On the Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 2, Shaun's friends push him to give Carly another chance while he struggles to save a man's ability to use his jaw after a brutal attack.

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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 2 revolves around two questions: what is heroism and what is love?

Shaun's friends all think he's miserable because he won't give Carly a chance, but as far as Shaun is concerned, he's done with dating. When he sees Carly, he tells her he had a horrible time and never wants to do it again, and he won't talk about it with his friends because he says he needs to focus on medicine. But eventually Carly comes to see him and tells him that questions like whether their relationship is going in the right direction can't be answered in one night.

Meanwhile, a young man named Josh comes into the hospital. Josh intervened with a guy who was groping a girl on the subway and the assailant bashed his face in. Josh's jaw is smashed and he may never eat or talk again.

Andrews thinks Josh's sacrifice was stupid. Claire thinks it was noble. In any case, Andrews is sure that there is nothing to be done for Josh, but after Shaun thanks him for sacrificing his previous job for him, decides they have to find a way.

Shaun comes up with an idea, but Lim thinks it's too risky and that Andrews is just trying to prove he made the right decision by sacrificing his job for Shaun. However, she allows Andrews to bring the idea to Josh, who enthusiastically agrees.

Meanwhile, when a baby Melendez operated on needs a second surgery, the parents distrust Melendez and ask Lim to take over, causing friction between the couple. And Lim has another problem: Morgan and Park are constantly trying to suck up to her so they can be the first to lead surgery.

Elsewhere, Claire deals with her mother, who isn't putting much effort into her apartment search and insists she just needs time to get back on her feet.

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On The Good Doctor Season Episode 2, Dr. Andrews vows to help someone who was injured while stopping a sexual assault and Dr. Lim faces a difficult decision.

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The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Lea: Friends are great, but we all need that special someone.

[Lea slams a magazine down onto the table]
Shaun: I don't like when you do that.
Lea: I know. But I did it anyway cause you need to snap out of it. The moping. It accomplishes nothing.
Shaun: I am not moping. I am eating.
Lea: Which is the only thing you are doing outside of your room now. You didn't even come out to tell me to turn down The Pumpkinheads.
Shaun: It didn't bother me.
Lea: The walls were shaking. I'm surprised the cops didn't show up. You like Carly. You need to get back in the saddle.