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The four humans, Janet, and Michael are on a train to the Bad Place headquarters.

Michael explains that the judge exists in a neutral space between the Good and Bad Places. The only way to get to the judge is through a portal in Bad Place headquarters.

To get through the portal, you need one of the pins Michael received from Shawn. They're only given to upper management. They need four more to get through the portal. Janet doesn't need one, because she counts as luggage.

Michael gives disguises to the four humans. Jason wants to throw a Molotov cocktail in lieu of the current plan.

The humans choose aliases. Eleanor is Diana Tremaine, Tahani is Rhonda Mumps, and Jason is Jake Jortles (because he can't be Blake Bortles). Chidi says he can't lie: it goes against his moral principles.

Eleanor sits down alone with him and tries to convince him to lie. Chidi worries that lying will prevent them from seeing the judge or will decrease their point value. Eleanor thinks the situation merits lying, but Chidi says principles aren't principles if you pick and choose when to follow them.

Janet and Jason have a moment, both telling each other they look nice. She presents Jason with a briefcase to help with his disguise, but ends up taking it back when it's clear Jason will blow his cover if he tries to use it.

Janet is disguised as Bad Janet, and Michael asks if she can act like Bad Janet. She practices with Tahani, but can't quite manage to be mean or deny requests.

The train arrives at Headquarters.

Michael asks Janet and the humans to wait in the Museum of Human Misery, in the Hall of Low-Grade Crappiness. Michael says no one ever comes in there, so it was the safest place he could think of.

Eleanor tells Michael to be careful. Michael seems touched that Eleanor was worried about him, so Eleanor plays it cool and tells him not to get sappy. Michael leaves to get the pins.

The humans are exploring the hall when a crowd arrives to set up for a party.

Michael arrives at Shawn's office. He presents Shawn with extradition papers to get the humans back from Mindy's. He claims to need four pins to take his crew with him through the portal, but Shawn throws his plans in the trash. Shawn has other plans to get them back.

Back at the museum, a party is underway. Chidi is struggling, so Eleanor suggests they split up: her and Tahani will go together while Chidi goes with Jason, who will do all the talking.

The plan seems to work until someone named Chet thinks he recognizes Chidi as "Trent." Chidi goes with it. Jason manages to hold Chet's attention for a little while, but Chet starts talking about old times he had with Trent.

Chet introduces them to his bros. Apparently, Trent is a legendary torturer. One of Chet's bros needs help torturing someone, and they ask "Trent" for advice. Chidi stalls.

Eleanor and Tahani are talking to a demon, and Tahani is playing her role well. Real Janet arrives, still struggling to play Bad Janet. Eleanor asks her to look into what the party is about.

Shawn brings Michael to a board meeting to explain his plan. He sent a black ops team to Mindy's to extract the humans.

Michael discovers that everyone is planning to head down to the museum afterward to see his neighborhood immortalized there.

Chidi comes to Eleanor asking for help with his dilemma. Eleanor tells him to lie. Chidi cites Kant, but Eleanor counters with the idea of moral particularism. There are no fixed rules that work in every situation. Chidi never covered this idea in class; Eleanor did additional reading on her own. She also reminds him that it was doing things his way that got him in this position in the first place.

Janet pokes around to find out what's going on, saying "Uh-oh" after she peers behind a curtain.

The black ops team arrives at Mindy's and Shawn has Bad Janet go into walkie-talkie mode. We hear Mindy and Derek having sex. By the time the team tells Shawn that the humans aren't there, Michael is gone, running down a corridor holding several jackets.

Shawn orders the people at the meeting to search for Michael and the humans.

Back with Chet, Chidi suggests the demon torture the person by making them read books. The demons aren't quite buying it until Chidi "ball-taps" Chet's friend, as they had done earlier. Chidi embraces his character and finally convinces the demons.

Janet gathers the humans and tries to get them out of there, but someone takes the stage and introduces the new exhibit, the residents of Michael's neighborhood.

The exhibit turns out to be model versions of the humans who look and sound exactly like the real humans.

Michael arrives with the pins just as the demons start to realize they recognize the humans.

Suddenly, Shawn and his crew arrive. Tahani wonders what they should do, and Jason lights and throws a Molotov cocktail, which allows them to escape.

They reach the portal and Michael hands out pins, but Eleanor doesn't get one. Jason asks where Janet is, but Michael says they don't have time to wait for her.

He tells the three who have pins to go ahead, so Tahani, Chidi, and Jason go through the portal.

Shawn arrives but can't get to them immediately.

Michael tells Eleanor that he's solved the Trolley Problem. The problem forces you to choose between two versions of letting other people die, but the solution is to sacrifice yourself. He affixes his pin to Eleanor and tells her to look after the others. Eleanor protests, but Michael pushes her into the portal.

Shawn and his crew arrive, to which Michael responds, "Hey boss! What's up?"


The Good Place
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The Good Place Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Eleanor: So you can’t even lie to demons? They’re trying to torture us, man! We’re behind enemy lines!
Chidi: Well, principles aren’t principles when you pick and choose when you’re gonna follow them!

Michael: It's a torture museum: famous examples of bad behavior and explanations of the torture they earned.
Jason: Is there a gift shop?
Michael: Jason, this is hell. Of course there’s a gift shop.