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Shaun and Lea go to an open house. Shaun is tired of going to falling apart houses. Lea likes this house. It reminds her of her childhood home. However, she can't open the window.

Lim has made food. Clay asks if he forgot an anniversary. Lim says she wants to thank him for his help. She talks about how she was a biker chick in her previous life. He asks if she misses her old life. She likes this life that he's in.

Jordan tells Perez that she needs space as he ruined her date with the random kissed. He wants her to come for dinner to talk.

Shaun and Glassman tell Lim about the new possible surgery. She has to think it over.

Shaun tells Glassman he has a new performance review system. Glassman has ignored Shaun's emails about this and has no idea what he's talking about.

Morgan kickboxes with his date. She knocks him to the ground, then collapses.

Shaun won't be specific about what he's evaluating. Powell and Perez seem to try to one up each other while seeing a patient who hit himself with a dumbbell. Perez realizes the patient needs emergency surgery.

Park bring Lily into the hospital. Morgan is n ot happy to hear they're dating and tells Lily that she's Park's ex but they're friends. Park orders a CT.

Perez and Powell are in competition in the OR. Perez hopes Teddy is losing weight for the right reasons. Teddy starts crashing. Shocking him works and Powell gets complimented, which annoys Perez. Shaun says the residents will be assessed on how quickly they figure out what is causing the arrythmia

Asher and Jordan discuss Jordan's love life while looking at the CT. Asher tries to push someone on Jordan. She tells him that Perez kissed her and has invited her to dinner. They find a big mass in the brain.

Jordan and Park work together in surgery.  Asher asks how Park can operate on his girlfriend. They've only had two dates and he says he is not parading her in front of Morgan.

Lea asks Shaun about the last house. If he doesn't hate it she wants to make an offer.  He is excited that she's excited. She made an appointment with the broker.

Clay sends Lim a photo of motorcycles for disabled people.

Perez thinks one of Shaun's metrics may be cooperation. Powell says she presents because women don't get enough credit. She thinks the patient has celiac. Perez disagrees. Shaun comes in and Powell takes credit for Perez's idea.. They start arguing.  Shaun looks at the stats and runs off. He looks at Teddy's mouth and realizes he is bulimic.

Park finds out from Lily that Morgan has been there.

Perez doesn't think Teddy should be discharged until the eating disorder is addressed. He doesn't care about the points he's losing. He wants him treated.

Lim accuses Glassman of hovering. She says this surgery is not an easy decision. Her life is good and she doesn't want that to change. Shaun interrupts to complain about Lea wanting to buy a house. Glassman congratulates Shaun. He says Lea is happy about the house and has been sad about the baby. He asks if Lea will be less sad if they buy a house. Glassman says distractions are helpful. Shaun says he hates distractions but Glassman points out that his rating system is one.

Perez tries to get Teddy to accept a psych referral. Teddy won't. His brother shows up and tries to get him to diet again. Teddy tells his brother to stop micromanaging. Perez tells Teddy to tell Simon the truth. Teddy explains about having bulimia. Simon calls him stupid. Teddy feels Simon is ashamed of  him. Simon tells him to get his own ride home and leaves. Teddy says he will get an Uber.

Park is annoyed that Morgan gave his girlfriend flowers from him. Morgan says they can't go back and he needs to move on.

Park gets a page. His girlfriend is having a seizure.

Perez tells Powell that he screwed up trying to get Simon to help Teddy. A nurse calls for help. Teddy is on the floor in the bathroom covered with blood.

The operation begins. Perez feels guilty. There is too much damage to the esophagus. Perez comes up with an idea.

The abscess is not responding to antibiotics. Morgan thinks they need to do a bi-craniotomy. She and Park argue.  Park disagrees with her.

Shaun lets Perez do the surgery. Pere says his hands aren't stable enough and Powell should do it.

Shaun is ready to go home. Andrews has given Lea a huge project. She's annoyed that Shaun told Andrews to give it to her. She wants to pick her own distractions. She wants to make something broken beautiful and a house feels like a step forward to her. Shaun agrees to try to see it that way.

Clay comes to see Lim. She tells him about the potential surgery. Clay thinks it's great -- what's holding her back? She's afraid of their perfect bubble popping. Clay says it would change Lim, not them.

Further purging will cause irreparable damage. Simon thought they were close but he had no idea Teddy was hurting. How does he fix this? Perez says trying to fix the problem is sometimes the problem.

Shaun is amenable after this to buying the house but Lea has decided she wants a house they both like. She also wants Shaun to look at her hand.

Park agrees to Morgan's plan for Lily's surgery.

Shaun tells Lim the surgery is a good decision. Lim hopes so. She has no doubts and thanks Glassman and Shaun for not giving up on her.

Simon comes to see Teddy. Teddy made him watch Alien/Predator as a kid. Now he wants to watch the series of movies with Teddy.

Perez tells Powell he doesn't need points. Powell asks him what happened in the OR. Shaun shows up and says he is retiring the rating system. He rips up their ratings and throws them away. Powell retrieves the scraps.

Park comes to see Lily. She says this is her worst date. Next one Park will put her skull back together. She asks if she will really be okay. Park says yes and she won't be alone. She is worried he and Morgan aren't really done.

Park says Lily is a keeper. Morgan is happy for them.

Clay comes to see Lim pre-op. He asks Lim to marry him. Lim says this is bonkers. He doesn't accept an answer now. He wants her to know he is all in. The nurse comes to take Lim to the OR.

Lea is in the CT room. But the CT has to be postponed.The nurse shows Lea a paper.

Jordan goes to Perez's and finds him unconscios on t he f7loor. He has been using.

Lea tells Shaun she's pregnant. She's scared. Shaun holds her awkwardly. He says let's imagine what could be.



The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Clay: You were a biker chick?
Lim: In another life.
Clay: You miss that life?
Lim: Motorcycles are too dangerous. You could end up paralyzed.
Clay: You're deflecting.
Lim: I didn't know you in that life. I like this one.

After six open houses, I am convinced that 'fixer-pper' is code for decrpit.