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Michael tells Janet to get rid of Derek. Janet refuses because Derek is helping her forget about Jason. Derek arrives and can’t stop repeating Jason’s name, but Janet tells him not to be jealous; they’ll spend every moment together.

Michael tells Janet that no one can know about Derek. He has to stay in the void, where he has moved in with Janet.

Michael walks into Tahani and Jason’s living room, where they’re watching Home Alone. Michael tells them that he’s arranged for them to have a weekend away at a private campsite at the edge of the neighborhood. He tells them that Janet is still offline, so they can’t call her.

Eleanor is watching the video she discovered at Mindy’s house, which shows her and Chidi in bed together and saying “I love you” to each other. Chidi walks in and asks what she’s watching. She quickly turns it off and claims to be watching Cannonball Run II, the movie over which the tape is recorded. Chidi says, “Again? You watch that movie a lot.”

She covers by saying it’s her favorite movie, but that he can never watch it because that copy is hers. She says she must still be selfish and must need another ethics lesson. Chidi notices her weird energy, but Michael walks in.

Michael asks Chidi how ethical philosophers feel about murder. Chidi says it’s frowned upon. When they press him for information, he calls Janet. She appears with Derek right behind her. Janet thanks Eleanor for the advice that led her to create Derek and offers to create a boyfriend for Eleanor too. Michael sends Janet and Derek away.

Tahani explains croquet to Jason. Jason attempts it, but then teaches Tahani a new game in which they place the croquet ball in a glass and hit it as hard as they want.

Back at Eleanor’s, Michael tells Chidi and Eleanor they have to kill Derek. Michael argues that Derek could cause problems if Vicky calls Janet and Derek shows up, while Eleanor says Derek seems to be helping Janet. She worries killing Derek would cause Janet to glitch again.

Michael suggests breaking up Jason and Tahani instead so perhaps Janet will get rid of Derek herself. Eleanor agrees, but Chidi says it’s ethically dicey. He says telling Tahani and Jason that Jason and Janet were once married might cause them harm.

Eleanor asks if keeping a secret from someone is basically like lying to them, her eyes moving toward her copy of Cannonball Run II. Chidi says no, as long as the secret isn’t harming anyone. Eleanor is pleased. The debate continues.

Tahani makes Jason a crown of flowers and vines. Tahani realizes she’s never asked Jason where he was educated, and he says he went to Lynyrd Skynyrd High School in Jacksonville. It wasn’t a very good school. Tahani says she envies him because she never had time to goof around or even had a friend she could be herself around. Jason suggests that he could be that friend, and then takes it a step further: they could get married.

Michael and Eleanor agree Derek can stay as long as Janet can keep him under wraps. Michael calls Janet. She and Derek arrive, having a shouting match. Janet ends up telling him that it’s her void, not theirs, so he says he’ll go somewhere else.

Tahani is not convinced she and Jason should get married, but Jason convinces her. She agrees to marry him but says she needs time to plan a proper reception. Jason suggests it happen today at the beach. Tahani agrees and says she hopes Janet is back online. She calls Janet.

Janet arrives, radiating sadness. Tahani asks if she is okay, and Janet is practically in tears.

Chidi, Eleanor, and Michael run around the neighborhood looking for Derek. They spot him in a tree. He refuses to come down. Janet arrives, and in a breaking voice hands Eleanor, Michael, and Chidi invitations to Tahani and Jason’s wedding. Janet and Jason begin arguing, and Janet disappears. Jason follows.

Michael convinces Chidi they need to stop the wedding. Chidi explains the doctrine of double effect: in order to remain ethical, they can’t go into this with the intention of killing Derek. The only goal has to be to spare Jason and Tahani from future pain by filling them in on Jason’s past.

Jason reads his vows to Tahani at their wedding on the beach. Janet is officiating. Tahani reads her vows. She says they don’t make sense together, but she thinks she loves him. Michael, Chidi, and Eleanor run in to stop the wedding.

Michael tries to stop it, but says that Chidi is in his head and he can’t stop thinking of all the ethical rules he has to follow. Eleanor steps in and explains that Jason was married to Janet before all the reboots. She calls Derek, introducing him to Eleanor and Tahani. Tahani faints.

Eleanor suggests Michael reboot all of them, so Tahani and Jason will forget they were ever in love. She says that she and Chidi can forget—whatever they want to forget. Michael says that won’t work: it has to be Janet or Derek. Chidi says that won’t work because of the doctrine of double effect.

Derek asks Janet what Jason has that he doesn’t. Janet says a soul and genitals. We discover that Janet gave Derek wind chimes instead of genitals. Janet doesn’t understand what’s going on, which is frustrating her because she’s supposed to know everything.

Eleanor steps in and speaks to Janet alone. Eleanor says that her advice was based on thinking that Janet’s feelings for Jason were just a crush. The advice was bad because of how important Jason is to Janet. She explains that to get over a real heartbreak, you have to mull it over and talk about your feelings. Janet isn’t sure she wants to talk to Jason right now, but Eleanor says she can always talk to her.

Janet tells Derek he never should have made him. He understands. They start making out: she imbued Derek with some of her thoughts and emotions, and she needs to reabsorb them. This is the only way. They hear wind chimes.

Janet places Derek in a trunk full of hay. He still seems a bit alive, but it’s as close to dead as he’ll get. He’s in power save mode. Janet thinks she’ll be okay now that she understands what she’s going through and knows she can talk about it with her friends. She says she’s going to place the trunk containing Derek in a remote corner of her limitless void and disappears.

Jason and Tahani are in bed. They are both glad they didn’t get married since they still have a lot to learn about each other. Jason apologizes for the weird position Tahani is in but tells her that he still likes her a lot. She likes him too. She asks what they should do now, and Jason suggests she try reabsorbing him.

Eleanor is pacing. Chidi asks if something’s wrong. She hesitates, but ends up showing him the video.

Neither is sure how they were able to say “I love you” that easily. Eleanor asks if Chidi has any feelings like that for her now. He says he doesn’t think he does. Eleanor hesitates ever-so slightly before saying she’s relieved because she doesn’t have those feelings either.

Chidi says he feels incredibly close to her, but she says he doesn’t need to explain.

Michael enters and asks to talk to Eleanor alone. Chidi says they were in the middle of something, but Eleanor says they were just wrapping up.

Michael asks Eleanor when being ethical gets easier. She says he should talk to Chidi since she’s still a newbie, but Michael points out that on Earth, she always gave up, but now, faced with the toughest challenge she’s ever faced, she hasn’t stopped trying to become a good person. Michael asks her why. She says that when she did something bad on Earth, there would be a little voice in her head saying it was wrong, and now that voice is gone. She doesn’t miss it.

Michael thanks her for helping him. She points out that he really did come just to chat—“a very human-y thing to do,” as Eleanor notes. She tells him to stick to the program—things are really starting to click.

Michael enters his office and Shawn is at his desk. Shawn says, “Hello, Michael. Shut the door. Have a seat.”

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Jason's making me watch this horror film about two ex-convicts who try to rob and murder a neglected child. [The TV shows the movie Home Alone]


Janet: We are so in sync we're finishing each other's--
Derek: Derek!