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There were three main storylines this week. They were:

1. Kalinda's feud with Blake intensified. She went to Cary to help learn information about her fellow investigator, which included the nugget that he used to be involved with a Baltimore meth gang. Bond even bailed Blake out when he got arrested once.

Blake, meanwhile, tracked down a lawyer named Donna. We earlier saw her with Kalinda and it was clear these two dated, at the very least. Blake showed up with Donna at a firm gathering to end the episode, much to the chagrin of Kalinda.

2. Eli used his devious powers to get Childs' side to make a video that mocked Wendy Scott-Carr for getting breast implants. But this backfired on both sides when the candidate revealed she got them because she had breast cancer. Childs' campaign manager resigned a result of the mishap. Eli also found video of Grace at a rally for Wendy, as she later told Alicia that she does admire her dad's opponent.

3. The firm took on a class action suit that pitted its client against a pharmaceutical company. Michael J. Fox guest-starred as the lawyer pitted against Alicia and Diane and his character exploited his neurological disorder in court to sway the jury. He was also simply a good attorney.

In the end, he agreed to settle for $35 million, which was a major result for the firm. Looks like it is back on track financially now, but Alicia received bad news when Fox's character admitted after the trial that the class action suit was worth closer to $90 million and he'd have settled for $50 million.

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Kalinda: Your office is... small.
Cary: Yes. Small, but pure.
Kalinda: So, in the third year, do you get a window?

Donna: (to Kalinda) Everything's fine. I didn't talk to anybody. I didn't tell anybody your secrets. And if this guy approaches me...
Kalinda: Blake.
Donna: I won't tell him how heartless you can be, how insensitive, how self-preservation is your number one concern, and after four months, you can barely say hello. I won't tell him any of that, okay?