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Lim is now walking with a cane. She wants to give Clay coffee so she can practice walking with it. The ring is on the table.

It's been three months. Lim thinks Clay can wait. Andrews thinks it's ridiculous. They have a meeting with Perez. He has random drug tests and can't prescribe drugs during his six month probation. He will be supervised by Jordan.

At Lea's ultrasound, Shaun wants to know the sex of the baby. Lea does not. There is thinning on her uterine wall which could be a problem. They could lose the baby. However the lining could remain stable. Lea is put on bed rest but Shaun says there might be a surgical solution.

Shaun has an experimental surgery he wants to teach Lim and Glassman. Glassman says if he does this they can lose the baby. Shaun says that if the uterus ruptures he will lose Lea and the baby.

A teenager with Gardner's syndrome needs surgery. He's already had a ton of other surgeries.

Lea has no idea what she wants to do. Lim says she doesn't have to decide now. Shaun thinks she should do it now. Lea trusts Shaun. If he thinks surgery is the right decision, she will do it but she wants him in the OR in case they lose the baby.

Park operates on the teenage patient and discovers if he removes this tumor the kid will only have half a liver left.

Glassman practices and Shaun is annoying about it. He also is not interested in Glassman empathizing with him.

The teen's liver function is declining. He needs a bowel transplant ASAP. His IV nutrition is harming his liver. Morgan's alarm rings and Park wants to know what she is doing. She finally admits she is implanting embryos but doesn't want Park involved.

Shaun tries to reassure Lea that this time is different. He won't allow Jordan to visit because it increases the risk.

The kid has doubled over with pain and Perez is not allowed to give him painkillers because of his situation. The kid has a serious injury from all the surgeries.

Shaun is overbearing in the OR, annoying Glassman and Lim. Shaun wants to take over when there's a bleed. Glassman does not allow this.

Morgan has found a bowel but Drew can't have the surgery now.

Perez and Jordan try to brainstorm a solution.

Asher comes to check Lea's post op vitals. Everything looks good but Shaun says she needs to be monitored for several days. Lea hates this idea. 

Asher offers to keep Lea company. Shaun says she needs rest and kicks Asher out.

Park tries to convince Morgan to let him take her to her embryo implantation. She is not interested.

Drew is in a lot of pain and ready to die.

The nurses have flowers for Lea and Shaun intercepts and says the flowers have an unpleasant odor. Asher sends Villaneuva away and tells Shaun that Lea is not okay being in that room and that Shaun is being a pain in the ass. Shaun says people asking Lea how she is doing will upset her. Asher says Lea needs more than just Shaun.

Lim asks Clay if it bothers him that the ring has been sitting here for three months. He says it doesn't. Lim says it sitting here is pressure. He puts the ring away. Lim hopes he is not unproposing.

Perez suddenly tries to explain to Jordan why he relapsed. He doesn't really know why he didn't buy chicken and go ahead with the date with Jordan instead of calling his dealer. He wishes they could start over. What they did that for Drew? Gave him a new abdominal wall. This has never been done before.

Drew's mom is excited. Drew agrees to it.

Jordan makes Lea laugh. Lea tells her she doesn't know if it's a girl or a boy. She doesn't want to  know because last time she picked out girl names etc and then lost the baby. Jordan says she has faith in Lea. Shaun returns andkicks Jordan out. The food makes Lea feel nauseated.

Morgan tells Drew he should be the one to decide if he wants the surgery. Drew says the worst part is knowing one day it will end and his mom will be alone. If he can put that off he will do it. Morgan watches him and his mom before she leaves.

Drew's mom tells him not to worry about her as he is wheeled into surgery. After he goes she sobs.

Meanwhile Lea is unconscious and needs surgery. Glassman tells Shaun he cannot come in. Glassman says that if they lose the baby he will get Shaun but otherwise no.

Glassman and Lim realize the bleeding is coming from the uterus. Clampling it could risk the baby.

Shaun sits outside reciting to himself what the doctors will do. Andrews sees him and its with him. Shaun says they should be able to repair the bleed by 5:26.

Drew awakens. Park says Drew can eat real food in a few days.

Park continues to bother Morgan about helping with the embyro implant. He's conflicted because he won't be part of it.

Perez wants to change supervisors. He is afraid of being close to Jordan. He gets called into Lea's surgery. The doctors still cannot find the bleed.

Asher comes and sits with Shaun. So do Jordan and Perez. So do Morgan and Park.

Lea is bleeding out. Glassman says that he has to get Shaun as he will have to do a hysterectomy. However he and Lim find something.

Glassman comes out and says Lea and the baby will be fine. He says that a uterine artery ruptured because of the scar tissue, but if she had not been in the hospital she might have died. Shaun hugs Glassman. Shaun also hugs Lim. Everyone hugs everyone.

Another day begins. Clay needs his coffee to go but Lim wants him to stay a minute. She says she loves him and loves them and she wants to move forward. She opens a ring box that has a key and asks him to move in with her.

Glassman drives Morgan to her appointment.

Lea has an ultrasound. She realizes Shaun already knows.

They are having a boy and choose colors for the nursery.



The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Shaun: Due to Lea's previous surgery and her uterine scarring I put the chances of a uterine rupture at 65 percent.
Lim: It's Lea's body. It's her call.

Andrews: It's been three months. The man has the patience of a saint.
Lim: I'm recovering from major surgery and learning to walk again!
Andrews: Your recovery is amazing and is matched only by your procrastination.