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The Good Wife wove together a series of detailed plots this week, all of which have far-reaching consequences. This is what went down:

- Sick of Blake treating her with such little respect, Kalinda went off on his rental car, smashing its windows with a baseball bat and sending him a message. These two then had a confrontation that was filled with both anger and sexual tension.

- Alicia defended a club DJ accused of contributing to the deaths of five people at a rave. The man's co-defendant was the club's security team, which was represented by a returning Nancy Crozier (Mamie Gummer). In the end, Alicia did what was best for her client, got him to only have to pay a small settlement and played some hard ball with Crozier.

- Alicia was also involved in an ethics scandal, as Cary deposed her for allegedly leaking Childs' deposition to a journalist. We later learned she didn't do this, of course, but we shocked at who did: Judge Adler, who was planning a third party run for state's attorney.

- But Eli got Diane to confront and blackmail the judge. Still, the judge had the final word: she introduced a different third party candidate at a major gala: Wendy Scott-Carr, one of Childs' associates.

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The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Glenn Childs: Peter, you know your mistake-- never show your opponent your weak flank.
Peter: Well, we both have weak flanks; and the person that leaked your depo was trying to weaken us both.
Glenn Childs: Your mysterious third candidate?
Peter: Presiding Judge Adler.
Glenn Childs: That might prove a bit difficult.
Peter: Not after she retires. Now, when I was in office, I investigated her for judicial bribes.
Glenn Childs: So use it, Peter. Why do you need me?
Peter: Well, my guess is that you have more.

Cary: (to Alicia and Will, before taking Alicia's deposition) This is funny, isn't it? All these connections. My old workplace, my old boss, my old coworker... and my new boss competing with your husband. And then there's you two and... your thing.
Will: Chicago. Shall we start?