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The second episode of The Good Guys focused on a case of car smuggling.

After initially being called in for a petty vandalism complaint, Dan and Jack determined that a lot more was going on. A bunch of classic American cars were being stolen, which led to the pair using Dan's Trans Am as bait. They even hid Julian in the trunk so they could pursue the vehicle via his ankle monitor.

While this was going on, Dan was giving Jack advice on how to make Liz jealous. His best idea: go on a date with a detective named Kirsten, played by Lauren Stamille and clearly into Jack. Eventually, Kirsten herself asked Jack out and viewers soon learned why:

She was working with the main thief behind the car stealing/smuggling. When Kirsten got Jack alone, she tried to kill him, eventually placing him in handcuffs after a brawl and the use of mace.

Meanwhile, Dan was working with Julian, who successfully led them to the car smuggling garage in the first place. Now, he was back in the picture and Jack was in possession of his ankle bracelet because they agreed to release it from Julian if he helped them. When Jack turned it on, as he was being taken away by Kirsten, Julian and Dan knew where to find him.

This led to a shoot-out at the garage - and, eventually, to the apprehension of the bad guys. When Liz found out Jack was involved, she came down and admitted she was jealous of his date with Kirsten... even though it didn't exactly end so well.

The episode concluded with Dan and Jack driving away for oysters and beers after a stressful, albeit successful, big bust.

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You think it's a sign when the check-out lady asks paper or plastic.


After she took your manhood, where did she put it? Did she put it in a jar or something?