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Eleanor reunites with her mom after finding out she faked her death.

Donna has a whole new life with her boyfriend and his daughter. She tells everyone that Eleanor is her sorority sister. 

Eleanor is convinced that her mother is up to something despite acting like she's turned over a new leaf. Eleanor tries to rat out Donna to her boyfriend, but he reveals that Donna has already shared everything about her past with him.

Eleanor realizes that her mom may have truly changed, but is hurt that her own daughter wasn't worth changing for. When Eleanor goes to apologize she finds a box full of money that Donna had stashed away. 

Donna admits that she keeps the money hidden just in case she ever needs to make a run for it, but Eleanor tells her she needs to stop holding onto her exit strategies and accept that she's happy living a suburban life.

Eleanor convinces her mom to get rid of the cash and invest it in Patricia. 

Meanwhile, Chidi, Jason, and Janet accompany Tahani who attempts to get her sister into The Good Place. Kamilah refuses to accept Tahani's apology so Tahani tries to destroy exhibit with an ax. She and Chidi get arrested by security and Tahani discovers that all of Kamilah's paintings are about the two of them. 

The competition between Kamilah and Tahani is what fueled Kamilah's art and they realize that their parents were the ones who pitted them against each other. They both apologize and make up. 

Michael and Eleanor head back to meet the others, and Michael tells her that she and Chidi fell deeply in love in one of the reboots. 



The Good Place
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The Good Place Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

If you don't accept my apology I will smash your stupid art exhibit into bits!


Young lady, you will stop this nonsense, go to the PTA meeting, and support your mother. I won't hear another word about it!