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After Michael reveals to Eleanor that she fell in love with Chidi in the past, they use Janet's memory device to watch the reboot play out.

In the afterlife, Chidi and Eleanor are studying ethics together. Eleanor can tell he's going to sneeze so she hands him a tissue. Chidi immediately falls for her. 

The gang goes to "Pick a Pet Day," where they all get to choose an animal that will bond to their soul. Chidi can't decide between two puppies so he gets stuck with an owl who attacks him.

Eleanor loses her lizard so she goes to look for it. Deciding to forfeit the opportunity to fly around as an owl for the night, Chidi goes to help Eleanor. Startled, she pushes him into the lake. After helping him out, Eleanor realizes how amazing Chidi is and she kisses him. 

Eleanor continues to watch as she and Chidi fall in love but they are eventually rebooted. Eleanor believes that all her feelings were manipulated by Michael and therefore, weren't genuine. 

Michael tells her that it's a defense mechanism and makes her realize that she was just afraid of being so vulnerable with another person. 

Eleanor and Michael pick up their friends from the airport, but Michael decides they need to find the perfect person to model others after. He announces that they're going to Canada. 

Shawn and the other demons create a portal that takes them to Earth. 

The Good Place
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The Good Place Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Jason: Dude, we can get mythical animals? Maybe I'll get a penguin!
Eleanor: Penguins are real.
Jason: That's the spirit, Eleanor. They're real to me too.

My screwed up relationship with my parents made me believe I could never really love anyone. I need to see it for myself.