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Chidi introduces his ethics class (Michael, Eleanor, Jason, and Tahani) to a famous thought experiment: the trolley problem. In the problem, you're driving a trolley when the brakes fail. There are five people ahead on the track who will be killed if you continue. You can either stay on course or switch to a second track, where only one person is on the tracks.

The group asks Chidi questions, like whether or not they know the people on the track. There are many versions of the problem, including one where you're a doctor and you can save the lives of five people who need organ transplants by killing one healthy person. Eleanor and Tahani are engaged in the lesson, but Chidi calls out Michael, who has been silent.

Michael holds up a picture demonstrating how he'd kill all six people. He realizes that he "did the thing again," and has to go up to the board to write ten more sets of "people = good."

Eleanor asks Tahani and Jason if they want to hang out in the hour before they have to pretend to be tortured. They both claim they need to go do reading for ethics class.

Tahani and Jason are cuddling in bed together. Tahani thinks Eleanor seemed suspicious earlier and asks if Jason told her about them. Jason doesn't care if people know they're together, but Tahani is set against it. Jason suggests she find a friend to talk to about it.

Eleanor and Chidi talk about a way to get through to Michael. Chidi wants to write a rap musical about Kierkegaard. Eleanor says Michael isn't going to become good overnight.

Tahani wants Janet to take on the role of her therapist. Janet says she'll try to help, so she learns everything ever written on human psychology and sits down with Tahani.

Chidi goes over Michael's ethics homework with him. Michael was asked to examine the ethics of Les Miserables. Michael's essay immediately goes off topic with how all the characters are going to the Bad Place. He says he knows for a fact that Victor Hugo is in the Bad Place. Chidi is struggling to get through to him.

Tahani talks to Janet, explaining that she always dated men of a certain echelon. Janet points out Tahani has never dated anyone like Jason before. Tahani clearly looks down on him, saying he didn't even have a job. Jason walks in the room, and Janet offers to hear his side. Tahani explains his side for him, saying he says he has no voice in the relationship. Hearing the irony, she leaves to allow Jason and Janet to talk.

Michael wants Chidi to tell him the right answers. Chidi says ethics isn't that simple. Michael wants to try something more concrete.

He snaps his fingers, and Michael, Chidi, and Eleanor are on a speeding trolley. He made the trolley problem real so they can see how it would actually play out. Chidi spends too much time debating the ethics, and they run over the five people in the process. Chidi gets splattered with their blood.

It was all a simulation with fake people, but Chidi is still traumatized. Michael says he's just trying to better understand the problem. Michael snaps and the experiment starts over.

This time, Chidi chooses to switch tracks, but Michael says this is one of the scenarios where you know one of the people. The one person is Chidi's friend, Henry. Chidi yells for him to get out of the way, but the trolley still hits him. Henry's blood and red boots hit Chidi. Michael reminds him it's just an incredibly lifelike simulation.

Jason explains to Janet that he tells Tahani how pretty she is a hundred times a day, but she's never said it back to him. He thinks Tahani's embarrassed by him.

Tahani enters, saying she needs another session with Janet. She asks Janet if she'd be willing to give them couples therapy, since Jason is mid-session. Janet says that would be great and gives them a thumbs up, but the tip of her thumb blows up like a balloon and flies off her hand.

They all stare at the thumb tip, perplexed. Janet's guess is that she's operating in a way she's not designed for and is starting to glitch, but she wants to keep going since she's helping them.

Back on the trolley, they've just completed trial number seven. Eleanor says they've taken the trolley problem as far as they can. Michael agrees, snaps his fingers, and says they should try the doctor problem. They're presented with five people who need organ transplants. Michael asks Chidi if he'll kill Eleanor to save them. Chidi refuses, steady in his decision.

Michael tells Chidi to tell the patients' families. A little girl approaches and asks if they saved her daddy. Michael claims to be finding this incredibly helpful and says he's starting to get it. He starts suggesting a new problem, when Eleanor stops him. She's figured out that Michael doesn't care about ethics and is just torturing Chidi again. Michael says, "Busted!" and laughs.

Michael says he just needed to let off some steam. He snaps and they're back at Eleanor's house. Chidi doesn't see how being on Michael's team is any better than the eternal torture he threatens them with. Michael is no longer welcome in Chidi's ethics class.

Eleanor tries to talk to Chidi. He doesn't think Michael ever intends to learn ethics. Eleanor sees it differently.

Janet asks what Tahani values about Jason. She says he's sweet and unaware. Jason says the thing is that he's nice to her and she's mean to him. Tahani says she genuinely likes Jason, but it's hard to change all at once. She asks him to give her some time.  He agrees to keep their relationship quiet for now if she agrees to grab his butt in public once a week.

Janet says she's happy for them. As soon as she stops speaking, a frog emerges from her mouth. Tahani and Jason gawk, while Janet says, "Huh!"

In MIchael's office, Eleanor tells Michael he's acting like she used to: he's pulling an Eleanor, lashing out because he felt like a failure. Eleanor realizes they're a lot alike, and she wonders what that says about her. She tells Michael it's up to him to make it up to Chidi.

The gang is gathered at Eleanor's. Michael says he screwed up. He brings presents for each of them: a huge diamond for Tahani, a never-ending shrimp dispensary for Eleanor, a Pikachu balloon for Jason, and a replica of a lost notebook from Emmanuel Kant for Chidi. Everyone is thrilled with their gift, except for Chidi. He calls Michael out on his bribe.

What Chidi wants is an apology, which Michael gives him. He says he feels lost and vulnerable. Chidi tells him to have a seat.

One month later, Tahani thanks Janet for her help with her relationship with Jason, which has grown much stronger over the past few weeks. Janet congratulates them and says she's very happy for them. All of a sudden, everything begins to shake.

Janet appears in Michael's office. He asks her what's wrong, and she replies that she is wrong. She can't stop glitching, she doesn't know why, and it's getting worse. She fears the neighborhood is in danger of total collapse.

The Good Place
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The Good Place Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Michael: It's just a simulation. I would never make you kill real people.
Chidi: Oh, well that's reassuring, because some of the parts of the fake people FLEW INTO MY MOUTH.

I believe in you, nerd boy. If you can teach me and Jason ethics, you can teach anybody.