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Diane helped get a returning Kurt McVeigh off this week... in more ways than one.

She served as his lawyer on a $36 million lawsuit brought about by a man recently released from prison because new evidence found him to be innocent. She also got it on with Kurt multiple times, but still didn't bite when he proposed/invited her to Costa Rica to close the episode. Why? She's too dedicated to her work, as the episode-ending scene proved:

Will, Diane and Bond sat down and agreed to meet with the equity partners in a week.


- Kalinda received a couple messages from a mystery man. Safe to assume this is her husband.

- Grace wanted to learn about Jesus and religion, an awkward topic for Alicia. But she offered to drive her daughter to whatever church she selected.

- Eli got close to Natalie Flores, a woman who worked as a nanny for years to Wendy Scott-Carr. She was also an illegal alien, but someone Eli quickly admired and possibly even wanted to date. In the end, though, he chose his career and his campaign above all else, reporting the story, likely getting Natalie deported and putting a scandal into motion for Peter's opponent.

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