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A woman comes in with what she insists is a migraine. The woman, Allie, seems to not have any feeling in her foot. Park says that means it's not a migraine.

Morgan finds a parrot statue that belongs to Park. She says it's fun getting to know him better.

Asher works with a ballet master who has a backache. He wants to run a whole lot of tests. The man is impressed that he is Asher's first ever patient.

Olivia sees a patient who doesn't like that she's looking things up in a book.

Jordan finds a cyst on an MRI. Her patient begins having a seizure.

Asher and Olivia talk to Shaun about their patients. Olivia mentions beta blockers and Shaun goes running to see the patient. He says beta blockers will kill her. He says she is already having a stroke. 

Claire and Park talk to their patient's boyfriend. There are two options: drain it or surgery. Surgery risks stroke or paralysis. They need a decision quickly. The boyfriend says try her husband.

Claire tells the husband that his wife may have permanent brain damage. He is distracted by her boyfriend's presence. He hates his wife right now. 

Asher thinks back muscle pain. Shaun bites his tongue and doesn't give any feedback other than to prescribe anti-inflammatories.

Claire, Andrews, and Park argue about which guy the patient is in love with. One of the residents announces he's a polygamist.

Back pain guy is pleased with Asher and asks if he detects an accent. Asher admits he was a Hasidic Jew in Brooklyn. The patient reads Asher as gay. His gut starts hurting all of a sudden and he crashes.

Claire and her resident check on the brain surgery patient. Her husband wants to talk about their relationship. The doctors won't leave. The wife says she didn't think anything was wrong til she met ane.  He wants to know why she couldn't talk to him or leave him. (Note: could the cyst in her brain be affecting her behavior here?)

Brendan asks if she's happy with Zane and decides to go. Allie suddenly doesn't remember the doctors.

The man has an aortic aneurysm which caused his back pain. LIm says aneurysms are hard to catch. Shaun won't let go of how Asher should have felt it. Lim tries to reassure Asher. Shaun says he would have caught it if he double checked. Lim tells him to stop. She says she didn't tell Shaun to abdicate and that if a first-year wants him to double check he should always do it. 

The memory loss is temporary. Claire says they are running tests. Both Brendand and Zane are there. Zane says it was exciting. Brendan says he took care of her when she was sick. Zane says it was about being with her. Brendan says she stuck by him when he needed her and it's hard to imagine being without her. Neither can Zane.

Park's phone rings and it's Margaritaville ringtone. Morgan teases him.

Shaun can't sleep and is reading books about being a supervisor. Lea suggests he watch TED Talks. Also a date night. Shaun doesn't see why they should have a date night when they live together. Lea thinks it'll be fun. 

Claire tells Ellie that they can remove the fat leaking from the cyst but she could have permanent memory loss. But if they don't operate she could have brain damage. Ellie doesn't know what she wants but she doesn't want the operation to force a decision about her marriage. She wants a different answer.

Shaun gives his residents assignments and also wants them to suggest date activities for him and Lea.

Asher's patient apologizes for bringing up his personal life. Asher says he has nothing to apologize for. The man asks what's next on your list? Asher says checking for signs of infection. He sees signs of jaundice and thinks the man's l iver is failing. (It's just one thing after another with this guy!)

Shaun says the aneurysm caused pressure that hurt the liver. Asher's ideas are rejected by Shaun.  Lim says they have to do something or the patient will die.

The doctors convince Zane to convince Ellie to have the surgery even though she may forget him altogether afterward.

Shaun and Lea have a date outside. Lea complains about the system update she did yesterday. Shaun tells her about the patient dilemma he is facing. Lea thinks he should be at the hospital. Shaun is going back after their date. He won't deviate from the schedule. Lea, in a rare show of unselfishness, insists he go and cancels their date.

Brendan asks the resident what he should do? The resident suggests he forgive her. He says Ellie wasn't honest but the alternative was losing someone you love. Brendan fears if Ellie forgets Zane, his marriage won't be honest.

Asher has an idea to extend the graft. Olivia says his idea won't work but suggests an alternative material for the rebuild. Asher stares at her. Shaun eventually says they have the material: the patient's veins.

Park walks in on a half undressed Morgan and bothers her about her things from her exes. (Yeah that's appropriate...)

Ahser explains the procedure to his patient. The patient is nervous that he is going to die. Asher can't give him specific odds. The patient just wants to know how bad it is. Asher says it's bad. The patient thanks him and tells him he's going to be an incredible doctor. Asher tells him he screwed up the first exam.The man asks him to pray. Asher says he's not a believer anymore. Neither is his patient. Asher prays in Hebrew 

Ellie wakes up from her surgery and doesn't recognize Zane. Brendan shows her a video, a message from her old self. He loves her. He goes and Elli watches herself with Zane.

LIm and Shaun do the graft surgery. The heart rate begins to spike and the patient begins to code. Asher looks scared. The patient is bleeding everywhere. He needs defib. No response. Patient is flatlining. Asher won't stop comprehssions. Shaun tells him the patient is dead. Lim tells Asher to take as much time as he needs.

Brendan comes back. Ellie realizes she was in love with Zane but doesn't remember it. But it just reminded her of Brendan and how they met, how he took care of her, etc. She can't stop thinking about how much she hurt him. She doesn't know if he can forgive her. Zane watches them hold hands. He nods at the doctors and goes.

Shaun goes to see Glassman. He is afraid his communication issues will cause more patients to die. Glassman says his autism has nothing to do with it. Shaun said he should have known Asher was unsure. Glassman says Shaun will do things better some days and fail some days like anyone else. He suggests Shaun go home and be with the people he loves.

Shaun finds Asher sitting on a bench. Asher doesn't want to be alone right now. Shaun sits with him.

Park and Morgan have a bonfire and burn their things they got from their exes. Morgan starts singing Margaritaville. Park sings with her. 

Shaun comes home. Lea is lying in bed. Shaun lies with her and takes her hand.  He is glad she is here with him. They hug.


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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Asher: Ballet master. So are you a dancer?
Man: Oh God, no. I'm the CEO. At my age, I'd be the Betty White of ballet.
Asher: Is she a dancer too?

How often do you get these symptoms? I just ask cause your boyfriend doesn't seem to recognize them.