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Will and Diane worked on a case ripped from the headlines this week, defending a Mark Zuckerberg-like client who sued a movie studio for how it portrayed him on the big screen.

They were able to settle based on the concept of "right to publicity," earning the billionaire money, and the apology he sought.

Alicia helped as best she could with the case, although she had to do so from the road. She was helping Owen move to Chicago, as the pair bonded and he encouraged his sister to tell Will how she felt. Or at least ask him what the second voicemail said. When Alicia returned to work, she did so...

... and Will lied, claiming the voicemail just said Alicia made the right choice in going back to Peter. She at least his her disappointment over that claim well.

Elsewhere, Kalinda and Blake had a major confrontation that ended with Kalinda bashing him in the ribs with a bat. And with him telling her he phoned her husband.

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