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Peter returned home on this week's episode of The Good Wife. He was fixed with an ankle monitor and immediately shown the doctored photos on Zack's computer. As you'd expect, he reacted with shock and anger and set up an emergency meeting with Eli Gold, a PR expert.

Gold identified one of the photos Zack had taken in the hallway as being of a federal investigator. He said Peter is under Federal investigation and needs to find out why. We love Gold already. He's played by Alan Cumming and holds nothing back.

Later in the episode, Peter tells Alicia about the photos and how the kids kept them from her. She's upset, naturally, but there seems to be a broader issue at play here: already, within a day or two of Peter being home, the dynamics have changed and she feels left out of her kids' lives.

Life in the office doesn't start out much better for Alicia this week. Will takes her off the main case - of a guy accused of killing an advisor that milked his clients for hundreds of millions of dollars - because he's trying to be sensitive to her situation at home. But Alicia is having none of that. She tells Will as much and he apologizes. Major sexual tension going on here.

While the outcome of this primary case isn't important (the guy gets off!), two developments that come out of it are:

  • Kalinda is offered a job with the FBI, and her sexual orientation is hinted at again during a dinner with a FBI investigator.
  • Diane hits it off with a ballistics experts played by Gary Cole. We hope we see a lot more of him.
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The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

I want a meeting with Eli Gold. Now. Today.


This is just like Cinderella.

Grace [on her father's ankle monitor]