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The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 6 Review: And the two partners had a fight...

The Good Fight Review: Too Far

On The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 6, Diane questions her name partnership at the firm, while Liz defends Wackner in a real court of law. Read our review!
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The Good Fight Quotes

Wackner: Be my law clerk.
Marissa: What, no. I have a job.
Wackner: Work here, part-time, full-time, your call. Flat flee, 10% of all the legal filings, unlimited use of the copy machines.
Marissa: Your honor, this is not a court. I don’t know what it is, but it’s…
Wackner: The future. Come on, be here.
Marissa: I can’t. I have a job. I want to pass the bar. I want to be a real lawyer.
Wackner: You know why all these people are here? Because the courts and the lawyers and the appeals have made justice unattainable, out of reach to anyone who doesn’t have a shitload of money to wait it out. That’s why Exxon beats out Mr. Nobody. Read Kafka’s “Before the Law.”
Marissa: Now I’ve got homework.
Wackner: It’s one page long. Don’t be a philistine. Justice is only just if it’s available to everyone.

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