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Lockhart and Gardner handled the case of the daughter of a murder victim, whose assailant had gotten off on a plea of insanity years ago, had written a very successful song that seemed to be about her mother's murder. Will tasked Kalinda and Alicia to try and connect the lyrics from the song to the details of the murder. They were unable to do so, but the killer took an interest in Alicia, asking her to handle an illegal download case on his behalf once the civil case was dismissed.  He inadvertently set them on a path which caused the daughter to realize the details in the song didn't pertain to her mother's murder, but those of a fellow support group member whose mother's killer was never found.

They took the information to Cary who pursued the matter. After the civil case was dismissed, Cary came in with police and they took the man into custody for the second murder.

Eli asked Diane to assist Natalie Flores, Wendy Scott Carr's former nanny, with the naturalization process, without revealing to Natalie that he was behind it. Natalie's father was taken in for question in reference to a burglary, which in turn flagged his undocumented status for ICE. Natalie asked Eli to track down Diane for assistance and she went to the station. After some finagling, a hasty court appearance and a little Eli-brand of trickery, they managed to get him released as ICE was preparing to take him away.

Blake told Kalinda he revealed her secret to one of the ASAs but didn't say which one. She asked Cary to check to see if Blake had told anything to an ASA about what he had on her, and he found out that Matan Brody had been the last person to interview Blake.

Kalinda went to Peter and told him that Blake told Matan. Peter made a call to Matan promising to be good to him if he returns the favor.

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Natalie: Am I being used here?
Alicia: I don't know. But you know what the best thing is to do if you are?
Natalie: What?
Alicia: Use them right back.

Kalinda: Psycho wants you.
Alicia: What do you think?
Kalinda: I think you should go.