Diane, Kurt, FBI long - The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 3
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Kurt can identify one of the insurrectionists from the Capitol attack but doesn't want to call the Feds.

Diane goes behind his back and makes an anonymous tip.

This leads to the FBI believing Kurt was somehow involved in the events on Jan. 6 because he taught some of the insurrectionists about firearms and arranged for them to get a tour of the Capitol on Jan. 5.

Diane represents Kurt.

David Cord funds a client's lawsuit to enable Liz and Julius to sue Chumhum to get Section 230 overturned.

Liz and Julius argue Section 230 is unconstitutional, and even though the judge is on their side, she rules against them.

Judge Wackner wants Marissa to be his law clerk and after some hesitation, Marissa agrees.

She's forced to quit when Diane learns of this new development, prompting Wackner to seek Reddick, Lockhart & Associates' consultation services.

After some skepticism, Diane agrees to help, even though she doesn't agree with what Wackner is trying to achieve.

An alleged rapist wants Carmen to be his lawyer, and the other senior partners have concerns about representing him.

David Lee steps in and says it's good for business and announces he's the new Gavin Firth.

Diane and Liz wonder if David Lee has bugged their offices.

The Good Fight
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The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Benjamin: I don’t understand. Who are you?
Carmen: Carmen Moyo.
Benjamin: No, no, why are you important?
Carmen: I don’t think that I am.
Benjamin: Then why do I have my top client asking for you?
Carmen: Who’s that?
Benjamin: Mr. Wolf-Coleman.
David Lee: Your client is Wolf-Coleman? What does he need?
Benjamin: Last night the police searched his home for any evidence of rape. They believe they found something, and Mr. Wolf-Coleman wanted me to contact Carmen Moyo to represent him, so how did that happen?
Carmen: Is your client an acquaintance of Oscar Rivi?
Benjamin: The drug dealer, no.
Carmen: Is your client currently at Minard Correctional?
Benjamin: He was, yes. Why?
Carmen: I’m representing Mr. Rivi.

Marissa: Things should get better, right? Something other than paperwork.
Carmen: Law of averages.