Diane and Liz long - The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 6
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Diane speaks at a panel on opportunities for Black lawyers in Chicago, and it reignites a discussion about a white woman being a name partner at a Black firm.

Liz and some of the other Black senior partners want Diane to step down, but Diane won't go down without a fight.

She decides to contact some of her largest clients and inform them of the restructuring. The clients are unhappy and get David Lee involved.

David Lee decides Diane isn't going anywhere.

Kurt considers taking a job with the NRA, and Diane worries if their marriage can survive.

She later realizes it can and just wants her husband to be happy.

Wackner rules against a video game creator accused of intellectual property theft, who then decides to take Wackner to court.

Though the judge doesn't like that Wackner goes around pretending to be a judge, she's inclined to side with Wackner until she learns bias may have been involved in Wackner's ruling.

Liz and co. want to push for a continuance, but Wackner doesn't want that.

Some thugs later beat up the video game creator, who then agrees to abide by Wackner's initial ruling.

Julius wants to start his own firm and wants Diane to come with him.

The Good Fight
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The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Diane: What about Kurt?
Dream Ruth Bader Ginsburg: What about him?
Diane: We don’t agree about anything.
Dream Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I didn’t agree with anything with Scalia, but I liked him.
Diane: Yeah, why did you like him? The opera?
Dream Ruth Bader Ginsburg: No.
Diane: Then what then?
Dream Ruth Bader Ginsburg: He made me laugh.
Diane: That’s it?
Dream Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Yeah.
Diane: You certainly didn’t agree about abortion.
Dream Ruth Bader Ginsburg: We violently disagreed about abortion and school prayer. He was a nightmare on everything. He was a nightmare on diversity, but he was funny. He made me laugh, so we had dinner together.
Diane: So you just wouldn’t talk about the political stuff?
Dream Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Well, he teased me. I teased him. You know life is too short to fight over everything, and you’re right about opera. Opera is good. Food is good. And his pasta was amazing. His spaghetti carbonara… my lord. You can’t hate a man like that.
Diane: My husband is going to work for the NRA.
Dream Ruth Bader Ginsburg: You ever read Scalia’s 2000 dissent on Stenberg v. Carhart? Working with the NRA is child’s play. You like who you like. I don’t like bland people, and a lot of the people who agree with me politically are bland.

Diane: It’s different for me than it was for you.
Dream Ruth Bader Ginsburg: What do you mean?
Diane: When you fought, you fought against white males, the dominant culture, but for me, I would be up against another dominated culture, Black lawyers. So what do I do?
Dream Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I don’t know.
Diane: If you knew that Obama was going to nominate a Black justice to replace you, would you have stepped aside?
Dream Ruth Bader Ginsburg: No.
Diane: Why not?
Dream Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Well, I know what I would do, but I don’t know what my replacement would do if he got nominated. What you know is always better than what might happen.