Diane and Kurt - The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 4
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The FBI execute a search warrant for Diane and Kurt's residence.

Nancy Crozier wants Kurt to cut a deal, as the FBI believes he is the ringleader of the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.

Kurt refuses and is called before a grand jury.

There he learns Diane tipped off the Feds about Dylan Pike, and he is angry about his wife's betrayal.

Kurt then chooses for Julius to represent him.

Liz, David Lee, and the other lawyers are tasked with doing a sensitivity read of a comedienne's set that will be streamed on Del Cooper's streaming service. 

The name partners end up taking out all of the jokes to avoid any bias, stereotypes, cultural inaccuracies, representation issues, and problematic language, striping the set of its humor.

Marissa, Jay, and a mailroom employee then print joke permits, which allow the other lawyers to crack offensive jokes.

Everyone has a good time until HR gets involved.

Wackner inquires about jury trials and comes up with some ways to eliminate jury bias.

Marissa learns David Cord is financing Wackner's courtroom, and David Cord offers to pay for the firm's retainer.

In the elevator lobby, Wackner and David Cord meet Del, and they strike up a conversation.

The Good Fight
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The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Carmen: What does Mr. Rivi need?
Charles: Well, that’s what our conversation is gonna be about. See, Oscar likes to help his friends, and he considers you a friend.
Carmen: Oh, I don’t need any friends, Mr. Lester.
Charles: Well, you do on this one. First, you can’t tell anyone I was here or how you heard this. You have to promise me.
Carmen: Promise.
Charles: You said that too fast. Think about it, then promise.
Carmen: Promise.
Charles: Good, so Oscar has friends in the police department, and in about 10 minutes a search warrant is about to be served on someone close to you.
Carmen: Who?
Charles: Someone at your firm.
Carmen: Yeah, who?
Charles: The police are not actually serving the warrant. The FBI is, and that’s how Oscar got the information because the police hate the Feds.
Carmen: And who is being served?
Charles: Let me see. I have this on one of those notes.

Charles: Can I come in?
Carmen: I would rather it was during work hours.
Charles: You know I would too, but we just have 12 minutes to discuss an important issue.