from his face something is wrong. He sits with her. She cries.

Maxine wakes up and is disappointed to still be alive.

Lim says that nothing would have made a difference. They can still have a healthy baby later. She can either have a D&C or induce labor so she can hold the baby. Lea asks for a minute. She says they lost the baby and it isn't about medical questions anymore. She wants the D&C.

Maxine's infection is clearing on its own. Maxine says yesterday was wonderful because of the memories but many of the people she loved are gone and she has to go home alone.

Glassman says to Asher that it's incredible this woman was able to fight off this infection. Did someone slip antibiotics into her IV that she didn't want? If he confesses he will have to fire him.

Asher says he saw Maxine's pain for the first time this morning. Glassman says he has to make it right.

Glassman hugs Shaun.

Asher tells Maxine that there are procedures to let her end things when she wants to.  There is a montage and music as Lea and Shaun sadly leave the hospital.

Glassman calls Deb. Shaun gives Lea orange juice.


The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Glassman: Shaun, you gotta relax.
Shaun: No one expecting a baby should relax. There are too many things that could go wrong.
Glassman: Okay, so then after the baby is born you can relax?
Shaun: No, because then it's going to need feeding and being taken care of.
Glassman: Okay, so after it can feed and dress itself...? Are you getting my point here?
Shaun: That I am never going to relax again?

I'm alive? Which one of you bozos did this?