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Alicia and Will defend Stephanie Engler (guest star Sarah Silverman), when one of the clients of her adultery website is murdered.

Alicia visits with a fellow attorney about her separation and possible divorce from Peter.

Alicia confronts Kalinda about sleeping with Peter, and does not give Kalinda the opportunity to say a word in her own defense.

Jackie visits Grace and Jack with a barely hidden agenda to turn them against Alicia.

Alicia tells Jackie that if she ever makes such an attempt again, she will ever see her grandchildren again.

Talking with their client prompts Alicia to examine her own thoughts of infidelity with Will.

Kalinda gives her two week notice to Will, until she finds out that the job she she would be doing included working directly for Peter Florrick in the States Attorney's office.

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Cary: Thirty year old Sean Briglio, found in a room 606 at the St. Martin Hotel. Handcuffed, ball gag in his mouth and his penis severed from his body. Yes, its making me wince even just talking about it. The severed member was found in the ice bucket.
Kalinda: You're kidding.
Cary: Yes, on ice with the champagne. There's probably a joke to be made about shrinkage, but I won't go there.
Kalinda: I think you just did.

Sex outside of marriage, sex with more than one person, sexual bondage. I'm sorry, I keep imagining my parents listening to this.

Miss Crozier