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Kalinda was called before the Grand Jury this week, but we quickly learned she was not the target of Childs' investigation. Instead, the firm itself was at the heart of the case, as he was out to prove they used illegal tactics in their defenses.

The key witness was Blake and we soon discovered why during a confrontation with Will: years ago, when Blake was the investigator at Will's former firm, he helped cover up a certain "theft" involving our favorite Lockhart/Gardner partner. Interesting. From there, we watched as Blake testified that Kalinda took a bat to that psychologist doctor last year, under orders from her boss.

Childs went on to offer Kalinda a deal: go to jail for this act or testify against her company. But Kalinda turned the tables: in front of the grand jury, she said she tried to meet with Blake a few days ago to ask why he was lying - but she didn't do so when she saw him entering a hotel with an African-American woman. Why was this a relevant lie?

Because Alicia also represent Lemond Bishop and his divorce this week. Kalinda's research revealed that Bishop's wife was having an affair at the same hotel she claimed to have spotted Blake. By making her grand jury statement, she was making it look like Blake was the one doing Bishop's wife, which caused Blake - the prosecution's only witness - to flee the city.

Before doing so, though, he confronted Kalinda with what he had found out: Peter helped change her name and identity... and she slept with him! He passed this information on to the assistant state's attorney before leaving.


- Bishop had his wife killed because she was asking for too much money and for custody of his son.

- Via polling, Eli determined that Peter had to focus on the blue collar vote, not the black vote. This caused a problem when he didn't want Zach to be on camera at a school speech Peter was giving, not if Zach would be with his African-American girlfriend.

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

A Chicago grand jury will indict a ham sandwich.


Kalinda: Ever get the feeling something bad is going to happen.
Alicia: All the time.