On The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 8, Morgan pushes a sexual assault survivor to get a rape kit done when the patient doesn't want to do it.


The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 8 revolves around past mistakes.

Shaun works with a patient who has an infection. He sees a mass in her pelvis which turns out to be a surgical towel that someone left inside when she had her appendix out. It has attached itself to several organs. The safest way to remove it is to do a hysterectomy.

The patient is already angry at her wife, who is an RN who may have left the towel in her in the first place. Shaun talks to the wife who says that the patient wants to get pregnant. Shaun advises her to do what is best even if the patient gets mad. However, during the surgery he wonders if it's really necessary to remove the uterus. Glassman insists he stick to the plan.

Meanwhile, Morgan keeps pushing a patient who was sexually assaulted to do a rape kit when the woman doesn't want to. After she is removed from the case, she explains to the patient that she was wrong to push her but she was raped too and never did one.

Finally, Glassman encourages Lim and Shaun to work things out and Nurse Villaneuva convinces Andrews to do surgery himself for a patient who trusts him.

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On The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 8, Morgan has to face her past when she treats a sexual assault survivor while Shaun and Asher deal with an unusual infection.

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The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Jordan: The best way to gather evidence is a rape kit.
Patient: No. I don't need that. I was with my friend. He wouldn't let anything like that happen.

Jordan: Have you ever heard of breadcrumbing?
Perez: No. Does it have to do with pigeons?