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This week's episode of The Good Guys focused on a case of dog poisonings. This, of course, led to something a lot bigger, as the duo discovered that meth labs around the city were being blown up.

In the end, the culprit was a poor schmo who just wanted to stop meth from being produced because it killed his daughter. Dan felt very badly for this man, who helped him and Jack get to the bottom of the investigation. Even though Ruiz made it sound like she had more faith in the partners and would soon promote them, Jack eventually gave in to Dan and let the man leave town after he gave them assistance.

This brought them back to square one, as Ruiz didn't buy their story that he somehow overpowered them.

Jack also gave honest advice to Liz about her fiance (Kyle) not being good enough and not appreciating her. Liz took this message to heart and confronted Kyle about it, off-screen. She later returned and thanked Jack for the words of wisdom and said she and Kyle were all good again.

Not exactly the result Jack was hoping for. We really need to learn more about Liz in order to care about this storyline. Still, a fun episode overall, highlighted by Dan's bond with the meth lab exploding dude.

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The Good Guys Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Women are like kittens. They just wanna be taken care of.


If this guy is trying to take over the south Dallas drug trade, there's one better to handle it than me. And maybe also Dan.